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Biotics and other Information
The Wind That Bends the Reeds

Biotics and Other Information

Biotic Abilities and Interactions

Three categories of abilities exist, Offensive, Defensive, and Utilitarian, and two sub-types: duration and instant.

Lift, Throw, Pull and Lash were consolidated into Lift.
Reave and Warp consolidated into Reave.

Utilitarian abilities
These exist to move and arrange the battlefield.
Move, Singularity, Stasis (duration)
Slam*, Move (when used as throw) (instant)

Offensive abilities:
Charge, Shockwave, Nova (instant)
Reave (duration)
Dominate (duration, Special)

Defensive abilities:
Barrier, biotic sphere (duration)

Defensive abilities cannot be detonated.
Any offensive ability except for dominate can detonate any non-defensive duration effect. (So Charge, Shockwave, Nova, and Reave can detonate a stasis, singularity, or lift.)

Slam is categorized as utility and not offensive because it's just specialized TK/Lift.
Dominate is solely a mental effect, and therefore cannot detonate anything.

A person using the move/singularity must specify that the effect only positions the victims 5-6 feet off the ground, so that a shockwave can reach them.



Unarmed Combat, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Firearms, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, First Aid, Medicine, Stealth, Fitness, Electronics, Hacking, Gather Information, Persuasion

Exclusive Abilities WORK NEEDED

Soldier - Adrenaline Rush, Concussive Shot, Fortification
Engineer - Combat Drone
Adept - Singularity
Vanguard - Charge
Infiltrator - Tactical Cloak
Sentinel - Tech Armor


Basic Ammo Modification - Allows a user to modify their ammo using Incendiary, Cryo, or Disruption properties.
Advanced Ammo Modification - Required Level: 5 - Allows a user to modify their ammo using Armor-Piercing, Shredder, or Warp properties.

Ability Focus - Required Level: 3 - Indicates a focus of attention on a particular ability or skill, increasing its efficacy. This ability can be taken multiple times but does not stack; each time it is taken it applies to a new ability or skill.
Ability Specialization - Required Level: 5 - Indicates a specialization in a certain ability or skill, unlocking a new property. This ability can be taken multiple times but does not stack; each time it is taken it applies to a new ability or skill.

Grenades - Allows the use of various grenades.

Ability List (E)=Exclusive

Basic/Soldier: Adrenaline Rush(E), Concussive Shot(E), Fortification(E)
Tech: Combat Drone(E), Tech Armor(E), Tactical Cloak(E), Incinerate, Overload, Cryo Blast, Energy Drain, Defense Matrix, Sabotage, Neural Shock, Turret, Tactical Scan
Biotic: Singularity(E), Charge(E), Lift, Reave, Shockwave, Slam, Barrier, Stasis, Nova, Biotic Sphere, Dominate

Note: Rave is Warp and Reave combined, as, mechanics-wise, there is no discernible difference.

Flavor Skills

These skills are intended to help create an interesting and compelling character. The general rule for these skills is that they are free to take but if you take very many/all of them the DM will probably be asking some questions! Better think about how you want to answer them.

The rule you should follow is: could my character use this skill as a primary source of income or is it just for fun? If the answer to the first one is yes, you need to actually spend skill points. This is to support characters who play the guitar on weekends or cook a special meal for their loved ones, not someone who's selling out their concerts in New York or the head chef of a restaurant with Michelin Stars. Use common sense.

Perform, Cooking, Art, Writing


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