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Step 2: Choosing your Class

Each class in this system is borrowed from Mass Effect but may not be identical to its counterpart in the games. Please consider the following class descriptions carefully when choosing which class to play.

Soldier: (Pure Combat Class) The Soldier class is the frontline fighter and the backbone of fighting forces across the galaxy. The Soldier is intended to be tough, with the ability to carry and use a large variety of weapons, including heavy weapons, and wear the heaviest armor with little to no penalty. Soldiers are tough and can draw only from the Combat pool of abilities but make up for it by devoting their time to martial excellence. Most soldiers devote as much time to single weapons or styles of combat as a biotic does to developing their biotics, and are correspondingly more lethal than other classes when wielding weapons of their choice.
Exclusive Ability: Concussive Shot. Soldiers who train with weapons of all types learn to jury-rig or otherwise modify their ammo, and most learn this ability early. A well-placed concussive shot will knock lighter enemies to the ground and stagger even larger foes.

Engineer: (Pure Tech Class) The Engineer is an expert at all things technical. Their expertise in the field is stunning, and many are known for adapting or modifying technical devices or processes on the fly. No slouch in a fight, the Engineer can supplement gunfire or other combat styles with a variety of wicked tech skills and knowledge of typical weapons and armor systems that allow them to shred shields, launch improvised incendiary charges, and even overload shields or weapons to bring their foes to the ground.
Exclusive Ability: Drone. The typical combat drone has improved over the years. Modern engineers have altered their turrets to include drone functions so that the unit can be deployed in either a combat or defensive fashion. Drones can also aid Engineers by creating defensive decoys or out of combat by displaying blueprints or acting as a mobile storage node.

Adept: (Pure Biotic Class) The galaxy's understanding of biotics has grown over the centuries but Adepts remain a frightening force to deal with on the field of combat. The Adept is a master of biotic energies and has a singular focus on the application and damage-dealing potential of their skills. Correspondingly, the Adept is typically lightly armored but can wreak havoc from the backline. Most Adepts supplement their destructive powers with firearms or other combat styles, but rarely wade into the melee. Some races may bend or break this rule, but it holds strong for most humanoid races.
Exclusive Ability: Singularity. Creating and manipulating a singularity requires focused thought and application that most other biotics can't afford in the heat of combat or while considering how to apply their other abilities. Nevertheless, this power is awe-inspiring when put to best use by the galaxy's Adepts and serves as a unique complement to other biotic powers.

Infiltrator: (Combat/Tech Hybrid) To seek, to find, and to get out without being seen. To slip a knife between someone's ribs from behind, or fire a quick burst at the base of their neck, or perhaps just serve as a sharpshooter cloaked in light and shadows who rains precise death without being seen. The Infiltrator is the ultimate sneak and can boast a diverse set of abilities even within the class. What ties Infiltrators together is their precision focus on stealth and disguise, along with devastating and sudden strikes. The Infiltrator is, above and beyond, the champion of 'never saw me coming' and an expert at information collection and espionage.
Exclusive Ability: Tactical Cloak. Infiltrators train in a specialized variety of tech skills and the Tactical Cloak is one of those. This light-bending device provides Infiltrators with bonuses on their stealth checks and damage bonuses to Sudden Strikes and sniping.

Sentinel: (Tech/Biotic Hybrid) The implacable shield against harm. A Sentinel trains in both tech and biotic abilities and focuses on defense. Soldiers are the front-line fighters of the galaxy and Vanguards are the wrecking balls, but Sentinels are, in many cases, the shields against harm. A Sentinel's skill set tends toward protection and defense, offering a unique synergy to help keep enemy fire focused and deflected from others. This does not mean that Sentinels are weak, however; many train in heavy weapons and carry enough firepower to make enemies reconsider the fact that a Sentinel is a shield and nothing more.
Exclusive Ability: Tech Armor. A combination of hardened shields and specialized biotic barriers, a Sentinel's Tech Armor provides another layer of defense against incoming fire, tech projectiles and even biotic attacks. This armor layer applies over the top of a Sentinel's existing armor, absorbing and deflecting hits. It raises the armor class of any armor worn by one level, which means that a Sentinel with Heavy Armor and Tech Armor has the highest defense of any class.

Vanguard: (Combat/Biotic Hybrid) A vanguard is a specialized tool in the fight for galactic survival, peace, and dominance. Vanguards are often brave, stupid, or both, acting as wrecking balls that swing into combat and back out, knocking holes in formations, dealing brief but excessive amounts of damage and seeding chaos among the front lines of their enemies. A Vanguard's job is to break enemy formations, scatter enemy soldiers, and typically ruin people's days. However, this comes with a cost; Vanguards have a higher mortality rate than many other types of soldiers and even in the best situations often return from battle with injuries aplenty. With this high attrition rate, many Vanguards retire much earlier than others. Nevertheless, their mastery of quick-firing, highly-damaging biotic abilities, medium levels of armor, and mastery with weapons makes Vanguards a threat.
Exclusive Ability: Charge. A Vanguard's biotic abilities are not as diverse as an Adept or even a Sentinel, but are uniquely specialized for what they do best; get in, cause havoc, get out. Charge is the backbone of a Vanguard's arsenal, allowing a Vanguard to wrap themselves in Biotic energies and fling themselves at the target bodily, often impacting with force that will make all but the heaviest or most stalwart enemies stagger in confusion. This ability can also be used to retreat from combat, which, in a Vanguard's line of work, is usually a grim necessity.

Justicar: Despite the refinement and sophistication of asari culture, criminality remains a fact of life. The asari solution to the most vicious and destructive criminal element is the Justicar Order.
Justicars are an asari class of virtually untouchable, extrajudicial executioners operating almost exclusively within asari territory. In the last decade alone, Justicars have smashed dozens of criminal rings inside asari territory, operated by asari and non-asari alike. Their methods range from subtle where possible, to brutal where necessary.
Trained for extreme-strength, biotic capacity, resourcefulness, asceticism, and ruthlessness, the fanatical justicars are romanticized and feared throughout asari society.
Bonus: Justicars may choose their skills and abilities from any class list, without restriction. Every even level, a Justicar receives 2 characteristic points. Every odd level, a Justicar receives one characteristic point.

Spectre: “Spectres are not trained, but chosen. Individuals forged in the fire of service and battle—those whose actions elevate them above the rank and file.”
Spectres (Special Tactics and Reconnaissance) are agents entrusted with extraordinary authority by the Citadel Council, including the power of life and death over the inhabitants of the galaxy. They form an elite group selected from a number of different species, and their primary responsibility is to preserve galactic stability by whatever means necessary. Though they are generally considered as being above the law and have complete discretion as to the methods used to accomplish their mission, an individual's status as a Spectre can be revoked by the Council in a case of a gross misconduct. Spectres operate under the oversight of Commander Lilitu Shepard.
Bonus: Spectres receive two character points per level. Spectres may choose their skills and abilities from any clas list, without restriction.

PLEASE NOTE: You can Dual-Class once. When you Dual-Class, choose another class besides your first. At this point, you must also choose ONE of the two exclusive abilities.

Once you have dual-classed, you are not mechanistically a soldier 50% of the time and a biotic the other 50% of the time. You're using both of your skill sets simultaneously, and you may choose skill points freely from both pools as you are leveling.

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