Sam Jaworski

Full Name: Samuel Kennard Jaworski
Nickname: Orpheus
Born: November 18, 2150
Married: Sarah Jarman, 2174 (d. 2190; one child, Dara Elizabeth Jaworski, b. 2175)
Kasumi Goto, 2191 (one child, Takeshi Kennard Jaworski, b. 2193)
Species: Human
Gender: male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye Color: blue
Homeworld: Earth; Lufkin, Texas
Rank: N7
Affiliation: Spectre,
Past Affiliation: Human Alliance Fleet, Texas Rangers
Blood Type: AB negative
Description: Sam is tall, rangy, and has cool blue eyes and short dark hair. He has a square jaw and a mustache, and, when off-duty, wears jeans and cotton workshirts or T-shirts, with a cowboy hat if he's outdoors or in the sun.
Squad name Orpheus


Weapon: Pistol, Submachine gun

Shadow Strike
Knife/melee specialization
Aura of Command: Sam’s leadership abilities give him a bonus to squad tactics and a morale bonus to everyone in his squad.

Since Sam is, effectively, by Victory, a level 30 infiltrator/investigator/Spectre, if his 'level-up' progression is 1 point at level 1, 2 points at level 2, and on down the line to 30 points at level 30… and if all skills max at 5 ranks, it would take 15 points invested to max out a skill at 5. As such, he would have 465 available points, and his breakdown would look like this:

Level 30 infiltrator/investigator/Spectre
465 points to spend.

Melee specialization: 5
Knife specialization: 5
Improved Reflexes: 5
Infiltration: 5
Improved infiltration: 5
Heavy armor: 5 (Allows Sam to wear heavier armor while in stealth)
Shadow strike: 5
Sniper rifle: 5
Pistol: 5
SMG: 5
Tactical awareness: 5 (bonus to attacks when working with squadmates)
Eyes at the back of your head: 5 (cannot be flanked)
Unflappable: 5 (Cannot be caught flat-footed)
Improvised weapons: 5
Evasion: 5 (can restealth immediately after making an attack)
Aura of command: 5

Wilderness survival: 5
Toughness: 5
Improvised traps: 5
Bombs away: 5
Mr. Fix-it: 5
Tactical driving: 5

Investigator: 5
Smooth-talker: 5 (diplomacy bonus)
Don't bullshit a bullshitter: 5 (bonus vs. Bluff checks)
Situational Awareness: 5 (bonus to spotting traps and caches)
Alertness: 5 (bonus to all spot and listen checks, synergy with 'situational awareness')
Leadership: 5
Iron Will: 5
Negotiator: 5 (trained in psychology, bonus synergy with Smooth-talker)
Bluffer: 5 (can lie like a rug, when needed)

Base stats, age 18, pre-Academy:

Str: 16
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Wis: 12
Int: 14
Cha: 13

Human gene mods after 4 years in the Academy: strength, dex, con. +4 to all.

Str: 20
Dex: 18
Con: 18
Wis: 12
Int: 14
Cha: 13

7 points allocated over time: 3 to Cha, 2 to Wis, 2 to Str. For each level of Spectre (5 levels), +1 ability stat point = 5 more points to distribute. 2 to Dex, 2 to Int, 1 to Wis.

Str: 22
Dex: 20
Con: 18
Wis: 15
Int: 16
Cha: 16

106 total points


Sam's first name is an homage to Sam Vimes of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchet. Motorcycle accident at age 17 scarred his upper lip, leading him to wear a moustache for the rest of his life.

Sam attended the Alliance Navy and Marine Academy in Bethesda, Maryland, 2168-2172, and graduated in the top 15% of his class. He had a tour of duty in Japan that led to him almost marrying a local girl, but her family disapproved of the match. Got his signature dragon tattoo on his left shoulder at that time.

He married Sarah Jarman in 2174, their daughter, Dara, was born in 2175.

As a part of Alliance N7 forces, Sam participated in the Skyllian Blitz in 2176, missing an anniversary in so doing. He also served under Miroslav Vokaj, the Butcher of Torfan, during the Alliance retaliation for the Blitz. In 2181, when Dara was six, Sam gave up working for N7, took training at the North American Bureau of Investigations (NABI) school in Quantico, Virgina, and then accepted a job with the Texas Rangers instead.

In 2190, his wife Sarah died of a sudden heart attack. Three months later, he was invited to join the Spectres.

Sam is an expert horseman and has studied martial arts for over twenty years. He's studied ba gua, wing chun, jujitsu, and even some muay thai. His gene mods were strength, reflexes, and an endurance package, and he was trained to drop in behind enemy lines, unseen, and to do maximum amounts of damage without backup or supplies.

Sky refers to Sam as Sings-to-the-Past


Chapter 30, Returns
"How interesting," she said, quietly. "And how is the lovely Ms. Goto doing?"

Garrus could feel Jaworski stiffen, saw the eyes shift from blank to cold. "Just dandy, ma'am." Thicker drawl. Thin ice.

"And your beautiful little girl?" Very soft now, silky. Testing. Garrus shifted his weight forward, in case he would have to move, saw Lantar do the same.

"Jus' peachy, ma'am. Doin' just fine. Bless your li'l heart for askin'." His voice was quiet, but the eyes were absolutely blank. Sam had once explained to Garrus, laughing, over cards, "Bless your heart, is just fine in my dialect of English. But when people in my part of the world get over-polite, well, what we're really saying is the opposite of what we mean. Bless your little heart is pretty much the politest way you'll ever hear a human say fuck you and the horse you rode in on."

Chapter 38, Memories
Eriksen shook his head. "You don't really seem like a xenobiologist to me. Might I ask what your area of research is?"

"Applied mayhem," Sam replied, and Lantar's shoulders started to shake, and Gris began to roar with laughter. Sky's mental laughter flickered through all their minds for a moment, and Sam just grinned, slowly. As the laughter died down, Sam added, "Lantar here has advanced degrees in demolition and destruction, Gris here has a master's in chaos theory—well, it's not really theory when it's put into practice, is it?—and Sky over there in the corner? He's one of our grad students."

Chapter 50, Retaliation
Rinus shrugged, and half-laughed. "This is all going to sound crazy."

"I'm a Spectre. I have crazy for breakfast with a side of toast."

Chapter 72: Family Matters
"… Went off slicker'n snot."

Kallixta choked on a sip of brandy from the cup she was sharing with Rinus. "Slicker than what?"

Sam grinned at her, and Dara started to laugh. "Slicker'n snot," the human repeated happily.

"I told you, he's a lot more colorful than I am," Dara told her former roommate.

"Oh, that's not colorful, darlin'. Colorful is 'slicker'n snot on a glass eyeball."

Kallixta almost choked again. "Now you've done it," Kasumi told the pilot cheerfully. "He won't stop now till you fall over laughing."

Sam gave Kasumi a woeful look. "You wound me, Kasumi-chan. You're goin' to have to make it up to me."

Kasumi's expression turned wary. "How so?"

"I'm thinking a weekend in a high-dollar hotel like the one we had in Japan." Sam paused. "Just so's I can say, 'My, oh my, but now we're shittin' in high cotton.'"

Chapter 147, Exhalation
Lantar found a seat next to Sam, and started assembling his Blackstorm. “Tequila is the one that comes from a cactus?”


“It astounds me, how many things humans really seem to be able to turn into alcohol.”

“What can I say? We’re regular party animals.” Sam bared his teeth, and Lantar, a little surprised, snorted in mild amusement.

Chapter 147, Exhalation
On the topic of swearing blood-brotherhood with Lantar and Garrus:
Lantar put a hand over his face. “I was kind of hoping Ellie would be there for the ceremony,” he said, very dryly.

Sam: “Kasumi’s here. She can tell Ellie that you didn’t throw me over your shoulder and elope with me.”

… .
Jesus Christ on a pogostick.

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