Seheve Liakos

Full Name: Seheve Liakos
Born: 2174
Married: To Rellus Velnaran, August 27, 2197 (20 year contract)
Species: Drell
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: N/A
Eye Color: Black
Homeworld: Kahje
Rank: Spectre, Inducted April 7, 2197
Affiliation Spectre
Past Affiliation: Hanar Illuminated Primacy; apprenticed to the Master of Assassins.
Description: Short, only about 5’4”, she has gold-toned flecks through her scales, and red markings, instead of black.
Squad name: Nyx


Class: Drell Infiltrator
Weapon: Pistols, Sniper rifles
Melee Specialization: vibroknife
Dampening (affects tech and biotic abilities)
AI hacking
Shadow strike
Poison: Against any organic enemy, Seheve is particularly effective, and may either apply a potent neurotoxin to her blade or to her bullets, species-specific, to start dealing damage over time. Completely ineffective against geth and mechs.
Paralytic strike: Seheve’s extensive background in anatomy allows her to paralyze almost any organic opponent with a blow, maybe two, but she must be in melee range to do so. Krogan, rachni, geth, and mechs are obviously not affected. Quarians and volus have a bonus to their save against her attacks.
Escape artist: Seheve can escape from shackles and locked rooms with almost insulting ease. There are few jail cells that can hold her.


Fluent in asari, drell, hanar (including being able to read the bioluminescent portions of the language); some understanding of salarian, turian, galactic, and even a little English and some batarian.


22 years old in 2196. Seheve’s father, Thryd, was called to serve a hanar political family, headed by an individual with the face-name of Olonkoa; he took his entire family into their service at the same time, and bound them to Olonkoa’s household. This occurred when Seheve was six years old.

Thryd was to represent the hanar in trade negotiations with batarians and other hostile species, and thus became something of an enforcer. Seheve’s mother felt this was a great honor, and served as a housekeeper and cook. Seheve’s twin brother, Oeric, felt that this was nothing more than servitude, and refused to stay in the hanar household, running away at the age of sixteen, after the death of their father—a disgrace that her mother felt keenly. Their mother, Gunora, never spoke the name of her son again, and it was impressed upon Seheve, that such behavior was a disgrace not just to their family, but to all drell.

Seheve has adopted hanar religion almost entirely, revering the Enkindlers, as her mother and father both did. When her father died when she was sixteen, Olonkoa asked her to take his place, as his own position had grown from simple purveyor of weapon modifiers to a seat within the hanar government. At first, she was his bodyguard. When it became clear that she had far more potential than her father had possessed, Olonkoa requested that she consider serving all hanar, in the form of an espionage agent, as opposed to just him, personally. Seheve responded by kneeling before him and pledging her life to his service and the service of all hanar, as her way of fulfilling the Compact.

Deeply religious when she first left Kahje, Seheve was at first outraged at the way Protheans are depicted by the rest of the galaxy, but has come to be slightly skeptical of her long-held beliefs, though it niggles at her soul almost constantly. She lives in doubt, and the existential angst is a torment. Self-effacing and quiet, she sometimes does fall into hanar speech patterns, such as “this one.”

Her initial work in espionage was conducted on the Citadel, in the last year it was operational, and then moved to Bastion, trying to discern patterns in volus trade negotiations for her handlers, as well as attempting to find out information on salarian digs for Prothean artifacts. She has, on occasion, been asked to assassinate troublesome people, but dislikes this eventuality. She has been turned into a weapon for a false cause, and has come to be outraged over this.

Unlike someone like Thane, she does not see her soul and her body as separate. She is guilty for every death she has caused, and will be called to count for it, someday. She hopes that in spite of her doubts and her worries about the Enkindlers… that they were, perhaps, moved by some other force, some Immanence… and that she will be judged with mercy, in the end. Serene, quiet, self-effacing. Her humor is subtle.

Sky refers to her as Sings-Despair.

Sky, Blasto, and Shepard have placed the same Conduit in her mind as was given to Shepard in 2183. Seheve now possesses the language of the Protheans, as well as a passing familiarity with their thought processes. Being exposed to the re-awakening of the Keepers has also changed her outlook. Only time will tell what this assassin will do with her second chance. With her redemption.

After the events of Chapters 139 & 140, Dara eventually gives her the rachni name Freedom-Singer.

Twin brother, Oeric
His wife, Maia
Their children: Tiecen (b. 2190)
Iakys and Ymenia (b. 2194)


Chapter 143, Celebration:

(in regards to being dragged shopping by Zhasa and Serana)
Seheve looked at Dara. "Is it too late to run?"

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