Rellus Velnaran

Full Name: Rellus Velnaran
Nickname: Rel
Born: Quartus 14, 2175
Married: Seheve Liakos, August 27, 2197 (20 year contract), previously married to Dara Jaworski, June 18, 2191; divorce decree signed, December 30, 2196
Species: Turian
Gender: Male
Height: 6'8"
Hair: n/a
Eye Color: blue
Rank: Spectre, Inducted April 7, 2197
Affiliation Spectres
Past Affiliation: Special Forces, Turian Fleet.
Description: Wears Thracian yellow paint on his face; two inverted Ys, running from chin to fringe.
Blood type: M negative
Squad name: Virtus


Class: Turian Special Forces
Weapon: Assault rifles, Sniper rifles, Pistol, Shotgun, Heavy weapons
Aura of Command: Rel’s leadership abilities give him a bonus to squad tactics and a morale bonus to everyone in his squad. His bonus stacks with other group bonuses.
Resolve: Rel’s indomitable will gives him a minor bonus against mental effects, and his strength of character provides a diplomacy bonus with everyone with whom he interacts.
Krogan Regeneration: Essentially, regenerates 5 hp a round, and cannot be dropped in a rage state until at -10 hp. Will regenerate naturally from any wound that does not involve the heart or the brain, but still requires surgery to remove bullets and other obstructions. The drawback is that the regeneration makes him prone to krogan blood-rage as well, in which he cannot tell friend from foe for five to ten minutes at a time.
Spirit-Hunter: Rel's 'spirit-eyes,' which he has always used in carving spirit statues, have come to allow him to understand his enemies perhaps better than he understands his friends and family. He can get in tune, mentally, even with very disparate species, such as the yahg, and predict where their leaders will be. Part inherent xeno-psychological gift, part wilderness tracking, it makes him a bloodhound in pursuit of his foes.
Languages spoken: Turian, tal’mae, galactic, English


Second-son of Allardus and Solanna Velnaran, Rellus is, through his mother, the nephew of Garrus Vakarian. Rel was ten years old when the Collectors attacked Palaven; as his first-brother, Rinus, his uncle Garrus, and his new human aunt, Lilitu Shepard fended off the Collectors, Rellus was paralyzed by the seeker swarms.

His family moved to Mindoir in late 2186, so that his father could work on the new xenobiological project at Shepard’s behest. Rel began sparring training at ten, and, as boot camp loomed closer and closer, began to push himself harder.

He was drawn to Dara Jaworski out of sympathy when he heard her play human music on a quarian reela at school, and began studying with her. His initial attraction to her bloomed into a solid affinity only after seeing what the future could hold for them in the visions of the future provided by the Sower simulation device. He immediately proposed manus-plighting (going steady, with intentions of marriage), and married her a month before reporting to boot-camp.

He excelled in boot-camp, easily holding onto squad leadership every week, made an enemy in Scaevous Lintorum for being married to a human, and made it into special forces as an officer. His first duty station was the Estallus. The second was Sur’Kesh. Then duty on the Nereia, Lantar’s SR-3, followed by the Raedia, Sky’s SR-3.

He left Dara to her surgical rotation on Rocam to go back out into the black on the Sollostra, Spectre Ylara’s ship. Three months later, Rel went MIA on Camala, a batarian colony world, and was rescued by Valak N’dor, a batarian rebel leader.

He was rescued, in turn, by Rinus Velnaran, James Allen Dempsey, Tarenius Gallian, Elijah Sidonis, and Dara Velnaran.

He has subsequently been diagnosed with combat addiction, and his marriage to Dara is on the rocks.

Sky refers to Rellus as Sings-Honor. Zhasa'Maedan states that he 'feels like' a young, unstable star, or the center of a drive core. Blazing hot and powerful.

Signed divorce papers from Mindoir courts, dissolving his marriage with Dara on December 30, 2196. Currently involved in a relationship with Seheve Liakos.


Chapter 118, Weal and Woe
Serana and Lin were there, and Serana was back in Thracian yellow again. "How goes the training?" she asked, lightly.

Rel shrugged. "I'm learning to fly," he replied. "Makur throws me halfway across the field, and I flap my arms, but we don't seem to be making any real progress."

On carving:
"What's that going to be?" He nodded to the yahg leader statue, which still loomed on the bedside table … "Hope it's going to be less ugly than your last project."

"I'm not really sure yet," Rel admitted. "I know it's a person. But I don't know whom." He shrugged. "Sometimes, I start with a clear picture in my head, but the wood doesn't let me go that direction. It's not like casting something in metal. Wood has flaws. Imperfections. You have to work with it, not bully it into submission."

Art by Sladkaya

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