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We strongly advise reading through the entire story before consulting the wiki for information. Change is an integral part of dynamic characters who grow over time. Evolution is necessary… vital, in fact, to avoid extinction. Every character in the story grows and changes over time, and spoilers read out of context may seem jarring, unless you see the groundwork that is laid in the story.

Spirit of Truth:

This story is a bridge from ME2 to a postulated ME3. Female paragon Shepherd and Garrus. Please note that the story was written a year before ME3 debuted, and Myetel wholly rejects the 'canonical' ME3.

Spirit of Redemption:

Shepard and Garrus, who have had hybrid children courtesy of Collector technology and the good offices of Dr. Mordin Solus, continue to make the galaxy a safer place after the defeat of the Reapers. To that end, they recruit new Spectres—the human, Sam Jaworski; a rachni, Sings-to-the-Sky; a geth, Cohort; a krogan, Gris; and a turian… none other than Garrus' nemesis, Lantar Sidonis. All of these new Spectres have multiple responsibilities—familial and personal and professional—which pull them in different directions, as the forces of human prejudice and hatred come to the Spectre base on Mindoir, threatening all of their families. In the end, Garrus must decide if he can truly trust his life, and the lives of his family, to a man who betrayed him once before.

Spirit of the Hunt:

Continues the story of Redemption with the revelation that the human Adam and Eve Coalition cultists were being manipulated by outside forces, under the direction of one person: "The Leader." Strange artifacts of the Sower Civilization are found, and the young people of Mindoir—Elijah Sidonis, Rellus Velnaran, and Dara Jaworski—begin to explore options both professional and romantic in this strange new galaxy. But the fight once more comes home to Mindoir, with tragic results.

Spirit of Unity:

Relics of the Sowers have been stolen by a renegade faction of salarians. Shepard steps back from direct command for personal reasons, and Garrus and the other Spectres take the investigative lead, moving from Rannoch, the quarian homeworld, to Omega and all points in between. In the meantime, Rellus Velnaran, Elijah Sidonis, and Dara Jaworski train to fight at the sides of their respective Spectre relatives.

Spirit of Victory:

In the wake of the events of Spirit of Unity, the batarians are restless. War is coming, and new Spectres are needed. Rinus and Kallixta, Rellus and Dara, Elijah and Serana, and Siara and Makur are the young guns of the galaxy, joined by new characters as they attempt to prevent the batarians, and their new allies, the yahg, from destroying the peace that their parents have worked so hard to create.

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