Dara Jaworski

Full Name: Dara Elizabeth Jaworski Sidonis (Velnaran)
Nickname: Doc
Born: October 30, 2175
Married: Elijah Sidonis, October 28, 2197; Rellus Velnaran, June 18, 2191; divorced by Mindoir law, January 2197. Divorce recognized under turian law, February, 2197.
Species: human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150-160 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown, after 2196 rachni blue
Homeworld: Earth; Lufkin, Texas
Rank: O4, turian fleet (Captain). Medical Doctor. Spectre.
Affiliation Spectre,
Past Affiliation: Turian Fleet
Blood Type: A negative
Description: Dara has short to medium length dark hair, slightly wavy, and originally, chocolate-brown eyes, which have since become rachni blue. Her skin is clear, with a few light freckles here and there, and she has a slightly stubborn chin. Girl-next-door looks.
Squad name Freya


Class: Combat Medic
Weapon: Sniper rifle, Pistol, Assault rifle

At level 16, post-hybridization:
Str: 15
Dex: 16
Sta: 15
Wis: 22
Int: 18
Cha: 17

Athletics: 10
First aid: 64 = 30+10+24
Investigation: 40 = 30+10
Knowledge: Genetics, 20
Knowledge: Galactic General: 14
Language: (turian, tal'mae, batarian, Spanish, Japanese, Salarian) 6
Perception: 30
Persuasion: 10
Perform, Piano: 10

Heavy armor

Level 1: Combat medic [Replaces DRONE from engineer tree, automatic for class]; Sniper rifle 1
Level 2: Sniper rifle 2 (focus)
Level 3: Sniper rifle 3 Rapid shot (Doubletap!)
Level 4: Pistol 1
Level 5: Neural shock 1
Level 6: Combat medic 2
Level 7: Pistol 2
Level 8: Pistol 3 (Rapid shot)
Level 9: Combat medic 3
Level 10: Neural shock 2
Level 11: Neural shock 3. (Specialization: She can use this in CQC, as a way of incapacitating her opponent; unarmed nerve strikes on unarmored opponents.)

Spectre levels:
Level 12: Rachni hybrid 1; becomes biotic, selects wisdom as her biotics base, natural armor to skin, resistant to vibroblades (at most, they nick her), can be shot, but it takes some doing. Telepathy is usually touch range.
Sniper rifle 4 … Deadeye?

Level 13: Rachni hybrid 2

Level 14: Rachni hybrid 3: Queensong. Highly resistant to domination, gives bonuses to everyone in her 'hive' around her vs. domination and improves all skill and combat rolls in terms of to hit and damage.
CQC 1 (technically, she trained this earlier in-story, but I'm putting it where I can)

Level 15
Defensive Matrix 1
Investigator. Dara has trained extensively in research and is now a clinical pathologist, among other things. +15 to Investigate and First Aid checks

Level 16
Defensive Matrix 2
Defensive Matrix 3 Make Your Own Cover. When she's stationary, her armor automatically diverts power from any motion-augmentation to her shield system. Also, projects her shield radius around her a bit, to put her patient under her barrier array.

Rachni Hybrid: Dara, through interaction with a newborn rachni queen, has been heavily modified at the neural and genetic level. She is not biotic; she cannot lift items or manipulate energy fields. She will never need implants. She can hear and make herself understood to any rachni, even the soldiers and workers, who hear her as a queen. And in touch contact with any humanoid, she can hear their ‘song’ and let them hear hers. Receives a +4 intimidate bonus vs. other humanoids due to her rachni-like eyes, but a -4 to most Diplomacy checks. She also has rachni chitin replacing keratin in her nails, skin, and hair. This means that her nails are now talons, which she must keep trimmed, her hair is still soft, but will be difficult to cut, and her skin is extremely resistant to cuts.

The flip side of this is that she can become extremely isolated and border on outright fear or paranoia if isolated for too long. This empathy can become almost crippling when dealing with patients in pain.

Languages spoken: English, galactic, enough Spanish and Japanese to ask for the way to the bathroom; turian, tal’mae, batarian, fluently. Salarian, relatively fluent for medical and social use. Learning asari high-tongue, heavy accent.

Armor upgrades: After the events of Death, part 1 and part 2, Dara upgrades to Jormangund Tech armor, heavy. It has extensive shields, and tech and biotic hardening. She has three mods applied: rachni chitin, which helps resist the cutting effects of vibroblades, and gives the armor an opalescent sheen; quarian hazard seals, which gives her minor thermal protection (up to cold/heat hazard 1) and biological,, chemical, and radiological protections, and rachni weave: When this armor modification is equipped, a rachni hybrid, such as Dara, gains the ability to project her 'song' without touch contact. This allows her to 'touch' humanoid targets with her song ability within visual range, and extends her ability to hear and sing to other rachni to the effective distance usually held by brood-warriors: ten miles. If she should ever drop completely into her Sings-Heartsong identity, and dedicate all mental resources to calling for help, her queen-song will be audible by all rachni within approximately 50 miles. It also provides resistance to tech and biotic domination attempts.


Dara rode her first pony at eighteen months of age, has been going into the wilderness with her father, Sam Jaworski, since she was six, and shot and killed her first deer at age nine. Her mother, Sarah Jaworski, insisted on piano lessons starting at the age of nine as well. Sarah’s death in 2190 hit Dara hard; as a result, she became closer to her stern father than before, but also feared to disappoint him. The many absences of his Spectre career also caused to her to find new friendships, and bond closely with Kasumi Goto, who had agreed to care for the girl in Sam’s absences.

Kidnapped by the AEC along with the Sidonis and Velnaran families in 2190, she had a pocketknife left to her, with which Elijah stabbed a vorcha guard in the eye; Dara got the guard’s rifle, and when the vorcha came back after them, she blew its head off. Under turian terminology, this effectively 'blooded' both of them, though they hardly realized it at the time.

Her initial innocent romance with Elijah fizzled when he was, like many boys that age, distracted by something shiny. She remained quite angry with him over this for some time, and always maintained a slight jealousy of any girl he happened to date, from Kella to Siara, though she rarely showed any outwards signs of this, other than looking away and refusing to talk. She knew she didn't have any right to say anything, especially since she'd begun a relationship with Rellus Velnaran in the meantime.


Rellus, nephew of Garrus Vakarian, wooed her, over her father’s strong objections, and they married in 2191. Over the course of that year, they and Elijah even held off a small band of batarian mercenaries with rifles, but while Dara managed to save Rel’s life when a fragmentation grenade went off nearby, she was unable to save her friend Kella’s life as well. This was her first loss as a would-be-doctor, and as a result of that day, of sitting in a pool of Rel’s blood, sealing off his damaged artery, and seeing the blue blood leaking out of Kella’s chest wound, Dara still gets nauseous at the sight of blue blood.

During that year, Dara also learned other lessons about being a doctor and dealing with stubborn patients, particularly krogan. She still takes ribbing for ‘waving’ a severed arm in Mazz’s face to calm him from blood rage. (She also fractured her knuckles and metacarpals punching him at the time.) Eli in particular remembers the incident, as he was in the same room, having gotten Mazz and the severed arm together to the med bay with the assistance of Mazz's father, Kanar.

Dara was also badly poisoned in 2191, as a result of her attempting to maintain a levo-dextro mixed diet, one designed to make fluid contact between humans and turians less risky, by exposing individuals on the diet to allergenic compounds in manageable quantities. Aria T'loak had placed compounds in levo and dextro foods shipped throughout the galaxy, in an effort to poison Garrus, Lilitu Shepard, and their hybrid children. Amara and Kaius were the least affected, as they vomited the food up from their crops, undigested. Dara was in a coma for 2-3 days. Eli visited her every day after school… which led to Siara, whom he was dating at the time, growing jealous, and later attempting to invade Dara's mind to see what, if anything, was between the two of them

After her marriage to Rellus, Dara attended turian boot camp, achieved adult status, entered the turian military as a special forces combat medic, and spent the next four years earning her citizenship and doctor’s degree. In boot camp, Scaevous Lintorum, back for his second try at adulthood, targeted her, as Rel’s human mate, and bit her just as severely as he’d bitten Rel. Sixty stitches, but no scarring to her wrist.

Dr. Mordin Solus was particularly fond of her, and insisted that she work to educate herself as thoroughly as she could. He had her assist with Lystheni autopsies as an intern in his clinic, oversaw her initial quarian-turian surrogacy research paper, and taught her to look at injured people’s bodies as broken machines.

Her favorite of her father’s many co-workers is Sings-to-the-Sky, who is also especially fond of his ‘little singer’ who played the piano for him endlessly to help him adapt to these strange new hive-members.

Sky calls her Sings-Heartsong. Most of Sky’s female names follow a “something-singer” convention. Dara’s is one of the few names that does not follow this pattern. Zhasa'Maedan has noted that Dara 'feels like' "The coolness and yielding sensation of water, and yet, also … not. The sensation was like… yes. Roses. Sometimes petals that were soft and velvety, cool at first, but warming to the touch, and sometimes, unexpectedly, sharp, razory thorns."

Over the course of her four years of special forces work, Dara turned more and more inwards, and largely abandoned her own humanity, maintaining a turian facade at all times. Part of this was necessary, due to the work, and part of this was a result of her marriage to Rellus deteriorating. Her manner became more and more harsh and abrasive, making it difficult for her to relate to and deal with human and asari patients. She was also largely cut off from contact with other humans, rarely socializing with them even aboard SR ships with mixed crews.

She spent one year on the SR-1 Estallus, one year on Sur'Kesh, studying with the doctors at STG, where she learned to speak salarian and took immersion training in batarian. The next year she spent on the Nereia, Lantar's SR-3, and the following year, the Raedia, Sky's SR-3. In this time period, the fractures in her relationship with Rel began to show, including strong disagreements about the treatment of injured batarian prisoners (Rel ordered her to withhold pain medication from a dying batarian, something that strained Dara's medical ethics) and the treatment of reporters (Rel attempted to dangle a turian paparazzo from the edge of a cliff on Macedyn, something that struck Dara as exceedingly wrong, though at the time, she tried to pass it off lightly).

By the time she rotated to a shore position after their tal'mae wedding in 2196, on Rocam, to begin her surgery rotation, Dara knew that something was wrong, but she wasn't sure what it was. She was again, completely isolated on Rocam—there were fewer than fifty humans on the planet, and this time, Rel was going back out into the black, on the SR-3 Sollostra, without her. Three months in, he went MIA on the batarian world of Camala, and Dara feared the worst. And, because in her three months without him, she'd started to realize that there were very real problems in their marriage, she felt guilty. As if the anger and resentment in her had caused him to go missing.

Dara, Eli, and Dempsey, along with Rinus Velnaran, and with the assistance of Sam Jaworski and Lantar Sidonis, went into batarian space and rescued Rel, who'd already been rescued by Valak N'dor, a batarian resistance leader. This was the first contact any of the Spectre affiliates had with N'dor, who rapidly became a valued ally and asset in terms of producing information from deep within Hegemony space.

After the rescue, she tried to work on her marriage. Rel proposed a trip to Illium for some R&R, including a long-promised use of aizala by Dara. She'd offered to try it, once, to replicate turian estrus in herself. For her, the results weren't good. She couldn't remember any of the ensuing twelve hours afterwards, and it made her increasingly uncomfortable. The stains in the marriage couldn't be erased or papered over by sex, it became clear.

She was appalled to learn, during the time period of the Bastion plagues, that Laetia, the NCAI of the Estallus, had partially used her and Rellus' personalities for some of the SR-3 AI's personality templates, making her, effectively, a part-mother of twenty-five AIs, including Cassandra, Demostata, and Lysandra, the NCAIs of the Sollostra, Nereia, and Raedia… two of whom she'd spent a year in contact with, without being told of the familial connection.

The Bastion plagues hit her very hard indeed. Endless hours spent trying to save people from dying, and watching them die, anyway, hit her at least as hard as 'corpse-patrol' hit people like Eli, Lin, and Rel. This time period saw everyone involved become closer, and marked the first time that Eli and Dara had been around each other for an extended period in over five years. They were both married to other people, but when Eli awoke with nightmares of bodies after yet another stint on corpse patrol, Dara exchanged vulnerabilities with him. Admitted to her own horrific nightmares, which she couldn't talk out with Rel, any more than Eli could talk them out with Serana. He called her, unconsciously, sai'kaea for the first time, but nothing more came of it; they were committed to their respective marital partners, loyal… and neither was willing to admit, even to themselves, the long and abiding affection between them.

In the Spectre trials of 2196, Dara and Eli were part of the first group ever to get an elcor successfully over the climbing wall in the pool exercise, by dint of teamwork and ingenuity. Dara, Eli, and Dempsey were partnered up for a simulated combat rescue mission, which also had exceptional results. Dara, Thelldaroon, and Fors were paired for a rescue-the-hostages scenario, again, with excellent teamwork showing exceptional results. Dara was, however, noticeably depressed throughout the Spectre trials. She had tried to discuss with Rel, yet again, the many ways in which he'd changed. And when she was brought in for her mental and psychiatric evaluation, including simulation runs of possible future problems, Dara told Shepard, Lantar, Garrus, and her father that she didn't want to be a Spectre. That she didn't need to be one. That she wasn't qualified. And that she was, in the end, just too human to be a good one.

The simulation runs that Sky developed of her future showed her possible paths. Patients dying because she was too tired from fighting with Rel and crying through the night before… something she couldn't, in conscience, ever risk. Showed her accepting the possibility that if she separated from Rel, she might spend the rest of her life alone, because tal'mae was a life-long bond under turian law. Dara asked for a week's separation from Rel so that she could think. And decide what she wanted to do.


She was offered the position of Spectre on the strength of her personal ethics, her ability to go lethal and non-lethal, and determine the appropriate level of force to any given situation, her facility with multiple languages, and her demonstrated skill as a combat medic, as well as her history with STG and classified materials, including work with Mordin Solus on the Lystheni. She accepted, on the grounds that in the coming war, she'd be fighting, no matter what her title was… either in the turian military, or as a Spectre, and if it came right down to it, she'd rather fight at the sides of her friends and family.

Rel did not make Spectre immediately, another source of bitter contention between them. He felt that when she told the Spectres she didn't want to be one, she was betraying their mutual dream and goal of becoming Spectres. And betraying him, too. And the fact that she'd been selected over him, when he'd never turned from the goal, galled him. Coming at the same time as her decision to separate from him to consider divorce, it was painful, and he was extremely angry. The more so when she appeared in public for the first time at a family gathering without his paint or wedding-knife.

Dara was the medical doctor on site while Dempsey connected the geth and the rachni to the Keepers and Watches-the-Gates-of-Ruin, in the effort to awaken the Keepers. The experience terrified and exalted her, at the same time. She was awed by the experience of watching the lives of hundreds of thousands of Keepers fly through her mind 'like leaves across the face of time,' but at the same time, it was biotic contact, something which terrifies her. Kella's innocent attempt to rid her of her self-consciousness, years ago, was magnified when Siara had tried to invade her mind, and left her with an abiding fear of domination and invasion. She trusted rachni like Sky, because they 'listen,' but aren't invasive about it.

Her separation from Rel was facilitated by the fact that for the first three months of the war, Dara was on Omega, fighting batarians with Sam Jaworski, Ylara Aliir, Cohort, Eli Sidonis, Linianus Pellarian, Kirrahe Orlan, Siara Tesala, and Urdnot Makur. In that time, Dara healed wounds on her squad, demonstrated her facility with a sniper rifle, and disguised herself as a batarian to attempt to make a trap for SIU ringleaders. She helped rescue Siara and Ylara from being lobotomized, found new friendship with Siara, and grew closer than ever to Eli. They exchanged nightmares, helped get each other through every day, and repaired their friendship.

She was informed that Rel had been badly injured on Shanxi, by a yahg leader's bite, but that she was needed on a priority mission, Dara accepted the mission, which took her, Kasumi, Eli, Lin, Serana, and Thelldaroon to the site of ancient battles from the rachni wars, in an effort to find a ship with an intact queen egg. They found one, and when Thelldaroon repaired the life support systems, he failed to warn anyone when he turned up the heat. This allowed the eggs, which were viable, to hatch… and the queen egg hatched near Dara, and the queen latched onto her for support. Rachni queens require the song of another to support and structure their minds at birth, just as other rachni require the song of their queen to prevent them from becoming mindless, chaotic killing machines. Life-Singer, the queen of all current rachni, hatched in a lab on Noveria, and managed to find the voices of memory within her, from her ancient ancestors, which prevented madness. Joy-Singer, the queen on this ship, latched onto Dara, and used her mind to structure and support her own.

For two days, Dara, with mental support from Sky and Eli (whose incipient biotics were blooming, the last efflorescence of Kella's gift) and, indeed, anyone who came into skin contact with her, helped the birth-song of the rachni queen. The result to Dara, however, was heavy. In order to make her a better 'brood-mother,' the queen had reached out with the biotics that allow a rachni queen to adjust her own eggs to match the genetic code of male or female ancestors ten or twenty generations dead, and altered Dara on fundamental levels, rewriting her 'junk' DNA and even the way in which her mitochondria produce energy in her cells. Dara had become, for better or worse, a hybrid, linked forever to the rachni hive.

On the Singing Planet, the rachni homeworld, Serana and Linianus were more or less forced to confront the depth of their feelings for one another, and Dara and Eli began to have cracks forced into their careful facade of friendship. When Dara realized, on the Raedia, moving away from the planet, that she could not be without mental contact without the possibility of going insane, it was to Eli, Lin, and Serana that she turned for help, instinctively… and Eli, once again, without hesitation, gave of himself. With almost constant mental contact needed, however, it didn't take long for them to realize that their physical attraction was very mutual. And that the affection that they'd had for one another had never gone away, though they were very careful not to call it 'love.' There was too much possibility that it could be a rebound thing, or, as Eli put it, 'some crazy alien bonding thing.' They did nothing more physical than kiss, because they were still tied to other people… although Serana had agreed to release Eli from their marriage contract within three months.


Rel's reaction when he saw Dara after the Singing Planet venture was not good. He was in pain and in danger of losing his leg, and Dara wasn't giving him any signs that all was forgiven and that she was willing to be his wife again. She did, however, propose two courses of treatment for his leg wound; insects to eat the decaying flesh and stave off the infection… and the same krogan gene mod that Dempsey had, to allow him to regenerate the grievous wound. The result would be blood-rage, but a regenerative complex that will last the rest of his life. A life that may be substantially longer than any turian's ever has been before… .

Dara and Eli's relationship began to deepen, and she began to explore the depths of what it meant to be 'part rachni,' with workers following her in a constant retinue. With Serana releasing Eli from their contract, Eli and Dara began to date. Though almost every date was interrupted, most notably when Zhasa'Maedan collapsed outside of her suit as a result of Prothean nanobots entering her bloodstream. Dara was immediately called to the hospital, and Eli served as a support system for Dempsey while Zhasa was in the ICU.

Dara was next sent to Arvuna for three months. This moon and the rest of its system had been attacked by batarians. She was required, along with Ylara, Melaani T'soa, Seheve Liakos, Kirrahe Orlan, and Rinus Velnaran, to try to make alliances with groups that the Spectres would generally prefer to avoid—a rogue band of Eclipse mercenaries and a group of ecoteurs known as Growth Zero. The two groups, unsurprisingly, eventually turned on the Spectres, but Dara had, reluctantly and with some help from Seheve, managed to establish a connection with one of the lieutenants in Growth Zero, which kept the situation from degenerating completely. After freeing the local human population centers, the Spectres moved to a largely intact Prothean underwater dome, and liberated it, though in the process, Zhasa'Maedan was forced to remove her suit. Dara's growing friendship with Zhasa continued as she proved that the quarian's immune system had been bolstered by the Prothean nano-bots… and she and the rest of the females aboard colluded to get Zhasa enough clothing to get her at least covered before their return to Bastion.

On Bastion, she and Eli were reunited, and spent time with Dempsey and Zhasa. This opportunity to relax was cut short, however, because Linianus and Serana, who'd been sent to work undercover with Valak on Khar'sharn, were in danger, and needed extraction. A large contingent of Spectre teams were sent, including Eli, Dara, Rinus, Rel, Sky, Seheve, Sam, and Makur. In the course of the rescue, Serana was badly wounded by a turret. Dara went to render medical aid, and another turret activated near her, and she threw herself over Serana's body, taking multiple bullets, including one that pierced her armor and entered her lungs. She went into shock, and her heart stopped. Eli successfully resuscitated her and took her to the closest ship, the Raedia.


In the course of their escape from batarian space, the Estallus was destroyed, and Rel and Seheve became intimate, thinking that they were going to die in the cold of space in their lifepod. They were subsequently rescued, and Rel came to see Dara in med bay; Dara had been in a coma for two days, during which time Eli had rarely left her side for more than twenty minutes, and had continued to provide 'song' for her by skin contact the whole time. Dara regained consciousness shortly after the two males agreed that there was no need for them to duel. In skin contact with Rel, they forgave one another, and Rel released her. Dara told him that Seheve was good for him.

Shortly after this, on Bastion, Rel signed their human divorce papers, and they held hands. Knew that they would always be able to remember what they'd once felt, when they touched like this… but that they could never go back to who and what they were when they were sixteen.

Dara spent two weeks on leave on Bekenstein with Eli, and, subsequently, they were assigned to the Astaria/Bothros mission, which involved repelling batarian forces… and finding a Collector ship that the Lystheni had taken over from Cerberus, and which had formed the backbone of their biotic weapons research. On this mission, she, Zhasa, Dempsey, Seheve, Rel, Eli, Lin, Glory, and Kirrahe all demonstrated the unique talents that called them to the attention of the Spectres… and Dara's rachni song ability allowed her to help Seheve understand information that she'd seen once, on Maldo Ren's computer screens, when the drell had assassinated the salarian a year before, days before the plagues had begun. This information turned out to be vital to allowing them to find the Collector ship. This mental contact also allowed Dara to understand the depths of Seheve's self-hatred and self-destructiveness, and let her show it to the others, preventing a confrontation between Lin and Rel from escalating further. Dara, however, shares Sky's tendency to give information, but not solutions. "It's not my business. It's your business. And it's on your side of that closed door."

In the wake of the Conclave meeting on Palaven, and thanks to the exceptional rhetoric of J. Thaddius Maxwell, the turian government has decided to redefine tal'mae as a wedding contract that does not hold a pre-defined end date. As such, and due to the concept of reciprocity, they acknowledge the divorce granted by a Mindoir court as real and valid. Eli proposed marriage in late February of 2197, and Dara accepted, though they have, as yet, not set a date.

Dara was, however, first attendant for Serana at her wedding to Linianus .. . Serana has remained firm in her belief that because Dara shed her blood, saving Serana's life, that they are blood-sisters, sangua'amilae, even if the vows haven't been taken yet. Eli and Linianus swore blood-brotherhood in 2196, and as such, Eli was Lin's first attendant at the wedding, as well. This wouldn't have been nearly as uncomfortable if Serana's mother, Solanna, hadn't been so outraged by it. Rel, who attended the wedding with Seheve, was quite calm about the whole thing.

At this point in time, Dara is anticipating many missions into batarian space as the war comes into its final phase. She and Eli share a partially completed house on Mindoir, built for them by the rachni on the cliff where she and Eli found the AEC transmitter, long ago, and where she once wept for her mother, and Eli comforted her. She currently does not know what her medical specialization will be; she's done a lot of research on xeno-obstetrics, but had wanted to be a trauma surgeon. Life as a Spectre, however, precludes the amount of time needed every week for a surgeon to truly practice his or her skills. Eli has floated the idea of pathology, since it would tie their work lives together… and because she's pushed him to consider a degree in forensics, she's considering the idea fairly strongly herself. She and Eli visit Dempsey and Zhasa about once a week, helping that couple with Dempsey's son, Madison, and will probably wind up 'cooking for' Lin and Serana once or twice a month, too.

Dara Sidonis led the Spectres jointly with Elijah Sidonis following the retirement of Lilitu Shepard-Vakarian and Garrus Vakarian.


Chapter 82, Recovery:
"Oh… bite me." Dara had plainly figured out that she was going to be needled for the rest of the trip.

And realized only after she'd said it, what she'd said. And blushed, bright red. "Don't say it! Don't say it!"

"What?" Eli replied blandly, changing lanes. "That it could be arranged?"

Double-handed finger-flicks. Eli just laughed and put his eyes back on the road.

Chapter 109, In the Trenches:

"You should have been a pilot, Eli," Dara shouted.

"Thank you!"

"That was not a compliment! Kallixta's crazy, and so are you!"

Chapter 118, Weal and Woe

Eli looked down, and saw an unnamed worker at their feet. "Wow. A worker with a first-person pronoun. You're … kind of odd, buddy. You need a name?"

I would like a name-song, yes.

Eli told Ylara, "Excuse me a moment, and bent down to pick up the worker. "Ideas?" he asked Dara.


"That's not a name, that's a sound effect."

Chapter 124, In the Jungle

"You keep making me take bullets out of you, and I'm going to start giving them back to you as suppositories." (Spoken to Kirrahe Orlan)

Chapter 143, Celebration

"I've been taking justification lessons from Dempsey. He's not the only person who can manufacture bullshit to spec."

Epilogue 2a, On the Origins of the Asari Civil War:

"There is no force in the universe that is capable of stopping me from doing so," Dara told her, from between clenched teeth. "My results will be published, and any number of human and salarian and turian scientists will review them, and the light of truth is going to break over your sorry ass. You want to stop me? I am a Spectre. I am a scientist. I am a rachni queen. Come get some, you cold-song bitch."

Past and Future: drawn by Ean Moody, see http://moodyillustrator.com/
Rel and Dara at 16 and 'The Future she Didn't Want": by DuetMaoim, aka Shinimegami7 see all her work at http://duetmaoim.deviantart.com/
"Lost on the tide of memories": by Ivy Evans/Shrindrine; see all her work at http://shindrine.deviantart.com/
Dara wounded in Eli's arms: by CalltheDarkness; see all her work at http://callthedarkness.deviantart.com/

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