Krogan biology and tech

All information presented herein is taken from Myetel’s Spirit of Redemption fanfiction. Canonical information can be found on Mass Effect Wiki,


  • Similar to D&D trolls, krogan regenerate.
  • Non-canonically, fire suppresses their regeneration; burns are extremely difficult to regenerate for krogan.
  • Canonically, krogan have two hearts. In SoR, they have a third, a two-valve structure located at the bottom of the body cavity. Hitting all three hearts is the only real way to ensure death on a krogan in a knife-fight.
  • Three livers
  • Canonically, their wide-spaced eyes give them 270 degrees of vision.



Notable krogan

Ulluthyr Harak
Ulluthyr/Urdnot Kanar
Ulluthyr Banak
Ulluthyr/Urdnot Mazz

Urdnot Gris
Urdnot Makur

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