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Palaven has two large continents, east and west, and a smaller continent currently located at its southern pole. The south pole, in winter, is shadowed, due to axial tilt, and actually sees temperatures as low as -22º F, and is the only place where snow actually falls on this tropical world. The north pole, like Earth's, is warmer, because there is no land there, only the relatively warm ocean waters. There is no ice at the north pole for most of the year; in winter, a thin crust forms, and dissipates again every spring.

Raetia is on the western continent, and is the largest city there; the Vakarian and Velnaran clans hail from its outskirts. Complovium is the capital of the eastern continent, and is the location of the Imperator's palace complex.

Palaven has two moons: Rhenus and Dymion. Rhenus is the location of major manufacturing concerns and some of the spaceyards; the rest of the spaceyards are located in orbital facilities surrounding the planet. Dymion has a thin atmosphere of CO2, and some surface water. There are cities built into the long-dead volcanic craters here, and from Palaven's surface, you can sometimes see the man-made lights, even when the moons themselves are in shadow.

Telavin, Palaven's closest orbital neighbor, occupies the same relative orbit in its system as Mars does, relative to Earth. Telavin is twice the size of Palaven, and has an iron core.

Palaven's orbit is 445 days in length; it is further from its primary star than Earth is from Sol, suggesting that its star is brighter and hotter, and probably somewhat younger.

Places of interest: Quercetum jungle, on western continent. Aequor, major port, western continent, on eastern coast. Complovium, center of the Hierarchy, largest city on Palaven, eastern continent. Raetia, largest city on the western continent.



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