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Evolved on a homeworld where 4 G was normal.
Secondary and tertiary hearts to distribute the load of so much blood in such a large body, and usually subjected to so much gravity.
Secondary, primitive brain near the base of the spine, primarily used for regulating the lower limbs.

Story quotes on Elcor Biology

"I just thought you'd find it interesting." Eli grinned at her. "I'm trying to figure out why they'd doubt the first findings without looking at the next page. I'm going to go with… elcor don't get heart attacks?"

"Well, yes and no," Dara told him, still running steadily. "First of all, since they're so large, and their home planet has such high gravity, on order to circulate their blood through such massive frames, they've evolved secondary and tertiary hearts, like krogan, just to lift the blood out of the feet."

"Now I've learned something new today," Siara called over. "I had no idea elcor were similar to krogan in any way."

"That's probably the only way," Makur told her, and slammed a knee into the bag with a heavy thud.

Dara looked up and over. "Actually, they have secondary brains located near the base of their spines, too," she told Makur. "They don't just rely on the brainstem as a backup while the cortex itself is regenerating. The secondary brain is pretty limited, though. Just regulates limb movements."

Makur made a rude noise. "So you're saying, if I ever get into a firefight with elcor mercenaries, I should aim at their asses?"

Dara laughed. "No, but if you want to beat Thell at arm-wrestling, have Siara slip him a spinal block between the third and fourth sacral vertebrae. His upper brain will be so confused by why it's not receiving input from the lower brain, he'll be lucky if he can hold a teacup, let alone anything else." She turned back to Eli. "Does the case study say if all three hearts were in arrest?"

Eli's smile was delighted. "All three, yep."

Dara snorted. "Good lord. If the primary goes into arrest, the other two might go into defib with it, just out of pure shock to the body, but… where was this at? On an elcor world?"

"Asari. Luisa."

"That's not it, then," Siara commented. "Luisa's right at point nine G." Rel was struck by how easily all of them were joining in on the conversation. Contributing little pieces of knowledge to the communal whole to solve the puzzle.

"Gravity's light," Dara agreed. "Takes the strain off the body and the hearts. Would be fairly unlikely, unless the elcor in question was very old."

Eli consulted his datapad. "Under thirty."

"Then, since they don't really go in for red meat, being, y'know, herbivores, their cholesterol counts are usually very, very low. So, unless the elcor in question had a pretty bad genetic defect, there'd almost have to be something else. What did they find in the tox screen?"

"Something called destuula. Know it?"

—Chapter 127, Death.




destuula — a mold/fungus similar to ergot on Terra, almost as potent against elcor as botulinin. It has been largely eliminated through commercial farming practices, and as such, if it is found, is pretty much grounds for a murder investigation. Not recommended by the drell Master of Assassins, for that reason. Too conspicuous.



Notable People

Thelldaroon - Probationary Spectre

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