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Choosing Your Skills
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The Wind That Bends the Reeds

Step 4: Choosing Your Skills

Skills are what your character knows about different subjects. You receive ten skill points per level and they can be spent on a one to one basis for Class skills, which are listed with the class you chose. They can be spent on a two for one basis for Cross-Class skills, which means any skill not listed with the class you chose. Your points in a skill cannot exceed four times your character level for Class skills, and two times your level for Cross-Class skills. So, for example, Stealth is a class skill for Infiltrator; Biotics is not. At first level, I could spend four points to raise my Stealth by four points (the maximum allowed); the same four points would buy me two points in Biotics, which would still be the maximum allowed, as it is a cross-class skill.

Feel free to ask Shammoner for help with skills in the chat or on the forum.

Basic Skills

Athletics Str, Dex, or Con, Depending - This covers most D&D strength related checks, such as Jump, Swim, Climb, Tumble, and Fitness. (All Classes)
Biotics Int or Wis, one-time Choice - This serves the function of concentration. With a higher Biotic skill level, the penalties for using Biotics in close-quarters combat, under point-blank fire or in heavier armor are reduced. (Adept, Sentinel, Vanguard)
Craft Int - Choose a craft. You can produce things for that craft that will sell for an amount of money roughly equivalent to how many points you have in the skill. Note: For hobby type crafts, please see Step 6 below for Fluff Skills. (All Classes)
Demolitions Int - All-purpose skill for setting and using explosives. (Soldier, Engineer)
Disguise Cha - Determines your efficacy with disguises, both camouflage and clothing. (Infiltrator)
Electronics Int - A broad skill that determines how good you are with using various types of electronic tech. Serves the same function as the Biotic skill for tech skills. (Engineer, Infiltrator, Sentinel)
Investigate Wis - Your art in getting the most info possible out of a situation. Covers questioning people for information, investigating crime scenes, and researching a situation for background.
Knowledge Int - Knowledge works differently than most skills. Each field of study costs one point to buy, and then you can apply points to those fields of study separately. (All Classes)
Language - Language works differently than most skills. Each language costs two points to buy regardless of class. For Rachni, taking a language skill confers written literacy rather than the ability to speak the language. (All Classes)
Perception Wis - This covers the D&D Listen, Search, and Spot skills. Perception is your ability to notice things out of place and find the hidden. (All Classes)
Persuasion Cha - This covers Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate. Which type of Persuasion your character uses is up to you. (All Classes)
Pilot - The ability to pilot ships, aircars, and other types of vehicles. (All Classes)
Repair Int - The knowledge to repair armor, electronics, weapons, vehicles, etc. Some things are harder to repair than others. (Engineer)
Shadowcraft Dex, Wis, or Cha, Depending - Gambling, Forgery, and other Roguey skills that are too narrow to be given their own entries.
Stealth Dex - Stay unseen. This ability covers avoiding detection. (Infiltrator)
Streetwise Wis - The urban equivalent of survival. With Streetwise, you may just survive being airdropped onto Tortuga with nothing but a soap on a rope.
Survival Wis - How to stay alive. This ability will help you if you're stranded in the wilderness, whether that's a forest or the slums of Omega. Finding food, creating shelter, and keeping an eye out for predators. (All Classes)
Tactics Int or Wis, Depending - The knowledge of combat, strategy, and how to best lever any advantages you may find once the bullets begin to fly.

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