Lystheni Background Information

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Greenish-yellow blood.



Lystheni are an off-shoot of the salarians who use unethical scientific means to try to extend the staggeringly short salarian lifetime, and have an abhorrence for the weak salarian body. They attempt to replace organs with mechanical constructs, utilize heavy cybernetics whenever possible, insert chips into their own brains, and try to replicate things like krogan regeneration and asari biotics within their own bodies.



The Lystheni, like all salarians, report to the dalatrass, or ruling female of their 'clan.' This dalatrass has been cloning herself for the past several generations to prevent changes in doctrine, but was unable to clone herself effectively anymore, due to too many transmission errors in the cloning technique. She was also unable to breed with her own males, because they had become too insular and inbred. Thus, she coerced Mordin Solus to fertilize several of her eggs, in the hopes that he could apply the Solus hybridization technique to them after conception, and add asari biotics to the female eggs. One egg, he managed to preserve, without any changes, and when the egg hatched, he raised the little female: Mordin Narayana.

The two remaining clones of Dalatrass Zala and Xala were killed. The only remaining dalatrass the Lystheni have consists of an AI construct of Xala, currently in batarian hands.


Lystheni types and abilities

Biotics branch agents:
Domination OR Reave
Lift OR Singularity
Cannot be used as hibernating husks/assassins. Cannot control others, except through domination effect.

Tech branch agents:
AI hacking
Poison cloud OR neural shock
Flamethrower OR Cryo spray
Hibernation. When sent into hibernation, they can be controlled and used as nearly undetectable husks/assassins.

Tech/biotic controllers:
Lift OR Slam
AI hacking
Controllers. Use chips to control hibernating husk assassins and the biotic ‘ship-to-ship’ weapons.

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