Kallixta Essedarius

Full name Kallixta Praesesidis Velnaran.
Nickname/Assumed : (For military service:) Kallixta Essedarius.
Born: 2175
Married: Rinus Velnaran (date here)
Species: Turian
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Amethyst, like her father, the Imperator's. Her natural mother's are amber-gold.
Rank: O3, Commander
Affiliation Turian military
Past Affiliation:


Class: Turian Pilot
Weapon: Pistols, Submachine gun, Shotgun
Turian pilot: If it has wings, Kallixta can fly it. Shuttle, dropship, Hammerhead, or Normandy-class ship. She has astounding reflexes and an imperviousness to g-forces that goes beyond regular troops’ training.
Imperial scion: Turians almost instinctively obey Kallixta and will automatically move to protect her. This provides a defensive unit bonus to any squad she’s affiliated with, and a diplomacy bonus to any leader she chooses to back.


Kallixta is the fifth-daughter of the sitting turian Imperator, Ligorus Praesesidis, (Siblings and ages in 2196: Perinus 39 his son is 19); Felinus 37; Khryseia 34; Varinia 32; Celixia 29; Marinus 26; Bellatrix 24; Kallixta 20; Aemillus 16; Vibius 12; Severus 9). Rather than being the daughter of his acknowledged Imperatrix, Aglaea Praesesidis, Kallixta is, rather, the daughter of his primary Praetorian Guard, Luscinia Noctavigus. Kallixta was unaware of this until the death of the Imperatrix in 2196 due to complications from a pre-existing condition and the engineered batarian plagues.

Kallixta attended boot camp in the same barracks as Dara, and the two quickly became fast friends… both of them with secrets to hide. Kallixta recognized Dara from Shepard’s speech at Shanxi, but Dara did not recognize the bare-faced turian female at all, and did not recognize her high-court accent. Kallixta wanted nothing more than to become a fighter pilot, and Dara, because she didn’t recognize an Imperial scion when she saw one, pushed Kallixta, and pushed the rest of the squad not to go easy on her new friend. As a result, Kallixta actually did get flight training, and a berth on the SR-1 Estallus alongside her human friend.

On the Estallus, Kallixta met Rellus, Dara’s husband, and his brother, Centurion Rinus Velnaran, and was instantly attracted to the serious-minded Rinus, who was, at that point, chipped to Laetia, the AI of the ship. He declined Kallixta’s initial advances, on the grounds that the AI would get in the way of any romance. That decision was taken from them when a medication problem caused Kallixta and one other female aboard the ship, Nadea Curicium, to cycle into estrus. Kallixta sought out the male of her preference, which turned out to be Rinus, and he took her, cared for her in her time of need, and offered, quite cheerfully, to marry her and care for any children, if there turned out to be any consequences of their union.

And then he heard her speak in turian for the first time. Heard the court accent, and realized… crap. She’s high nobility.

Eventually, they did marry, under tal’mae rites. The Imperator approves of Rinus so strongly, that he actually gave them the knives previously held by Commodus the Unifier and his wife, Venisita. He also appointed Rinus a lord, or dominus, to make sure that the union would be between equals.

Kallixta is warm-hearted, giving, and generous to a fault. She wants Rinus to be comfortable in spite of all the trappings of her noble background, and will stop at nothing to make him happy. She is also a brilliant, gifted, intuitive pilot, who can set up shots that make gun crews very, very happy indeed… and make everyone else on the ship blanch.


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