Full Name: Dances-in-Frozen-Starlight
Nickname: Dances; Nameless
Born: 2194
Married: N/A
Species: Rachni
Gender: Male
Height: 7'
Weight: In excess of 700 lbs.
Hair: N/A
Eye Color: Rachni blue.
Homeworld: Singing Planet
Rank: Spectre
Affiliation Spectre
Description: Missing an eye for a long period of time. Wears a B-sec paint badge on his carapace, a Tortuga badge, and a Spectre symbol.

Rachni Adept (14)

Rachni abilities:
Exoskeleton (Replaces armor)
Mind Vision (can't be improved); able to "see" all sentient organic life and their intent for a one kilometer radius, and able to share this view with other organic sapients if the rachni chooses to. Geth are excluded from both uses, as they are not organic.
Acidic spit (replaces pistol, cannot be improved)

Functionally immune to almost all gases and chemicals.

Character Sheet

Str: 16
Dex: 16
Con: 16
Wis: 21
Int: 16
Cha: 10

Health: 32
Durability: 17
"Medium armor": 30 shield points
Barrier: 30+(16 biotics+*2+HIVE*2)= 62 base Punishing – Explosion = 20+11 points of damage to surrounding shields/barriers

Order of Defenses

Barrier (62 base) »> Armor 0 »> 17 Durability 32 Health
DR 4

Non-biotic Offense:
Acid Spit, mouth (1d6+Dex?)
Acid Spit, pedipalps (1d6+Dex?)
Melee attack, front two legs: (2 rolls of 2d6+Str?)
Bite (3d6+Str? Never used, but should have numbers)

Biotics Score
To get the Biotics Score: one-time choice of Int or Wis, at character creation. Add (Biotics Skill / 5) + (Int or Wis) + (Age/50) + Misc.
(56/5=11) + 5 + 0 + 0 = 16

Sharing is Caring: For each brood-warrior present and within their 10-mile effective range, they each receive a +1 to their biotics score. If a queen is present, they receive her full Wis bonus.

Feel the Love:
A rachni who takes this one-time feat may designate 1 non-rachni per Wis mod point as 'hive' and receives a +1 to the biotic score for being in range of them (10 miles). So Dances, with 21 Wis, can designate 5 people as 'hive.' (Samiel, Siege, Eli, Dara (queen bonus), Dempsey)

Rank 3, Specialized. Heavy Throw: Using Move to Throw or Lash enemies will send them flying further. +10 damage.
Damage: All damage from Move is first applied to Durability. Damage only goes to Health once Durability is depleted.

Rank 3: Biotic Score *1.5. Armor DR applies.
16+HIVE*1.5 = 24 base

Reave :
Rank 3, Specialized, Vampiric (regenerates Dances' barrier from the energies of someone else's)

Reave allows for the shearing of biotic barriers and flesh, warping them and causing damaging and painful effects that linger. Characters with this ability may choose to use it as an instant attack or a Dot, each time they use it.

Duration (DoT version): (5) rounds.
Damage (DoT version):

Rank 3: 1d6 + 6 + (1/2 biotic bonus + 1/2 HIVE = 8), ignores damage reduction from armor and Durability, double damage against shields/barriers.

1d6+6+8 or 1d6+14 repeated for 5 rounds

Damage (Instant version):
Rank 3: 3d6 + 9 + Biotic Score + HIVE, ignores damage reduction from armor and Durability, double damage against shields/barriers.


Rank 3, Specialized to Mass Singularity;

Rank 2

Tesseract 4

1x per round, free action, "pop" elsewhere
Blinking (duration, Wis), continuously phases in and out of reality, giving a 50% chance that each shot fired on him misses.
Mass teleport: can take a number of people with him up to his Wis (currently, 11)
Plugs into the crystal core of a rachni ship and can pop the ship up to 100 lightyears away.


Athletics 18 (+1 per 5 points to melee hit/damage)
Craft: Paint 16
Biotics 56 (yes, please, by all means, try to distract him or punch him, also, a +1 for every 5 points, to the amount of damage his biotics do/added to the DC of trying to resist them.)
Investigation 10
Perception 15
Persuasion 19
Pilot 11
Read Language 2

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement personnel include uniformed police, state troopers, federal police, federal agents, SWAT team members, and military police. (B-Sec)

Skills: Pilot +5 Perception +5

Dances always has one rachni worker with him, unless otherwise noted. Most often, it is Red. The worker will not dismount from his carapace unless instructed.

Experience History
Rebooted, as level 7 character. Tesseract was already unlocked (legacy). Singularity is adept special. No point cost to buy, focused and specialized with 2 points.

Level up (8): Skill point allocation at level 8: 4 more into biotics, 2 more into athletics, 4 more into Perception.
New ability point acquired at end of Logasiri: Applied to purchase Reave 2.

Level up (9): Purchasing Reave 3, specializing to Vampiric (subject to training from Meshara)
Athletics 3 Biotics 4 Pilot 2 Perception 1

Level up, (10, 11, 12) 2 ability points towards Punishing Reave. 1 ability point towards rank 2 Move, focused.
12 points into biotics. 8 into Athletics. 5 points each into Perception and Persuasion.

Level up, 11-12. Points into biotics, piloting, painting, and persuasion. 1 level to Stasis. 1 rank of Feel the Love. 1 level to Move. 1 level to Tesseract.


Nameless has learned to 'throw' himself from one location to another, in much the way that mass relays can 'throw' ships across the galaxy. This is a short-range talent at first, learned to evade attacks in combat. Initially, only within a line of sight; eventually, and with amplification, much further. He simply compresses time and space, which are, of course, affected by gravity, and moves himself through them.

Rank 1, Blink
Nameless “blinks” back and forth between quantum states. He looks very much as if he's winking in and out of reality very quickly and at random. This makes it extremely difficult for enemies to target him, and decreases the chances of him being hit by enemy fire by 50%

Lesser Wormhole

No obstructions can be in the way. This is a straight-line ability.

Nameless can now instantly transfer himself anywhere in within 30', so long as he can see where he's going, and there are no obstructions. He always arrives at exactly the spot desired. He can carry objects with him, up to his load maximum, but not living creatures, other than workers.

Rank 2, Speedy Wormhole
No obstructions can be in the way. This is a straight-line ability.

The cooldown on Wormhole is removed, making Nameless extremely mobile in combat. Now you see him, now he's behind you. Now he's thirty feet away.

Improved Wormhole
No obstructions can be in the way. This is a straight-line ability.

Can take 1 person with him, but can't use the ability rapidly. Can thus, leap to someone in combat, and then bampf them out again, but then the ability is on a long cool down.

Rank 3, Teleportation

Nameless can now hop to anywhere so long as someone in his 'hive' can see where he's going. (Effectively, on the Singing Planet, at max rank, he could instantly hop *anywhere*; other planets, not so much. In game terms, he wouldn't be able to go further the range of a brood-warrior's song, or 10 miles, and there is an increased chance of not reaching his target destination if the voice 'singing' to him is not a biotic.) He can take either his maximum load of non-living materials, or one sapient with him; taking a sapient with him reduces his effective range by half.

Master of Time and Space

Removes load limit and number of sapients that Nameless can transport. Extends range limit to somewhere on a planetary surface, and is not a straight-line ability, but Nameless MUST be able to visualize where he wishes to transport himself in clear detail. This is not an interplanetary power without engine assistance.


Dances-in-Frozen-Starlight, originally known as 'Nameless,' is a rachni brood-warrior. He was hatched from a brood of Bargain-Singer, the rachni representative to the Council, but she used the life-songs of a rachni brood-warrior dead for close to two thousand years in order to fertilize his egg: the memory-song and DNA pattern of Sings-Fury.

Nameless, as he was then known, fought beside Stone, Elijah Sidonis, and James Dempsey on Terra Nova. This campaign is also where he and Siege, the geth CROWD platform, first became acquainted, although they could not communicate with one another effectively at the time. He lost an eye to a yahg there, a fight in which Siege saved his life. And when thousands of rachni were killed when the eezo reactor at a scientific outpost controlled by remnants of Cerberus exploded, Nameless became afflicted with … dissonance. The rachni equivalent of PTSD. He continually revisited the memory-songs of that day, convinced that he could have done something to save the rachni and others there, and was unable to give the memories up to the hive, and be at peace.

Bargain-Singer, concerned for him, recalled him, and had him work as a rachni affiliate to B-Sec, instead, for a time. He thus has a background in both military and police settings, but his 'dissonance' grew. Bargain-Singer, on being asked by Shepard to send a 'baby-sitter' to attend to the problematic mercenary crew of the Green-Bottomed Duck (the ship's name is even more unfortunate than the renowned Quib-quib), assigned Nameless, and told him that his dissonance had started to threaten the entire hive, because he was delving so deeply into the memory-song of his father, who had, like all rachni, been indoctrinated by the Reapers 2,000 years before.

While aboard the Duck, Nameless was able to renew his acquaintance with Siege, the geth CROWD platform. At first, they were limited to the limiting spelling abilities of Nameless' three attendant workers, and sign-language, but Siege rapidly gained access to the Collector-based technology known as the biotic radio, which allowed them to communicate much more satisfactorily. The addition of Samiel Viridian to the crew resulted in the three of them becoming an oddball group of friends, acknowledging one another as battle-brothers in due time.

As a result of delving deeply into the memory-songs of his brood-father, Nameless regained an ability the ancient brood-warrior had just begun to manifest before his death, as he attempted to save his queen, Vengeance-Singer, from the wrath of the krogan and asari: Nameless has learned to manipulate space-time to hop increasingly wider physical gaps without transiting the space in between. Effectively, he creates tiny wormholes, or white holes, in space time, around himself. This ability has grown, and, as of around 2200, he can 'plug into' a rachni crystal-drive ship and use his abilities to 'hop' the ship anywhere that his hive has shown him clear visuals. Range is at first limited to a few light-years, and then extends out.

Nameless was gravely injured alongside Siege and Viridian at the Battle of the Line on Tortuga. So badly so, that Dara Jaworski felt that he should not die without a name, and named him, in honor of his abilities, Dances-in-Frozen-Starlight. Through her care, and the caring-songs of his crew, Dances healed, and went on to fight in the Battle of Khar'sharn in 2196.

He is the most-favored-mate of Joy-Singer, who is, ironically, his half-sister, as her eggs was lain by Vengeance-Singer, out of the life-songs of Sings-Fury, two thousand years ago. Their first clutch was over two thousand eggs, and contained twenty brood-warriors, all of whom will have his ability to bridge space and time. These navigators will call themselves Dancers, in their father's honor.

RP notes:

His single biggest hot-button issues are dominationhe's been dominated by a 3,000 year old ardat-yakshi named Wraith, and as a result, nearly destroyed Mercuria's platformand the equally painful issue of leaving people behind. He will not do so. Not if he has a chance to save them. These are two issues, like bright lights, that can cause him to 'bug out,' and become, briefly, Sings-Fury and not our cheerful happy Dances.

He is also a fantastic painter, using his biotics to an almost pointillistic effect.

His three workers are named for the primary colors of light: Red, Green, and Blue

Dances' namings

Sings-Battle — Mobile Platform CROWD-245 Siege
Sings-Solitude — Samiel Viridian
Hidden-Singer — Melaani T'soa
Night-Singer — Meshara Laos
Radiance-Singer — Kishara Laos


top image: drawn by Ean Moody, see

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