Linianus Pellarian

Full name Linianus Pellarian
Nickname: Lin
Born: 2176
Married: Brennia Serinian, 2192. Brennia died, February 14, 2194.
Married: Serana Velnaran, March 1, 2197.
Species: Turian
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Hair: n/a
Eye Color: Blue
Homeworld: Palaven
Affiliation: Specters
Past Affiliation: B-sec, Turian fleet: MP and CID
Description: blue-quartered Edessan paint. Whipcord thin, and very fast on his feet.
Squad name Forseti



Weapons: Shotgun, heavy weapons, pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle
Melee specialization: Turian kickboxing.
Wounded Knee:Any attack that would otherwise hit a vital area (head or heart) has a 50% chance to hit Linianus in the knee, instead.
Shackles: Linianus can incapacitate and secure people of almost any species. Does not function on hanar or rachni.
Riot act: Linianus can carry an additional shield made of the same materials as a hardsuit, which has a small window cut through it, covered in plasteel. This provides about 90% cover even as he moves, but he must drop it order to fire anything other than a pistol
Hold the Line: When assuming a defensive posture with squad mates, Lin’s defensive abilities increase and help protect everyone around him, adding a 50% bonus to teammate’s armor.
Languages spoken: Turian, tal’mae, English, galactic

Armor upgrades: After the events of Death, part 1 and part 2, Linianus upgrades to Jormangund Tech armor, medium. It has extensive shields, and tech and biotic hardening. He opts for a medical interface, ablative plating, and a turian-made pressurized suit system, which can protect him from Heat Hazard 1 and Cold Hazard 1 planets. He additionally has rachni chitin added to his shield, just as Eli has done.


Linianus was born on Palaven, but his family hails from Edessan, as his paint attests. His father, Ranalus Pellarian, is a high explosives specialist for the Spectres, and his mother, Marena Pellarian, is a flight crew technician for the base. Linianus is their first-son, and has three siblings: Arinus Pellarian (b. 2180), Sestina Pellarian (b. 2182), and Kelsarus Pellarian (b. 2185).

Linianus is, in Dara’s mind, at least, always going to be the ‘laughing boy’ from their school. Lin was quick-witted and good-natured, and got along easily with everyone. He teased Rel almost non-stop about his contract with Dara, and used to express considerable sly curiosity about what her human mouth was capable of doing. He used to collect and paint small pewter figurines and set them up in elaborate battle scenes; mostly for the love of the precision work, and because it reflects his deep love of history. Lin is an expert on Unification War history, and still reads every book he can find on the topic.

He played center on the school handball team, but wasn’t terribly serious about it… no one was. It wasn’t an organized team at all, until another school, in the large human city of Odessa, challenged the Spectre school to a game. Linianus was fouled and injured in that game, breaking the patella of one leg, and having to be helped off the field by Lantar and Dara. He and the rest of the team elected Eli, their goalie, as their team leader, in acknowledgement of his leadership on and off the field.

He and Eli and Telinus all trained together for boot camp, a routine that took up twenty or more hours a week, in addition to their regular studies. He and Eli also took up learning gladiatorial fighting from Lantar after Linianus’ injury turned them both off of handball. He favors the secutores style, which involves a lot of armor. A smooth, rounded helmet, designed to keep the net from getting a grip, with tiny eyeholes, intended to protect his eyes from the barbed spear; an armguard; a heavy rectangular shield; a loinguard; and greaves. His only weapon in this style is a shortsword. While Lin is, in close-quarters combat and sparring, a fast-moving, agile opponent, the many injuries he’s taken over the years have caused him to assume a defensive style in real combat.

He undertook the Rite on Tuchanka with Eli, Siara, Mazz, and Makur, and emerged a blooded warrior.

Linianus fell in love with Brennia Serinian in boot camp, and persuaded her to at least a two-year commeditor contract, or ‘practice marriage’ (sometimes known as a hand-fasting to humans). She had been badly abused in her previous life as a street rat, and affiliation with her changed Linianus, for the better, in many ways. He became more serious, very protective, and very giving. Her tendency to flinch at any bite ensured that he never used a control-bite on her while mating in the two years they were together before her untimely death. He learned self-control and restraint from her.

When she was murdered on Macedyn, it was largely the end of Linianus’ world for a while. Turian custom is to wear a dead spouse’s knife for six months, and then to break the knife. Lin wore Brennia’s knife for two full years. She also did not have a spirit-statue, and he fears that the knife would be the only thing her spirit could use as a beacon to navigate the afterlife to come to him. So he will never, ever break it.

Linianus has come to love Serana Velnaran very deeply. He always had affection for her, and she always harbored an attraction for him, seeing him and Eli as two halves of the same spirit, just in two different bodies. As her caring and friendship have come to warm him and heal him of his lingering grief for Brennia, so too, has he come to love Serana. Now that he and Eli are Spectres, they can no longer afford the potential scandal of ‘sharing’ a mate, nor do they want to put her through that discomfort. Thus, Lin plans to ask Serana to marry him, as soon as Eli can quietly withdraw from the picture.

Linianus has always believed, strongly, that the law exists to punish the guilty, and that belief has only been encouraged in his time in the MPs, CID, and B-Sec.

Sky calls him Sings-Justice. Zhasa feels him as a current of wind, sometimes a light and balmy breeze, but with a hint of water in it, presaging the potential for a violent storm.


Chapter 101, Tribulations
Lin chuckled. "You and Dara did well today." He looked at Eli. "Felt good?"

"Unbelievably so, yeah. I've missed this, fradu." Eli looked around. "Missed Mindoir, missed everyone."

Lin shook his head. "That's not all."

Eli squinted at him. "Don't know what you mean."

Lin just shook his head. "Eh, no worries. Though it's definitely good to be back in the pack." He sighed. "Just wish I were working with one or more of you."

"Come next door, sit with us."

"In a bit. I should probably make my own rounds. Check on my own squad. Just been putting it off. The drell makes my scales crawl."

"They must see something there beyond what we're seeing, fradu. Otherwise, they wouldn't have let her out unshackled. My dad in particular." Eli patted a hand against the frame of the door. "I'm going to go check on Rel and Dara, and then I'll be finishing this damn xenopsych course if it kills me. Come on over if you want company."

Eli had turned to go. "Fradu?" Lin called after him.


"Dara's our little one, too." Lin looked as if he were groping for words, and finally sighed. "She's not doing well. Her spirit is sick." He hesitated. "She was better when the two of you were working together. Like I said the other night… you don't let her turn inwards."

"Hey, the spirit of the unit is the spirit of all," Eli offered, lightly.

"Her spirit is our spirit, yes. Her spirit and your spirit are the same, I think." Lin again looked as if he were hunting for words, and then just sighed and let it go.

Chapter 151: Surcease

"That's because I've spent most of my life running away from all the responsibilities," Lin retorted amiably. "Those two? Their responsibilities have responsibilities. If they stand still for a second or two, more duties crawl out of the rocks to try to cover them." - In reference to Rinus and Eli.

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