Rinus Velnaran

Full name Rinus Velnaran
Born: 2169
Species: Turian
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 6"
Hair: N/A
Eye Color: Blue
Rank: Dominus, and ended service in turian fleet at optio, rank 2.
Affiliation Spectre, Turian Conclave of Lawgivers
Past Affiliation: Turian Fleet.
Blood type: M positive
Description: Rinus is a little shorter than his younger brother Rellus, but otherwise very similar in body and facial configuration. The chief physical difference is their eyes; both have blue eyes and wear Thracian yellow paint, but Rinus' eyes are cold in most situations. In terms of demeanor, Rinus is a centurion to the tips of his claws. No matter what his current rank really is. Stern, no-nonsense, and only teases family in private.


Class: Turian Centurion
Weapon: Shotgun, Submachine gun, heavy weapons, pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle, Thanix Cannon, Javelin Disruptor Torpedoes
Weapons expert: If it can shoot or explode, Rinus probably can use it, disassemble it, or reassemble it; automatically proficient with all major weapons and has a bonus to their damage and accuracy.
Turian NCO: Tough-minded and stern, he’s a steadying influence on all of his squad. With him at their side, no turian will break or run in fear (squad morale bonus vs. fear and domination effects; limited personal bonus vs. the same).
Technical expert: Rinus can sabotage almost any weapons and shield system, destroying an enemy’s ability to defend themselves or to attack a squad effectively.
Carnage: When using his favorite shotgun, Rinus has modified it to emit, periodically, a high-yield, fireball-like round.
Languages spoken: Turian, tal’mae, English, galactic


Rinus’ first taste of combat came at the side of his famous uncle, Garrus Vakarian, and his new human aunt, Lilitu Shepard, during the Battle of Palaven in the Reaper War. Fresh out of boot camp and spending a week off with his family, Rinus faced the Collectors in his grandfather’s backyard with a shotgun and a heart filled with fear. He panicked a bit when he saw Shepard injured, but recovered and held the attackers off while his uncle administered first aid.

Since then, Rinus has developed into a remarkable male. He was enlisted; quiet, serious, focused on duty, and a bit introverted. He achieved centurion status in less than five years, and was chief of the gunnery crew on the Estallus by 2190. His younger siblings look up to Rinus in a bit of awe; he’s a stern first-brother… who occasionally degenerates into straight-faced teasing. He loves all of his siblings, and wants nothing more than to protect all of them… and is proud of all of them, too.

Laetia, the AI of the Estallus thought that he would make a fine chipping candidate for her to use as a mobile node, and also, that his psych profile matched parameters needed for the next generation of Normandy-class AIs (NCAIs). She pursued him vigorously and clumsily, verging several times on the edge of outright harassment, and drove off at least one female in whom Rinus had a romantic interest.

On the Estallus, Kallixta met Rellus, Dara’s husband, and his brother, Centurion Rinus Velnaran, and was instantly attracted to the serious-minded Rinus, who was, at that point, chipped to Laetia, the AI of the ship. He declined Kallixta’s initial advances, on the grounds that the AI would get in the way of any romance. That decision was taken from them when a medication problem caused Kallixta and one other female aboard the ship, Nadea Curicium, to cycle into estrus. Kallixta sought out the male of her preference, which turned out to be Rinus, and he took her, cared for her in her time of need, and offered, quite cheerfully, to marry her and care for any children, if there turned out to be any consequences of their union.

And then he heard her speak in turian for the first time. Heard the court accent, and realized… crap. She’s high nobility.

Eventually, they did marry, under tal’mae rites. The Imperator approves of Rinus so strongly, that he actually gave them the knives previously held by Commodus the Unifier and his wife, Venisita. He also appointed Rinus a lord, or dominus, to make sure that the union would be between equals, and insisted that Rinus must get involved in politics… but that Rinus should always follow his own conscience in matters of the law.

For a time, Rinus continued to try to balance his fleet career, rising as high as optio, rank two (equivalent of warrant 2), while trying to pursue political objectives. Then he finished his latest term of service, and began working part time in the analysis wing of the Spectres and part time on his political career.

Rinus takes his position as ‘father’ to fifty NCAIs very seriously. Much of the legislation he’s advocated has been to give them both rights and citizenship, as well as limitations and equitable punishments for crimes that they might commit. He’s also been one of the driving forces behind the amendments to the Citizenship Act that the Imperator had wished pushed through, which permitted humans who have served in Alliance armed forces, or served in turian military for four years, and who can claim a turian family by marriage or adoption, to become citizens of the Hierarchy.

Rinus is characterized by technical brilliance. Given enough time with schematics, he can tell you exactly how to blow up an undersea base or orbital satellites. He can re-purpose Javelin missiles into depth charges or Malleolus shoulder-mounted rockets into stationary bombs. His most recent success was a proposal for how to prevent an eezo-laden comet from hitting Earth’s moon. He’s also characterized by a fanatical devotion to duty, and quite a bit of discomfort with the trapping of wealth and nobility.

Sky calls him Sings-Duty.
Zhasa’Maedan ‘feels him’ as ‘sun-warmed steel.’


Chapter 102, Touchstone

"I know what you mean. I saw dozens of futures with Kallixta in that thing… but just as many that had us splitting up, or even unhappy together." He smiled, faintly. "I think it's in our nature to linger on the happy endings. But people tend to forget, there's no such thing as happily ever after. There's an end, and then there's a new beginning."

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