Normandy-class AIs



"Ariston's avatar was almost wholly turian, with dark gray scales, yellow Thracian face-paint… but striking, large, soft human eyes set under prominent brow ridges. He'd taken the green color from Laetia, but there was almost no hint of her reckless, impetuous, slightly self-absorbed nature in this young male. He had the stance of a hunter, light on his feet, as if poised to run or dodge at any moment… and while Kallixta had always told Rinus that she thought the AI looked like him, in the shoulders and in how he carried himself, Rinus looked into the AI's face, and saw a male version of his wife. Truly, the child of our spirits, Rinus thought, looking at Ariston for a moment. It had taken him until the end of his tour on the Hamus, but by the end of that stint, he'd had no problem in calling Ariston son… though not 'first-son.' There were too many other AIs, all 'born' at the same time for that, and Rinus wanted to make a distinction between these virtual children, and the children of his own flesh and blood. That was a distinction he'd codified into law. An AI could not supersede flesh and blood children in matters of precedence or inheritance, except where a parent had specifically left an AI an inheritance or as the executor of an estate. CAIR could shout all it wanted that this made AIs second-class citizens, but really, did an AI need old furniture or clothing or a house by the seashore?" — Chapter 138, Fire and Flood

Ariston has distinguished himself by piloting the Hamus himself, at Rinus' command, in the Battle of Nimines, after the death of his pilot. He has every bit of Kallixta's skill as a pilot; not all NCAIs do.



Little Jeff/Joker


The only NCAI to be 'translated,' by means of her chipping of Sings-of-Glory, through him, into the biotic energy impulses that can be read by a rachni crystal computer. She is alive in a way that other NCAIs are not, as a result. SR-3 that most takes after Dara Jaworski.

Mercuria Moreau

SR-4 NCAI present at the Battle of Nimines, Battle of Khar'sharn, and Battle of Tortuga. First NCAI Spectre. For her full page, please see Mercuria Moreau.

Jeff Moreau/EDI



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