Lantar Sidonis

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Full name Lantar Sidonis
Nickname: Nemesis
Born: 2153
Married: Married Eleanor Stockton (nee Chambers, 2188)
Adoptive son: Elijah Marcus Stockton Sidonis (adopted 2188)
Children with Eleanor: Caelia (b. 2190), Emily and Tacitus (b. 2193)
Adoptive child: Mordin Narayana (b. 2191, adopted 2196)
Species: Turian
Gender: Male
Hair: n/a
Eye Color:
Affiliation Specter
Past Affiliation: Archangel, C-sec/B-sec
Description: 6'5", considered a little short by turian standards, with massive shoulders. Violet Magna Colony paint. Dead, intense, deep set eyes.
Squad name Nemesis


Weapon: Assault rifles, Pistols, Sniper rifles, Submachine guns, Heavy weapons
Adrenaline rush
Fearless/Mor’loci: With nothing left to live for, Lantar is damn near unstoppable in battle, and does not fear death; confers partial immunity to stun and domination effects as well.


Lantar is the same age as Garrus Vakarian, his best friend. His betrayal of Garrus/Archangel on Omega was not voluntary; he was taken captive by the Blood Pack, tortured for days, and subjected to azure dust. He has since considered himself honorless and without spirit, a walking dead man. (This condition is called mor'loci among turians.

In 2185, Shepard persuaded Garrus not to kill him out of revenge for the betrayal on Omega. Subsequently, Lantar turned himself in to C-Sec. During the Reaper War, when the Citadel came under attack by the living machines, he was released by Bailey and deputized into C-Sec once more. After the war, he continued to work in C-Sec, trying to find a way to make restitution for his self-perceived crimes.

Ellie Stockton, who had been the wife of fellow officer, Darren Stockton, was being harassed by turian gangs in her ward of the Citadel, because her late husband had been on the take, and they had been affiliated with him. Lantar found her being stalked by gang members as she was walking home one evening, and told them to clear off. It didn't take much to convince them to move on. He subsequently walked her home every night, coming to know her, and her son, Elijah, very well. Eventually, he and Ellie fell in love and were married. He adopted her son as his own first-son, a full member of his clan.

In 2190, Bailey recommended him to the Spectres, and he was given consideration in the same set of Spectre Trials as Sam Jaworski, Urdnot Gris, Sings-to-the-Sky, and Cohort. At first, Garrus was dubious about his old friend…and betrayer's… presence. After the events of the AEC attack, however, Garrus came to understand how it was that Lantar, a man of iron principles, had betrayed him and their friends on Omega. They are now firm friends again, battle-brothers, in fact.

Lantar has since become an integral member of the Spectres, and is their chief Recruiting Officer. His investigative background in C-Sec and B-Sec makes him an ideal partner for Sam Jaworski, and their mutual combat background makes them ideal for accompanying Garrus on “Archangel missions.”

Ruthless in combat, bleak in demeanor, Lantar softens at home and around his family. He is a stern father, but absolutely glows in pride at the exploits of his adoptive first-son, Elijah Sidonis.

Sky refers to him as Sings-Regrets.


Lantar chuckled under his breath. “Hinky. I like that word. It covers so much ground, and means so little, at the same time.”

— Chapter 17

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