Livanus Cautoris

Full name Livanus Cautoris
Married: to Talana
Species: Turian
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Eye Color:
Affiliation specters
Past Affiliation: Turian Fleet
Description: Wears black and white Tridend paint, like Nihlus in ME1
Squad name Thoth


Weapons: Pistols, Sniper rifle, assault rifle
AI Hacking.
Concussive Shot.


Livanus has a background in the turian MPs and CID as an investigator. His wife, Talana, is a theoretical physicist; he wrote to her to ask her about a proposal she'd made regarding personal shields that were cyclonic, like a ship's shields, and she was intrigued enough to write back. A few months later, they met at a public apha house on Palaven, and she was startled to realize that he was a Spectre. Over the next four years, they corresponded regularly, and he finally married her in late 2190/early 2191, bringing her to live on the base on Mindoir, which she complains is cold… and that she gets to see him about as much as when she lived on Palaven.

Livanus was badly injured during the attacks on the orbital stations held by the Lystheni in 2192, suffering a nicked aortic arch. Dara's combat medic skills kept him alive until he could be taken to surgery on the Estallus. Today, he's largely held a desk job during his long rehabilitation, but also has recently gone undercover on Khar'sharn, where he posed as a slave on Valak N'dor's estate, while helping to train a resistance force of freed slaves.


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