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Step 3: Choosing Your Abilities and Feats

Abilities and Feats are purchased with Character Points (CP). Each character receives two Character Points upon creation and one at every level up thereafter. Additional CP may be granted by the DM for astounding feats or excellent roleplaying.

Abilities are, as described in the glossary, active skills. Feats may be used as active skills, but more commonly boost the character's overall toughness or skill set in some way.

Some Abilities or Feats may have pre-requisites. This means that you must have whatever is listed to take the ability or feat, whether that is a certain level, a certain class, or a different ability or feat. If an ability or feat says that a class is required, you need only have multi-classed into that class; if it says that a main is required, that must be your 'main' class for the purposes of the RP.

Abilities and feats have specializations. These are purchasable for focused abilities or feats, and unlock new facets of an ability or feat. Specializations must be taken from the ones available for that skill or discussed with the DM, at which point they will be added to the list.

All abilities have three 'ranks', whether they are combat, tech, or biotic; You must spend one point to unlock anything but your class's exclusive ability, a second to Focus it (starting at level 3) and a third to Specialize it (starting at level 5). At the Specialize level you can choose one of the possible specializations. If you have a personal special ability and it was based on the old six rank system, take two ranks when you unlock, two when you focus, and two when you Specialize. You will gain any specializations you associated with it at the Specialization level. Anyone who has not yet made a personal character special ability should make it based on the unlock-focus-specialization model. Let me know if you have questions.

Ability List

Combat Abilities

Adrenaline Rush Requires: Soldier
Soldiers are masters at giving a last push when needed, whether it's to down an enemy, line up a shot, or push themselves a bit further to get that last enemy down. FOR EACH RANK, you choose whether the rank provides a global +1 to attack ranged, a +1 bonus to CQC rolls, a +1 to evade, or a global +2 to damage. These choices are FIXED – every time AR is activated, it will do the same thing. The specialization, gained at the third rank, allows you to choose a fourth bonus at activation, and you may make a different choice for that fourth bonus each time AR is activated. The bonus is fixed for that specific instance of AR.

Carnage - Requires: Focus in at least one type of Firearms - Modified slugs held in place by volatile Mass Effect fields. Carnage rounds launch fireballs across the battlefield to impact with blistering heat. Possible Specializations: Lingering Carnage (Fire damage over time on enemy), Carnage Spread (Fires a splitting slug, each individual chunk doing less damage but with the ability to catch several enemies with one attack).

Concussive Shot(E) - Requires: Soldier Main - Soldiers who train with weapons of all types learn to jury-rig or otherwise modify their ammo, and most learn this ability early. A well-placed concussive shot will knock lighter enemies to the ground and stagger even larger foes. Possible Specializations: Concussive Blast (Blast hits several enemies but deals less damage to each one), Puncturing Concussion (Gives extra power to the concussive force, giving it a greater chance to shatter or punch through armor).

CQC - Close Quarters Combat is still a necessity to the galaxy's armed forces, though now it is primarily used to get range on a potential opponent. Having weapons that accelerate projectiles to an appreciable fraction of the speed of light has somewhat dampened using CQC as a primary damage source in active combat. However, CQC techniques are still a useful and in many cases vital addition to a well-rounded fighter's arsenal. When you spend a point in CQC, choose your personal fighting style. This can be one style or a combination of styles. List your personal style on your character sheet. Focusing CQC denotes an increasing mastery of your personal fighting style, whether it is one style or a mix. Specializing further increases your mastery and allows you to choose a specialization.
Specializations: Precise Strikes (You have studied the anatomy of several races and can make precision strikes. You can also choose to pull punches at will and strike in a non-lethal manner to incapacitate rather than kill). Agile Combatant (Your mastery of CQC means you move across the battlefield with grace and agility, allowing you to use your CQC defensively).

Flashbangs: Everyone can use these items, no feat necessary. These will blind/deafen/stun an unprepared enemy for 1-2 rounds, making aiming difficult and causing an unsuspecting enemy (flat-footed) a delay to initiative for those 1-2 rounds. An enemy that makes a successful Perception check to hear the distinctive whine of an incoming flashbang can avert their eyes and brace for the sound, limiting the blind/deafen/stun effect.

All humanoid characters begin with the Firearms Ability. Firearms confers basic use of the Galaxy's most popular types of firearms. Choose whichever guns make the most sense for your character. A weight guide has been provided, so please take this into consideration—loading out with several guns that are rather heavy will make your character incur movement and dexterity penalties. When Focusing or Specializing, choose a particular type of Firearms, ie Shotguns. You can Focus and Specialize multiple times, but each time it applies to a new weapon.

  • Rapid Shot: allows for two trigger pulls/bursts of fire as a single action.
  • Deadly Shot: Additional rank of effect of damage (+3 damage)
  • Deadly Aim: Additional rank of effect of accuracy (+2 to-hit)

Fortification Requires: Heavy Armor
Fortification is an ability that allows those wearing heavy armor to soak up even more damage than normal. Fortification, on use, runs a series of armor reinforcement protocols that synch up with a hardsuit's shield emitters, providing a boost to overall shield integrity and tightening joints internally to increase armor potential in even damaged suits.
Adds 1 plus 1 per rank to Heavy Armor’s damage reduction (so at rank 3, heavy armor provides DR 10) for the duration of the skill.

  • Luminous Harmony of Seclusion - makes the user immune to critical hits while Fortification is active.
  • Aegis: +2 additional DR.
  • Stand Strong: Locks down suit joints and engages internal motors to brace against collision and impact, providing a massive boost to armor and the ability to resist charges from most humanoids, but reducing movement to zero. +3 additional DR.

Grenades - AUTOMATIC: Soldier
Everyone Else: TRAINABLE
Grenades are another staple of the Soldier's arsenal and often used to great effect. There is a wide variety of grenades available—see the items section. Please Note: Individual types of grenades must be earned through the RP before you can select them for use; however, basic explosive grenades are available from the start. Possible Specializations: Grenade Capacity (You can carry more grenades overall), Grenade Loadout (You can carry three types of grenades instead of the usual two).

Heavy Weapons - Requires: Soldier - The galaxy boasts a wide range of heavy weapons that often pack devastating power into a rather small package. Due to their expertise with various arms of all kinds, Soldiers are also skilled at choosing and using Heavy Weapons to greatest effect. Please Note: You must earn individual Heavy Weapons through the RP before you can select them for use. Possible Specializations: Ammo Collector (You make a habit of scavenging ammo, increasing your ammo pool or usage time by 50%), Run and Gun (You can use heavy weapons while moving without incurring the usual heavy penalty).

Sticky Shot - Requires: Focus in at least one type of Firearms - This technique involves modifying your weapon's ammo to fire a projectile which will stick to a target on impact, not unlike a sticky grenade, and go off several seconds later. The rate of fire is lower on this type of shot, but the damage is much more targeted and piercing than a sticky grenade's typical blast. It is also able to be aimed much more accurately. Possible Specializations: Sticky Burst (Can fire three Sticky Shots in rapid successsion), Burrowing Shot (The shot attempts to penetrate whatever it hits before exploding for maximum damage. May not work against some types of hardened armor).

Sudden Strike - Requires: Infiltrator - Sudden Strikes are the art of placing a hit where it is most damaging. With Sudden Strike, an Infiltrator can target vital points or systems on all types of enemies, whether that is heart-strikes on humanoids or important computer systems on mechs. The Infiltrator can then strike for critical damage. Potential Specializations: Knife to the Back (Provides a stealth bonus when utilizing melee strikes), Scoped and Dropped (Provides an accuracy and damage bonus for firearms strikes).

Tech Abilities

Only Engineers, Infiltrators, and Sentinels can take Tech Abilities.

Cryo Blast
Fires a micro-fabricated charge filled with a quick-chilling cryogenic compound. This compound, on contact, flash-freezes enemy armor and flesh and can cause significant damage to armor structure and/or frostbite. Several Cryo Blasts may freeze an enemy completely, at which point parts of their body can be shattered.
Duration: Chill lasts Int rounds. Damage is instant.

  • Rank 1: 1d6 + 3 + Tech Score
  • Rank 2: 2d6 + 6 + Tech Score
  • Rank 3: 3d6 + 9 + Tech Score


  • Cryo Bomb: Cryo Blast is larger and covers more of an enemy with each blast.
  • Lasting Frost: A stronger cryogenic compound is used and will leave targets frozen and compromised for longer.
  • Absolute Zero: Cryo Blast does an additional 1d6 + 3 damage.

Defense Matrix
Provides a comprehensive shield management suite that allows for enhanced shield function and granular control of shield capabilities. Short-term bursts of highly enhanced shields are possible with the use of this ability.
Adds 10 points per rank of Defensive Matrix to your basic shields.
Potential Specializations:

  • Optimized: Basic shields recharge in 1/2 the time.
  • Reflexive Outrage of Thermodynamics - The single highest-damage hit of the round is nullified.
  • Shield Matrix: When your basic shields are reduced to zero, they immediately come back up at 1/2 their total points.

Drone(E) - Requires: Engineer Main - The typical combat drone has improved over the years. Modern engineers have altered their turrets to include drone functions so that the unit can be deployed in either a combat or defensive fashion. Drones can also aid Engineers by creating defensive decoys or out of combat by displaying blueprints or acting as a mobile storage node.
Potential Specializations: Combat Drone (Enhances a Drone's combat software suite and weapons array), Defense Drone (Improves a Drone's defensive matrix, shields, and decoy capabilities).

Energy Drain
Allows those skilled at electronics to drain power from an enemy's shields and dissipate the resultant electronic charge as a close-ranged burst.

  • Rank 1: 10 + Tech Score drained from target’s shields, 1d6 + 3 + Tech Score dealt to Durability and Health (Armor DR applies).
  • Rank 2: 15 + Tech Score drained from target’s shields, 2d6 + 6 + Tech Score dealt to Durability and Health (Armor DR applies).
  • Rank 3: 20 + Tech Score drained from target’s shields, 3d6 + 9 + Tech Score dealt to Durability and Health (Armor DR applies).

Potential Specializations:

  • Feedback Loop: Increases damage to 4d6 + 12 + Tech Score.
  • Harness: The user may choose, with each use of Energy Drain, if it will function normally or do the following: Energy Drain loses its electrical attack. Instead, any damage to shields is now added to the user’s own shields (this cannot raise them above their normal max).
  • Explosive Drain: Gives the attack a 10’ radius.

Fires a brief, micro-fabricated explosive charge filled with highly flammable liquid that explodes on contact, eating away at armor. The damage occurs every round, but the armor degradation only occurs on the first round.
Duration: Last Int rounds.
Radius: 5’

  • Rank 1: 1d6 + Tech Score, and damage reduction from armor is permanently reduced by 1 grade (heavy to medium, medium to light, light no longer gives DR).
  • Rank 2: 2d6 + Tech Score
  • Rank 3: 3d6 + Tech Score

Potential Specializations:

  • Focused Incinerate: Incinerate now reduces armor by two grades, but only affects one target.
  • Bouncing Incinerate: Each Incinerate charge contains several smaller charges, and will bounce to nearby enemies from the first. Radius increases to 10’.
  • Hellfire: Incinerate now does the typical “+3 damage per rank” in addition to its standard damage stats.

Neural Shock
Neural Shock is the art of using technology to temporarily incapacitate organics. By utilizing omnitool charges, shock pistols, or other forms of electrical current, those skilled at medicine and technology can shut down organics quickly.

  • Rank 1: 1d6 + 3 + Tech Score + Medicine, bypasses shields/barriers, reduced by armor’s DR.
  • Rank 2: 2d6 + 3 + Tech Score + Medicine, bypasses shields/barriers, reduced by armor’s DR.
  • Rank 3: 3d6 + 3 + Tech Score + Medicine, bypasses shields/barriers, reduced by armor’s DR.

Potential Specializations:

  • Damaging Shock: For those who haven't taken the Hippocratic Oath! Utilize shocks to increase damage to your target's nervous system. Damage increases by 1d6 + 3.
  • Lingering Shock: Organics move slower and are in a dazed state after the shock effect wears off. Targets take a penalty equal to the user’s ranks in Neural Shock for user’s Int in rounds.
  • AoE Shock: Affects 5’ radius. Damage is reduced by 1 rank.

Allows those trained in electronics to fire bursts of controlled energy from their omnitool, damaging shields and shorting out finer electronics systems for brief periods of time. May also damage synthetics.

  • Rank 1: 13 + Tech Score to shields. For synthetics, any damage that penetrates shields is applied to durability (DR from armor applies).
  • Rank 2: 26 + Tech Score to shields. For synthetics, any damage that penetrates shields is applied to durability (DR from armor applies).
  • Rank 3: 39 + Tech Score to shields. For synthetics, any damage that penetrates shields is applied to durability (DR from armor applies).

Potential Specializations:

  • Shield Buster: Damage is increased by 50% before it is applied to shields. (Against synthetics, any damage that penetrate shields is then reduced to 66% to return it to normal).
  • Synthetic Killer: Against synthetics, any damage that penetrates shields is increased by 50%, and then armor damage reduction is applied. Synthetics not protected against electrical attacks are stunned for one round.

Tactical Cloak(E) - Requires infiltrator main OR 10 ranks in stealth - Infiltrators train in a specialized variety of tech skills and the Tactical Cloak is one of those. This light-bending device provides Infiltrators with bonuses on their stealth checks and damage bonuses to Sudden Strikes and sniping.

Because the tactical cloak is a TOY, anyone can use it, but only those trained in stealth can use it well.

Potential Specializations: Durable Cloak (One attack or sudden strike is possible without the cloak being compromised), Lasting Cloak (A tactical cloak's duration is lengthened).

Tactical Scan - Tactical Scan provides an enhanced HUD suite for a hardsuit. These suites, often modified and optimized by those who own them, display additional information about enemies, allowing for attack bonuses against certain enemies and other information not readily available in standard HUDs. Potential Specializations: Precise Targeting (Increases damage and accuracy against targets), Linked Scan (Allows you to share your Tactical Scan vision with allies wearing HUD-capable hardsuits for a short period of time).

Tech Armor(E) Requires: Sentinel
A combination of hardened shields and specialized biotic barriers, a Sentinel's Tech Armor provides another layer of defense against incoming fire, tech projectiles and even biotic attacks. This armor layer applies over the top of a Sentinel's existing armor, absorbing and deflecting hits.
Raises the rating of armor worn by the bearer one level (light becomes medium, medium becomes heavy). Heavy armor increased by this ability gives damage reduction 8, and its basic shielding can absorb 60 points of damage. Each rank also provides 10 points of shielding, which we’ll call tech points.
Potential Specializations:

  • Bladed Armor: When the protection from Tech Armor is cut through, the armor explodes outward in a Rank 1 Sabotage as well as a Rank 1 Overload that also affects barriers.
  • Hardened - The Tech Shields gain Damage Reduction 5 against all attacks.

Sabotage - Those skilled at Sabotage have honed their ability to hack in combat and can apply their knowledge of weapons systems to briefly disable the weapons of their enemies, either through forcing diagnostic cycles or disabling heat measurement protocols to force weapon overheat. Potential Specializations: Synthetic Domination (Greatly increases hacking speed, duration, and efficacy for synthetic enemies), Sundering Sabotage (Increases activation speed, length of duration, and amount of damage for weapons sabotage).

Biotic Abilities

Only Adepts, Vanguards, and Sentinels can take Biotic Abilities.

A specialized, personal barrier made entirely of biotic energy, Barrier acts as a bonus shield for biotics that helps deflect attacks and projectiles.
Functions much like basic shielding, but Barriers are their own pool of points (I’m going to imaginatively call it “barrier points”). Barriers provide 10 barrier points per rank, plus 2*Biotics Score. This is why asari matriarchs are so damn hard to kill when they’re nekkid.
Potential Specializations:

  • Adamantine – provides a one-time bonus of an extra 10 barrier points
  • Shifting - The single highest-damage hit of the round is nullified.
  • Impenetrable – the Barrier itself now has damage reduction 5 against all attacks
  • Punishing – When the protection from the Barrier is cut through, the armor explodes outward, causing 20 points of damage to surrounding shields/barriers, plus biotic bonus (this causes no harm past that).

Charge(E) Requires: Vanguard
Charge is the backbone of a Vanguard's arsenal, allowing a Vanguard to wrap themselves in Biotic energies and fling themselves at the target bodily, often impacting with force that will make all but the heaviest or most stalwart enemies stagger in confusion. This ability can also be used to retreat from combat, which, in a Vanguard's line of work, is usually a grim necessity.

  • Rank 1: 13 + Biotic Score to shields/barriers. If damage penetrates shields, target is stunned for 1 round.
  • Rank 2: 26 + Biotic Score to shields/barriers. If damage penetrates shields, target is stunned for 1 round.
  • Rank 3: 39 + Biotic Score to shields/barriers. If damage penetrates shields, target is stunned for 1 round.

Potential Specializations:

  • Biotic Burst: Grants additional barrier points, up to normal maximum. (1d6 + 3 )*Rank + Biotic Score.
  • Heavy Charge: If target is stunned, it now lasts for 1 round per rank.

Dominate - Dominate allows for the mental manipulation of organics. This ability causes organics to feel sensations of doubt, fear, and uncertainty, or other feelings as desired. Typically, in combat, this ability will focus on sensation and not particular memories, in order to be readily applied without significant time spent on research. Potential Specializations: Lingering Dominate (Increases the 'punch' of particular emotions, rattling most organics and causing them to dwell even after the effect has worn off), Mass Dominate (Allows for the domination of multiple enemies at a reduced level of control for each).

The backbone of many Biotic arsenals, the basic move ability covers both hauling enemies aloft and flinging them around. Specification of the precise way you'd like to use Move is necessary when you use the ability in combat; let the DM know whether you're lifting someone into the air briefly, throwing them, or using a lash of energy to launch them toward you, for example.
Damage: All damage from Move is first applied to Durability. Damage only goes to Health once Durability is depleted.

  • Rank 1: Biotic Score / 2. Armor DR applies.
  • Rank 2: Biotic Score. Armor DR applies.
  • Rank 3: Biotic Score *1.5. Armor DR applies.

Potential Specializations:

  • Heavy Throw: Using Move to Throw or Lash enemies will send them flying further. +10 damage.
  • Juggling: When holding an enemy aloft, you can keep them aloft for longer and manipulate them in the air.
  • Multiple Targets: You can affect one target/rank.
  • Lift Field: When using a “Lift”-type Move, it affects a 10’ radius.

Nova allows for localized manipulation of battering waves of force, allowing Biotics to either radiate a wave of force into the ground and around them for a very close range Shockwave-type effect, or focus the force on a particular area to knock singular enemies into the air with precision.
Range: 5’
Damage: All damage from Nova is first applied to Durability. Damage only goes to Health once Durability is depleted.

  • Rank 1: 1d6 + Biotics Score. Armor DR applies.
  • Rank 2: 2d6 + Biotics Score. Armor DR applies.
  • Rank 3: 3d6 + Biotics Score. Armor DR applies.

Potential Specializations:

  • Risky Nova: Deals (5 per rank) damage to your shields or barriers, and your Nova now deals 3 additional damage per rank.
  • Smash Nova: Focuses a localized, repetitive shockwave into the ground at the location you Nova, dealing damage over time and staggering enemies in the area. Nova now lasts for (Int or Wis) rounds.

Reave allows for the shearing of biotic barriers and flesh, warping them and causing damaging and painful effects that linger. Characters with this ability may choose to use it as an instant attack or a Dot, each time they use it.
Duration (DoT version): (Int or Wis) rounds.
Damage (DoT version):

  • Rank 1: 1d6 + 2 + (1/2 biotic bonus), ignores damage reduction from armor and Durability, double damage against shields/barriers.
  • Rank 2: 1d6 + 4 + (1/2 biotic bonus), ignores damage reduction from armor and Durability, double damage against shields/barriers.
  • Rank 3: 1d6 + 6 + (1/2 biotic bonus), ignores damage reduction from armor and Durability, double damage against shields/barriers.

Damage (Instant version):

  • Rank 1: 1d6 + 3 + Biotic Score, ignores damage reduction from armor and Durability, double damage against shields/barriers.
  • Rank 2: 2d6 + 6 + Biotic Score, ignores damage reduction from armor and Durability, double damage against shields/barriers
  • Rank 3: 3d6 + 9 + Biotic Score, ignores damage reduction from armor and Durability, double damage against shields/barriers.

Potential Specializations:

  • Punishing Reave: The DoT version of your reave now does 1d6 + (3*rank) + Biotic Score. Just… go with it. Reave is an evil, evil ability.
  • Volatile Reave: The damage for biotic explosions set off by reave is now 5d6 + Rank bonus for BOTH powers + biotic bonus of the individual detonating the powers.
  • Vampiric Reave: The energies sheared from an opponent's barrier or shields are added to your own, up to your normal maximum. Regain (1d6 + 3 )*Rank + Biotic Score barrier points per use.

Shockwave sends ripples of biotic energy through the ground, knocking enemies into the air, out of cover, or flat on their ass.
Damage: All damage from Shockwave is first applied to Durability. Damage only goes to Health once Durability is depleted.

  • Rank 1: 1d6 + Biotics Score. Armor DR applies.
  • Rank 2: 2d6 + Biotics Score. Armor DR applies.
  • Rank 3: 3d6 + Biotics Score. Armor DR applies.

Potential Specializations:

  • Narrow Shockwave: Focuses your shockwave along a narrower path but each impact is more forceful. +5 damage per rank.
  • Heavy Shockwave: +3 damage per rank.
  • Launching Shockwave: Your shockwave impacts are angled to be more likely to knock foes aloft rather than simply out of cover.

Singularity(E) Requires: Adept
Creating and manipulating a singularity requires focused thought and application that most other biotics can't afford in the heat of combat or while considering how to apply their other abilities. Nevertheless, this power is awe-inspiring when put to best use by the galaxy's Adepts and serves as a unique complement to other biotic powers. Potential Specializations: Mass Singularity (Your singularity can grip groups of enemies instead of single ones), Heavy Singularity (Your singularity can suspend a foe for longer).

Stasis - Locks down the nervous system of organic enemies to freeze them in place. Potential Specializations: Lasting Stasis (Allows you to keep a target in Stasis for longer), Stasis Field (You can hold several enemies in Stasis at once).


Focus - Requires: 3rd Level - Focus can be taken multiple times, but each time apply it to a different Ability. Abilities that have had Focus applied are an obvious and intense area of study for your character. Quite simply, Focus makes you better at whichever Ability you apply it to. Focus only applies to Abilities.

Specialization - Requires: 5th Level, Chosen Ability must be Focused - Specialization can be taken multiple times, but each time apply it to a different Focused Ability. Specialization denotes a level of mastery in an Ability that goes beyond merely Focusing on it and allows you to choose one of the Potential Specializations listed for that Ability.

Simple Weapons - Allows for the usage of simple weapons. For the purposes of this RP, simple weapons include melee weapons such as knives, clubs, and other basic mundane weaponry.

Martial Weapons - Requires: Simple Weapons - Allows for the usage of more complicated weapons. For the purposes of this RP, martial weapons include more specialized types of melee weaponry such as swords, nets, chains, and gladiatorial weapons.

Acid Spit - Rachni characters begin with the Acid Spit feat instead of Firearms and Simple/Martial Weapons. This allows you to melt faces. Please use your powers for awesome. (Rachni only)

  • 1d6 + Con

Light Armor - Humanoid Infiltrators and Adepts begin with the Light Armor feat. Light armor is the lightest, most flexible, and most basic of the galaxy's armor, including lightly armored envirosuits and hardsuits. It confers the least protection of all armor types but allows for the greatest range of movement.

Medium Armor - Humanoid Engineers, Vanguards, Sentinels and Soldiers begin with the Medium Armor feat. Medium armor provides more protection than Light armor but also causes Infiltrators and Adepts to take heavier penalties on movement and dexterity based actions unless the Tactical Armor feat is taken.

Heavy Armor - Requires: Sentinel or Soldier. Heavy armor provides the best defenses against whatever the galaxy can throw at you, but is correspondingly more difficult to perform finer actions in. Taking the Tactical Armor feat will alleviate this penalty.

Tactical Armor - Requires: Medium or Heavy Armor. Tactical Armor allows for characters to train with their specific set of armor to offset the penalties they would otherwise incur to movement and dexterity based actions while wearing it.

Exoskeleton - Rachni characters begin with the Exoskeleton feat instead of Light Armor. Your carapace is so shiny. So very shiny. It will probably protect you from an awful lot of things. (Rachni only)

Mind Vision - Rachni characters begin with the Mind Vision feat. This allows you to see into the minds of organic creatures and discern their thoughts and motives in Rachni Song fashion. (Rachni only)

Basic Ammo Modification - Allows for the usage of basic cryo, distortion and incineration rounds.

Advanced Ammo Modification - Requires: Basic Ammo Modification, Focus in at least one type of Firearms. Allows for the usage of armor piercing, shredding, and warp rounds.

Character-Specific Abilities/Feats

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