James Dempsey

Full Name: James Allen Dempsey, After marriage to Zhasa, his name among the quarians is James'Demsi vas Mindoir nar Earth
Born: 2164
Died/Missing in action 2185 (found in 2195)
Married: Zhasa Maedan, September 16th, 2197; Amy Perry (nee Anderson), 2182; annulled, 2196; Amy died later in 2196, of plague. Son, Madison Dempsey, b. 2183.
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: reddish to sandy hair
Eye Color: ice-blue
Homeworld: Earth, South Boston, Mass.
Rank: Sergeant in N7; then Spectre
Affiliation Spectres
Past Affiliation: Human Alliance Fleet (Serial #: 001-1936-2118-3115-1976)
Description: Powerfully built, but a thin face. Extremely light-sensitive eyes; will need to wear dark glasses much of the time. Ice-blue eyes, slightly reddish to sandy hair. Two tattoos, one on each shoulder; Celtic knotwork shamrock; on the other shoulder, musical notation for the opening bars of "Sad but True."
Squad name: Thor.


Class: Human Cyborg/Biotic
Weapon: Pistols, submachine gun

Str: 24
Dex: 16
Con: 24
Wis: 12
Int: 19
Cha: 8

Barrier 3 (adamantine)
Heavy armor
Tech shield 3 Bladed Armor (When Tech Armor is destroyed, it emits a targeted tech charge that will briefly sabotage enemy weapons and damage shields).
Reave 3 Volatile Reave (Your Reave explodes much more readily and with more damage when it is involved in Biotic Explosions).
Overload 3 Shield Buster (Specialized Overload that deals heavier damage to shields)
Move 3 (Heavy)
Chippy: Counts as Sabotage 3, Synthetic Domination, but causes pain when tech abilities are used in tandem with biotic abilities.
CQC 2, human and Wind That Bends
Assault rifle 2

Krogan regeneration
Nightvision/light senstitivity
Enhanced strength
Carbon-reinforced skeleton

160 points
38 Athletics
30 Biotics
5 Demolitions
25 Electronics
36 Hacking
13 Persuade (intimidate)
13 First Aid

Supersoldier: Dempsey comes off as largely emotionless at first, almost frighteningly so. In combat, however, the raw pain of what he is and what has been done to him can come back, and he becomes an unstoppable killing machine that will not fall over until dead… and with regenerative abilities similar to a krogan’s, he might not even die, then. Effectively, won’t drop until -10 hit points, and will stand back up again after combat’s done. In order to kill him, you might need to take his head off.


Born 2164, Dempsey enlisted in the Alliance Navy at 18 (2182, year before ME1). Born and raised in South Boston, father was a cop and his mom was a nurse. No brothers or sisters, of course. He was also a biotic, and was 5 when the Gagarin station BAaT program was shut down, much to his parents’ relief; his mom thought she’d be losing her son to the darkness of space when he became a teenager.

Was trained in biotics on Earth, starting at the age of 4, in a military-funded program, and was given L3 implants, initially. Liked the discipline of the military school, and stayed through high school. Then couldn’t see anything else to do with his life but enlisting. Wound up in N7, sentinel.

Thought of Commander Shepard as a damned hero, and raised a glass in her honor when she was reported dead at Amada. He’d been in N7 for three years at that point, and had just made sergeant, when, as a result of his sterling service record, he was asked to volunteer for a new program, codenamed “Argent Defender.” Not knowing what exactly it was, except that it might involve removing his L3 implants and replacing them with something better, Dempsey did volunteer in 2184.

The AD program is one of the many Alliance secrets Keji obtained, which resulted in his death; it was, in fact, a Cerberus-backed clandestine project that involved the use of Collector technology… very early on. While Commander Shepard was being resurrected, James Dempsey was being rebuilt—in excruciatingly painful ways. Nano-bots were injected into his body, and they built a mash of carbon fibers around and over all of his bones; this makes the bones themselves stronger, allowing more force to be exerted on them before they break—he can walk normally on planets with twice Earth’s G, for instance.

He already had the gene mods for strength and endurance, so now his capacity is less limited by his physical body. His eyes were altered, giving him both the macro/micro enhancement and the lowlight package. Additional, highly experimental gene mod gave him a mild form of regeneration.

Where the AD project went a little far, was in cyborging a biotic. The tech abilities do not work and play well with his biotic abilities; when he uses his natural biotic abilities, the tech implants used to overheat, causing excruciating pain. Hence why they helpfully gave him the regeneration mod. Which has had other side effects… . and we’re not talking nausea and dry mouth here. Adrenal surges that push close to krogan blood rage.

In order to determine if everything was now working, the scientists ran him through punishing tests, including minor vivisection procedures to see if he’d heal. He did. They also believed that the cyborg implants would make him perfectly obedient.

They did not.

When Dempsey tried to escape the facility, killing some twenty guards, the last perimeter guards managed to knock him out, and he was placed in a Collector pod for cold storage in 2185—the year of Shepard’s rebirth was the year Dempsey, for all intents and purposes, died. He’s found in 2195; ten years have passed, and the galaxy has changed. He left behind a wife, Amy Dempsey, and a two-year-old son, Madison Dempsey. That son is now twelve, and doesn’t recognize him; his wife gave up on him ever returning at the 7 year mark, a lawyer named William Perry. For Dempsey, all of this happened maybe a year ago. His life’s been torn away, and he’s got some serious anger issues to work through… inasmuch as he can feel, outside of combat.

Zhasa’Maedan has been working with him to try to reconnect and remap his emotional responses in his amygdale, largely through biotic contact. When he’s linked to her mind, his emotional responses come through again, and he delights in it. This is also, incidentally, the only way in which he can become sexually excited… by exciting her, first. This has led to them becoming lovers.

Dempsey regained custody of his son, Madison, on the death of his estranged wife, Amy Perry, from the improved pneumonia deployed by batarian agents on Earth. Madison went through biotic breakthrough at the time, and Dempsey was thought to be the only person capable of dealing with him. Dempsey controls his temper very, very tightly around his son, fearing what he might do, if he ever let go.

Sky refers to him as Sings-in-Silence.

James Allen Dempsey led the Spectre jointly with Zhasa'Maedan following the retirement of Dara and Elijah Sidonis.


Chapter 82, Recovery
"It's a guitar. It only qualifies as a weapon if I turn the volume up to eleven."

Chapter 102, Touchstone
You're addictive, Zhasa. That's the only explanation. Quarians should come with warning labels on them. He looked down, and lightly patted her on the hip. We could put the stickers on your asses. The suits won't mind, will they?

Chapter 102, Touchstone
(Dempsey and his son, Madison)

Dempsey: "So I can find a demerit. I swear to god, if you shined your shoes, I'm going to despair for your generation's inability to rebel properly." Dempsey's face was, of course, perfectly straight. "I may have to give you pointers. Properly rebellious or depressing music, for example. The correct way in which to tell me that you've gotten a tattoo."

Madison stared at him. "Are those jokes?"

Dempsey: "I'm not sure. Are they funny?"

Madison: "… I can't tell."

Dempsey: "Then I'm probably serious."

Chapter 103, Touchstone, Part Two
Garrus: "I hear you like Jello, too, Zhasa," Vakarian told the quarian female. Also, just barely smiling.

Dempsey: Zhasa, sweetheart, do try to control yourself. Or break the link.

Zhasa: I'm not giving up the chance to taste that. I won't make a sound.

Dempsey: Liar, sweetie. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Zhasa: How could my pants possibly catch on fire from prevaricating?

Dempsey: Nevermind. Dempsey took a spoonful and deposited it in his mouth.

Chapter 117, Healing and Honing
Eli laughed outright. "You missed all the good news stories because when we were on Omega, Sam and Ylara controlled the information too tightly. Damn. Yeah, Emily Wong referred to us all in her vid on the candidacy and the induction process as the 'Young Guns.' Especially since half of us are related to existing Spectres."

Dara quietly put her head down on the table and banged her forehead against the surface a couple of times. Everyone around her started to laugh. "What's wrong?" Zhasa said, sounding confused. "Why is this a bad thing?"

"It's… colorful," Dara muttered. "It's a nice colorful group association that the media is going to love and hang onto and follow up on and… gah. There's so much wrong with that! We're not just guns! We're not just weapons waiting for a place to happen!"

"Speak for yourself," Dempsey said, dryly. "I've been looking for a place to happen for months now."

Chapter 140, Disinterred, Part Two
"No problem. Solutions manufactured. Superior grade of bullshit, always in supply."

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