Samiel Viridian

Samiel Viridian
Full Name: Samiel Viridian
Nickname: Anathema (Squad Name)
Born: 2145 (52 years old in 2197)
Species: Asari (Ardat-yakshi)
Gender: Male (non-hermaphroditic)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: n/a
Eye Color: Light grey
Homeworld: Edessan (Galatana paint)
Rank: Spectres
Affiliation: Spectres
Past Affiliation: Acrocanth’s Talons, The Twins

Str: 12
Dex: 16
Con: 16
Int: 14
Wis: 18
Cha: 16

Combat Stats
Health 16. Durability 19.
Light armor: 21 shield points, DR 2.
Barrier: 76 barrier points and DR 5.
To-hit (global ranged): 3d6 + 3
Damage (global ranged): No bonus, varies by weapon
CQC Roll: 3d6 + 25 (+17, no biotics)
CQC Damage: 1d6 + 15 (the Reed and vibroknife make this bypass some defenses)
The Reed Damage: 1d6 + 14 [(CQC + biotics score) / 2]
Evade: 24
Biotics Score: +13
Biotics Damage: +13

Class: Vanguard 10 / Infiltrator 2 / Spectre 2
(Using Shammoner/Myetel RP system, built as Level 14 with a few bonus feats)

Typical Loadout:
Drell vibroknife
Heavy pistol, loaded with AP rounds
Light combat armor, environmentally-sealed (Yes, light armor)

Link for The Wind That Bends the Reeds

Personal History: Samiel is an exceedingly rare example of the asari not-she genetic mutation, an asari born as a completely phenotypic male. His mother, an ex-Justicar who abandoned the Order to wed and have a family with his turian father, was outraged and horrified at the deformities her “daughter” displayed, but his father absolutely refused to permit his son to undergo the asari gender-correction surgeries. After a difficult and traumatic childhood his mother and father could stand no more of each other and his mother left Samiel with his father while she departed for parts unknown, an asari ronin.

The next five years passed in a blur, as Samiel’s life was consumed by both schooling and his father’s endless patience in reeducating his hopelessly lost and confused son. Too old now, and still too self-conscious of his body, to enter traditional turian bootcamp, but well-trained by both mother and father and wishing to make his father proud, the male-maiden used his father’s military connections to first associate with, and later join, the secretive and elite mercenary organization known as the Acrocanth’s Talons. Among these seasoned veterans the boy found first acceptance, and in time the first sense of belonging he’d ever truly felt.

Samiel is 52 years of age at game start, having served in a military capacity with the Talons for approximately 20 years, and commands a solid degree of respect and seniority amongst his surrogate family. Though not a true citizen of the Hierarchy, he has embraced the turian side of his heritage through-and-through, though he is still unmistakably asari in many ways. As for his asari heritage, the term mor’locihas echoed in his head since he first encountered the turian word four decades ago. Old far beyond his years, many individuals find him distant and confuse his shyness as arrogance – both lingering scars from his strange and awful childhood – but those close to him find him a powerful empath, a fierce combatant, and a loyal ally.

Recent Spectre Affiliation: Samiel Viridian was instrumental in the assassination of Tonus Machen, a Tortugan crimelord and the subsequent location and destruction of one of the remaining Klem Na biotic processing facilities. During the operation against Machen he worked with a Spectre team containing Elijah Sidonis, Dara Jaworski, Zhasa’Maedon, James Allen Dempsey, Rinus Velnaran, and Garrus Vakarian. Additionally, during this time he became closely affiliated with one of the two leaders of the mercenary organization The Twins, a six-century-old ardat-yakshi named Meshara Laos, and was instructed by the female in the biotic arts.

After the Klem Na facility was permanently shut down, Samiel was assigned to a deep cover infiltration of the asari splinter faction The Tears of the Moon with Melaani T’soa, under the command of Ylara Alir, and, unknown to him, put on watch for potential Spectre candidacy. The Tears of the Moon presence on Niacal was shut down, and data from their labs was supplied to Dara Jaworski for processing.

Returning to Tortuga after the Justicar Order learned of Meshara Laos’ presence and dispatched Justicars, Samiel was at ground zero for Dr. Jaworski’s first release of the results from the Tears of the Moon data, and learned that he was an incredibly rare example of a “perfect” ardat-yakshi. [See: Asari Civil War]

Due to recent experiences involving Meshara Laos, Ylara Alir’s adopted son Sisu, and Melaani T’soa, Samiel has begun the slow and often painful process of reintegrating himself into asari society, but the male ardat-yakshi has set his sights on nothing short of cultural revolution. Samiel works closely with the rachni brood-warrior Dances-in-Frozen-Starlight and the geth CROWD platform Siege, and the three openly acknowledge each other as “battle-brothers.”

Samiel Viridian was inducted into the Office of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance in 2198.

Samiel Viridian led the Spectres jointly with Melaani T'soa and Siege Moreau following the retirement of James Allen Dempsey and Zhasa'Maedan.


"Now, as for Doctor Jaworski?" He considered that, chewing on a piece of toast, and then gave a small shrug. "You're asking me to willingly put myself in the line of fire of a completely reflexive and lethal biotic ability?"

The empath actually laughed, one short, clipped bark. "As long as you're confident that the presence of brood warriors will provide enough protection for me? I'll do it."
-Mindoir and back… shoreleave #80

[To Siege]
-RP 5 - Into the Black #126

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Spirit of Redemption RP Area, RP Part 4 – Spectre Involvement, Samiel’s Spot, Mindoir and back… shoreleave, RP 5 – Into the Black, Mother Dearest
Chapter 156 – Resolutions
Epilogue 2197-2198


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