Blasto is a semi-canonical character. His name is mentioned in ME2 as a joke; a reference to a Dirty Harry like movie about the first hanar Spectre. All references in this article are solely to the expanded character in Spirit of Redemption. All rights belong to BioWare.

Full name Voice-of-Peace-Amid-Chaotic-Currents (Only Kasumi Goto knows his true name, among the Spectres, although Sky certainly has an inkling. )
Nickname/Face name: Blasto
Married: n/a
Species: hanar
Gender: Male
Hair: n/a
Eye Color: n/a
Homeworld: Kahje
Affiliation Spectre
Past Affiliation:


Weapon: Pistols, Shotguns
Improved Stealth
Rend: Blasto’s biotic energies lasso both ends of an enemy and pull the body in two directions simultaneously. Much akin to the medieval technique of quartering a traitor, this results in the body being torn apart, often at the waist. Most effective on bipedal opponents or large sharks.
Voice of the Enkindlers: In D&D terms, this ability is similar to the enthrall spell, as used by a sorcerer or a bard. So long as Blasto channels the ability, opponents in the area who would otherwise be hostile are pacified, and may not even remember that the party has been through the area, especially if the party has been stealthed. Can be used, under some circumstances, to plant deep hypnotic suggestions. Blasto does not like to use this ability.


Blasto is characterized by peacefulness, reluctance to do harm, and deadly effectiveness once he's decided that there is no other, better course of action. Blasto uses a conventional stealth generator, light weapons, and several impressive biotic abilities to wreak havoc on his foes.

He also makes a lovely hat or diving bell, as Kasumi Goto discovered during their infiltration of a Lystheni underwater base in 2192. He has revealed his true name to her, and only to her.

Sky calls him Sings-Peace for obvious reasons.


Chapter 109, In the Trenches

Their squad leader actually laughed at the gelatinous creature. "Sure. Right. Next you'll be saying that you're Blasto."

"That is what this one's face-name is. Regrettably, this one finds that no one believes him, when this one introduces himself."

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