Fors Luka

Full Name: Fors Luka n’Perri, n’Arve, n’Keldo, n’Hars, n’Liss, n’Irrva, n’Lorsa, n’Hela, n’Bire.
Born: 2169
Married: Chissa Lorsa, March 1, 2197
Species: Volus
Gender: Male
Height: 3'
Hair: n/a
Eye Color: n/a
Homeworld: Irune
Affiliation specter
Past Affiliation: B-sec, volus embassy
Squad name: Loki

Fors is barely three feet in height, but what he lacks in inches, he makes up for in biotic power, mischief, and a carefully-hidden heart.


Class: Volus Adept
Weapon: Pistols only (Submachine gun has too much kick)
Stasis Field
Implosion: Fors wraps his biotics around a single target in a rough sphere and begins to contract inwards on them, while at the same time positioning a micro-singularity in the center of their body. The result is a punishing damage-over-time attack that prevents the target from moving, and causes bleeding from pretty much every internal organ and orifice, if the target is organic. (Fors, while he jokes about this ability, rarely uses it. He hates it.)
Languages spoken: Volus trade-tongue, galactic, and turian.


Parents: Kas and Miral Luka – parents
Seventh family, clan-Lorsa. Beautiful Chissa Lorsa, whom he offered a bride-price for, was not permitted to marry him, because he was biotic, and thus, more of an investment opportunity than a marriageable member of the clan.

Fors holds the ‘distinction’ of having been traded between ten different houses during his relatively short lifetime. Born on the volus homeworld of Irune in 2169 (27 years old in 2196), he holds amazing biotic potential in his tiny frame… and has a distinctly pranksterish sense of humor that has gotten him into enormous amounts of trouble over the years. He was traded by his birth family for two techs; by the next family for an engineer, an architect, and a doctor, and so on up the line. His most recent estimate of personal worth was three engineers, a weapons design specialist, two clerical specialists, a technical writer, a doctor, and two lawyers.

Refuses, at this point, to use any clan name except his original one. “Why bother? It’ll just change again next year, anyway, when I’m traded again.” He’s been loaned out for security work at the volus embassy on Bastion from 2192 until 2196 (4 years), and previous to that, was actually loaned to the turian military as part of the volus contractual obligations as a client state of the Hierarchy.

“Palaven? I suppose it’s pretty, in a very alien sort of way. I didn’t see much of it. Turians keep their biotics pretty carefully segregated. I was sent into a variety of situations in the aftermath of the Reaper War, mostly cleanup positions. Have you ever noticed that turian marines have absolutely no sense of humor? They kept getting in my way, and were always amazingly angry when I moved them out of my line of sight with a singularity. It’s difficult to aim a shockwave properly when people insist on standing right in front of you, however. It’s simply amazing how much yelling a turian can do, however, when he’s picked up and moved aside, though.”

During his stint with the embassy, the volus government has occasionally had reason to regret his posting there, because of his intensely indecorous sense of humor, and tendency to respond to security threats in a very direct manner. Usually by deploying a singularity and whisking the threat right off of his or her feet. His most recent faux pas was denying Sha’ira, the Asari Consort, admittance to the embassy because she didn’t have a valid ID on her. When she attempted to proceed through anyway, stating that she had an appointment with the volus ambassador, Fors told her to wait in the lobby, or that he would stick her to a chair in the lobby, and that she might not be able to stand up again. “Because, you understand, I would be using glue. Large quantities of very sticky glue.”

“Do you realize who I am?”

“You’re someone without a valid ID, so obviously, no, I don’t.”

“I am the Consort.”

“Lots of those around, you know. I understand the asari ambassador has a collection. Stay in the lobby, and we’ll fetch someone to deal with the situation.”

The volus ambassador was not pleased at the very visible fallout, and thus moved poor Fors into another position, this time loaning him out to B-Sec.

Sky refers to him as Sings-Mischief.


"I try not to let anyone see that I feel strongly about anything. Makes life a hell of a lot less complicated, if no one realizes that there's anything that you really want or value." — Chapter 138, Fire and Flood

top image: drawn by Ean Moody, see

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