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  • Drell are crepuscular to nocturnal and have exceptional night vision.
  • They have dark, blue-green blood, bordering on green-black. Hemecyanic; the dark tone of it derives from the extremely dark green immune cells.
  • The hypnagogic compounds on their scales are used in mating.
  • Eidetic memory becomes over-cluttered in modern, information-saturated settings. Many drell actually struggle not to remember everything.
  • Have no urinary function, as they evolved for extreme water conservation on Rakhana.


Based largely on Turkish.

Akrabalik-aile ayyas — he drinks kin-blood
lema — a word borrowed from hanar; 'ice.' No word for this in the drell main language
salep — a thick drink, warm, prepared with water and root-vegetable powders

Culture and background

Seheve's voice was precise and distant. "It means 'he drinks kin-blood.' On Rakhana, it was acceptable to drink the blood of your enemies. Their water became your water. After taking a city or an oasis, this was common practice. Nothing was wasted. But kin-blood was sacred. Betrayal of kin… .unpardonable." Her tone was absolutely calm. "Nothing I have been told about him now pertains. We cannot predict what he will do or say."

Ollum karallin. The death of kings. There had been only a few small oceans on the planet, and it was not by accident that Kalahira had been goddess of the oceans and the afterlife, both. Rulers, when the rains failed to come, and the underground springs and oases failed, too, would take their people on a pilgrimage to the sea, or, failing that, would gather the last water supplies of their people… and the priests would hold them under the water until they drowned, in the oldest, most savage times. Later, it had been used as a method of execution reserved for the nobility. Like dipping someone into molten gold, it had a connotation of luxury or excess to it. And people had paid princely sums to have their ashes scattered into lakes and Rakhana’s few rivers. (Chapter 139)

Drell in the Prothean Database

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