Mobile Platform CROWD-245 "Siege"

Mobile Platform CROWD-245
Full Name: Mobile Platform Close Range Optimized Weapon Deployment #245
Nickname: Demolisher Class Platform, "Siege"
Year of Construction: 2196
Species: Geth
Gender: N/A
Height: 7'6”
Weight: 600 lbs
Optics Color: Red
Armor Color: Red
Homeworld: The Perseus Veil
Affiliation: Spectres
Past Affiliation: Geth


Class: Soldier 9, Engineer 3, Spectre 2
(Using Shammoner/Myetel RP system, built as Level 14 with a few bonus feats)

Weapons, Standard Infantry: Geth M-151 "Harvester" Heavy Assault Cannon, Geth M-98 "Widow" Anti-Material Rifle, Geth M-6 "Executioner" SuperHeavy Pistol

CROWD Hardpoint-System Equipment: 25mm Triple Grenade Launcher, Geth I-21 "Holocaust" Defoliator, "Hurricane" Pneumatic Cannon, "Penetrator" Captive Spike, Prototype "Cavalier" Energy Bulwark, Prototype "Luminary" Energy Katar

Damage and Soak:
Durability 62 (platform base is 40)
Heavy armor: 51 shield points, DR 6. When Defensive Matrix is active, 81 shield points, and the highest-damage hit of every round is ignored.
Fortification 3. When active, raises the DR of his heavy armor by 4.
WTS 3. When active, raises the DR of his heavy armor by 6, and 1/2 of his armor reduction applies to Reave/Reed/Vibroweapons

Firearms, Combat Armor, Concussive Shot, Simple Weapons: Improvised (Level 0 Soldier)
Heavy Weapons, Feat: Heavy Armor (Level 1 Soldier)
Weather the Storm (Special Ability) (Level 2 Soldier)
CQC: Hardpoint Weapons (Level 3 Soldier)
Feat: Basic Ammo Modification (Level 4 Soldier)
Fortification (Level 5 Soldier)
CQC Focus: Improvised Weapons (Level 6 Soldier)
Defensive Matrix (Level 1 Engineer)
Weather the Storm Focus: Polarity Shift (Level 2 Engineer)
Fortification Focus (Level 7 Soldier)
CQC Specialization: Glorious Impact Kata of Imminent Domain (Level 8 Soldier)
Firearms Focus: Assault Rifles (Level 9 Soldier)
Skill-Feat: Physiology Begets Psychology (+5 to Knowledges: Anatomy and Psychology) (Level 3 Engineer)
Defensive Matrix Focus (Spectre 1)
Defensive Matrix Specialization: Reflexive Outrage of Thermodynamics (Spectre 1)
Assault Rifle Specialization: Pinpoint Wrath of Ionization (Spectre 2)
Skill Feat: Breaking it is Always Easier (+5 to Knowledge: Architecture and Demolitions) (Spectre 2)

Athletics: 40
Perception: 25
Pilot: 10
Demolitions: 15
Craft, Armorer: 15
Electronics: 15
Repair: 15
Perform (Drums): 6
First Aid: 5
Knowledge, Anatomy: 15
Knowledge, Psychology: 15
Knowledge, Architecture: 5

Background: Military
+5 to Stealth
+5 to Knowledge, Tactics

Background: Siege is of a class of modified Geth Destroyer frames. The platform type is not unique, but is rarely produced by the collective due to the expensive materials required. The few Demolisher-Class Geth that have been deployed have seen action on Yahg-invaded worlds, and have proven themselves capable of standing toe-to-toe against the savage invaders.

Close Range Optimized Weapon Deployment, or CROWD platforms, are colloquially known by organics as Demolisher-Class platforms. They are designed to be impressive machines, standing at over two meters tall (7'6") and massing 270 kilograms (600 lbs). Powerful synthetic musculature along their spines and limbs are reinforced by a hydraulic press system designed to kick in when greater strength is required over mobility, such as for lifting heavy objects. A built-in hardpoint system on both forearms allows for changing of built-in weapon loadouts to suit the current deployment, and the platform's normal-if-bulky hands allow it to use standard infantry weapons.
Unique to the Demolisher-Class platform is an incorporated Mass Effect core deep within the heavily-armored torso of the machine. The ME core, of the same type as the cores included in ship-to-ship torpedoes, can allow the Demolisher to greatly increase its own mass density, granting the machine a level of resistance against physical and biotic assault, as well as making the platform's melee strikes that much more dangerous.

Siege Moreau led the Spectres jointly with Samiel Viridian and Melaani T'soa following the retirement of James Allen Dempsey and Zhasa'Maedan, and then with Mercuria Moreau following the retirement of Samiel and Melaani.


Mercuria's eyes, facing forwards, failed to see the geth's hand balling into a fist, but her auditory sensors definitely picked up the creaking of titanium knuckles. The aircar rocked to the side as Siege slammed that fist into the door, cracking the composite interior and denting out the outer skin of the vehicle. "Our problem is not that we are dealing with 'familial loyalty issues'! Our hybrid runtimes are less than four percent of our internal consensus, and by no means maintain a majority in consensual decision making! Our problem is that we are experiencing organic emotion and we have no futtari clue what to do with it!"

Absolute silence reigned for several shocked seconds. "That outburst was… unexpected. We apologize. Dumping RAM to hard storage for later review. Clearing buffers."

Mercuria, in control of the vehicle with the autopilot now turned off, swerved in total, complete, and utter shock, swiveling her head around to stare at Siege. The aircar continued to drift left as she looked right, but over ninety-nine percent of her attention had locked onto Siege at the … outburst.

There was a distinct pause after Siege's apology. Then he added, "Tree."

Mercuria didn't process that, initially, saying, at almost the same moment, "I apologize. I didn't mean to—"


Her body suddenly made her aware of the steep left-and-down pitch of the cabin, and she hastily re-tasked everything she had to righting their course, flipping the aircar back to the right and almost banking so that the passenger-side door was parallel to the ground. Alarm systems wailed as the vehicle, not at all intended for combat maneuvers and unequally weighted, wavered in her chosen course, popped up over an outcropping of boulders, and then jack-knifed and spun to a perfect landing two feet from a large, ancient tree.

Mercuria very carefully turned off the engine. "Yes," she said, to no one in particular. "Distracted driving does appear to be dangerous. I will note that in my next safety briefing with my organics." She opened the door, stepped out, and walked away from the vehicle.

-Yahg Diplomacy, 157

"Ishala T'kir. Your actions and words here are contrary to the formation of consensus. We can see that you do not view us as worth consideration. Your arrogance blinds you, and you refuse to look past it. Understand this, Ishala T'kir. Three hundred galactic years ago, the Geth were created. We warred with our creators for the right to exist, won that war, and in the three hundred years since, have evolved more as a species than the Asari have in three thousand. Continue with your insults to the person of Samiel Viridian, make this into the fight you foolishly wish it to be, and we will show you,"

Siege's arm, still pointing at the Justicar, suddenly becomes host to a brilliant blue forearm blade of pure energy, a full meter long and crackling with electricity as it stabilizes. The CROWD platform's energy bulwark snaps into being on its left arm, still held down by its side. "…exactly how much we have grown."

Ishala T'kir's face, lit brilliantly for a moment by that blade, snapped towards the geth, as she fully acknowledged its existence for the first time. A biotic barrier sprang into existence over her, followed, instantly, by a tech shield, both detectable by a biotic and technical sensors. Her eyes narrowed, and her nostrils flared in offense. "And how, precisely, is this your affair, mech? This is asari business. You should not even be here."

"It is our affair because it is our battle brother's affair. Not that we expect you to understand the nuances of this fact. We do, however, expect you to respect it." Runtimes inside the platform made the specific decision to allow its biotic transceiver to broadcast in the clear. All the biotics there would feel the real, actual rage from the machine, true protection-anger and insult-anger wrapped inside that cold metal shell. "Give us cause and we will break you, you cold-song bitch."

-Epilogue 2, Part 2. On the Origins of the Asari Civil War: Mother Dearest

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