Mercuria Moreau

Full name Mercuria Moreau
Nickname: Merc
Born: Activated in or around 2191
Species: NCAI (which is to say, turian/human/Reaper)
Gender: Female, nominally
Height: In mech platform, 6'. In ship-platform, 35-40'
Weight: In mech platform, over 250 lbs. In ship-platform, several metric tons. Really, you should never ask about a lady's weight.
Hair: None
Eye Color: Blue
Homeworld: Currently considers Palaven and Mindoir her ports of registry
Rank: Spectre
Affiliation specters
Past Affiliation: Turian Fleet
Description: Wears Thracian yellow.
Squad name None yet assigned.

Damage and Soak:
Durability 48 (platform base of 30)
Medium armor: 38 shield points, 46 with AIO. When Defensive Matrix is active, numbers are 68, 76, respectively. DR 4.
Defensive Matrix: Shields recharge in 1/2 time. When Shields are depleted, come back up at 1/2 power.

NCAI Engineer

Turian-style android, body built by geth, human, and turian engineers. Based on James' platform, but made in turian body conformation.

  • Does not breathe (immune to poison, mind-altering chemical, most atmospheric effects, and vacuum)
  • Immune to mind-altering biotic effects (such as domination)
  • Platform may wear medium armor
  • Integrated polyceramic talons, razor sharp, unbreakable
  • Wireless, shielded port, hard port located at tailbone, upgrade: additional fingertip hard port.
  • Integrated HUD, connection to all personnel transponders and shipboard communications. Subject to being jammed.
  • Strength: Above turian norms, on par with geth shock trooper
  • Reaction times: On par with geth shock trooper

Engineer abilities

Totals at 14:

  • Drone 3, Combat Drone [+ Defensive drone, if AIO is active]
  • Shotgun 3, Specialization, Rapid Shot
  • Energy Drain, 3, Explosive Drain [+ Feedback loop if AIO is active]
  • Cryo-blast 3 Specialization (Lasting Frost) [+ Cryo-bomb if AIO is active]
  • Defensive Matrix 3 Specialization (Shield Matrix) [+ Optimized Shields when AI Overload is active]
  • CQC 1. Metal Dervish.

Special: Duality

Mercuria is an AI anomaly. She is one consciousness in two separate platforms, connected via the NCAI cloud network by FTL. She periodically updates both 'selves' by FTL connection, and therefore, cannot be actually 'killed,' unless both selves are eliminated at the same time.

Rank 1: AI Resilience. Mercuria's ability to contact her ship-self by FTL is unlocked, and she can verify her code and consciousness against her other-self and other NCAIs, allowing her to resist hacking attempts. This FTL signal is intermittent, highly encrypted, and difficult to intercept; she can turn it off to avoid detected when needed.

Rank 2: AI Domination. Mercuria's ability to hack other synthetics is greatly increased. She can wirelessly affect even cybernetic implants, enter into secure systems on space stations almost without effort, and affect even heavily firewalled mech units. She's able to harness the computing power of her ship-self to this end, no matter where in the galaxy she might be.

Rank 3: AI Overlord. Continuous connection to ship-self and libraries of information and tactical data give Mercuria a +1 to technical abilities and a +20 to every technical skill while active. Thus, a Rank 2 Cryo-blast becomes a rank 3. A rank 3 becomes, effectively, Rank 4. This ability only pertains to technical abilities in which Mercuria has already placed points.

If the FTL connection is severed to avoid detection, AI Overlord does not function.

Skills: 140 points base. Plus AIO bonuses.

Background: Military.
+5 to stealth, +5 to Demolitions

Every technical skill gets a +20 when AIO is active

Athletics: 23
Demolitions: 15(+20 AIO)
Electronics: 24(+20 AIO)
First aid: 0 (+20 AIO)
Hacking: 20(+20 AIO)
Piloting: 26 (+20 AIO)
Perception: 18
Repair: 15(+20 AIO)
Stealth 9
(All numbers only apply to mech-self)

Starting weapons:

  • Sokolov Mark X Shotgun from Rosenkov Materials (would not say no to a quarian-made Reegar Carbine or a Geth Plasma Shotgun)
  • Kassa Fabrication Razer Mark X pistol (would not say no to a quarian-made Arc pistol, with its 72 rounds of ammo before reloading)
  • Jormangund Hazard armor, turian
  • Cryo-blast is built into her left hand, like James' carnage shot. She will need to refill her reservoir between combats.
  • Energy drain is built into both hands.


Mercuria is 6'0", and weighs about 275 lbs, with gray, smooth scales, and her eyes are, while deep-set, blue and human. She wears yellow Velnaran clan-paint, Thracian inverted Y's, on her face, and a plain black turian fleet uniform, designating her as an officer… without any rank or division insignia. Off-duty, she owns one "Welcome to Hiyawatha, Terra Nova" T-shirt, one very short skirt, and still, apparently, needs to find off-duty shoes.


Mercuria is the NCAI associated with the SR-4 Clavus, a gunship affiliated with the turian Fleet. As such, she is a third-generation NCAI, daughter of Laetia of the SR-1 Estallus, Rinus Velnaran, and Kallixta Praesesidis. She is thus the granddaughter of both the celebrated human pilot, Jeff Moreau, the AI, EDI, and the turian Imperator, Livorus.

Mercuria first rose to the notice of Fleet admiralty at the Battle of Nimines, where the Clavuswas badly damaged in the initial fight with batarian frigates, suffering heavy engine damage. They and the Acus were left to mop up, while Rinus Velnaran took the Hamus to Nimines to fend off the last-ditch batarian effort to hurl Kuiper-belt asteroids at the planet. The Clavusand Acus saved the Hamus at the last moment, and the Clavus was on fire throughout its structure. While Ariston of the Hamus, who piloted himself in this pivotal battle, was recognized for gallantry,and Rinus was named Defender of the Empire, Mercuria never received recognition for her work that day. To her credit, it has never occurred to her to be outraged or jealous about this; she perceives that day as merely having done her job. She did rather idolize her 'first-brother,' Ariston, for his work that day, however.

Mercuria and the Clavus took part in the Battle of Tortuga, fighting the pirate vessels loyal to turian pirate and warlord, Tonus Machen. The Clavus and several geth armatures dropped from orbit put an end to the uprising of the citizens who were attacking the Spectre convoy after the defeat of Machen in his compound.

Because of her steadfast refusal to chip an organic, and because of the clear difficulties suffered by Tarenius Gallian once Laetia was forced to use his chip as a lifeboat after the destruction of the Estallus, the Fleet ordered Mercuria to select from one of three possible mobile platforms. She was initially heavily reluctant, but was persuaded not to refuse the order by the geth CROWD platform, Siege. To thank Siege for helping her to optimize her programs for use in a bipedal mech platform, she gave him a partially selected, partially randomized selection of her personality templates, derived from her organic ancestors. As a result, Siege began develop organic personality traits of his own, including emotional states.

At the battle of Khar'sharn, the Clavus first provided a distraction for the more stealthy Raedia and Sollostra, and then held the line so that the Spectres could retreat and board the Clavus, when the Raedia was destroyed. Batarians entered the engine section through a hole cut through the hull, slaughtered her engineers, and Mercuria used her mech form to fight them off until reinforcements, in the form of Fors Luka and Siege arrived.

After Khar'sharn, Siege invited her on a 'shore-leave' expedition that resulted in finding a nest of relatively peaceful yahg left on Terra Nova. They fought with the yahg and then established more or less 'friendly' contact with them.

Mercuria has subsequently become the first NCAI Spectre, and is noted for being one mind in two bodies. This makes it extremely difficult to hack her, if not entirely impossible. She has participated in exploration beyond locked relays, and will eventually help produce the next generation of NCAIs, as well as two geth/NCAI hybrid 'offspring' with Siege. She wears his 'mark' in a workshop off of her engine room, a geth handprint on one metal bulkhead; he wears her 'mark'—a bite to the metal of his neck from her metal teeth, as well.

After the retirement of Samiel Viridian and Melaani T'soa as leaders of the Spectres, she and Siege took over, for the longest tenure of any individuals or duos in Spectre history.


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