Serana Velnaran

Full Name: Serana Velnaran
Born: 2180
Married: Elijah Sidonis [Date: 2196]; contract cancelled, October 2196. Married Linianus Pellerian, March 1, 2197.
Species: Turian
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140
Hair: N/A
Eye Color: Blue
Affiliation Spectres
Past Affiliation: Turian Fleet
Willowy, cat-light frame, and legs that go on forever. Paint started off Thracian yellow; then Magna Colony violet, but will eventually be Edessan blue quarterings.
Squad Name: Laverna


Class: Turian Spy (maybe Spectre spy?)
Weapon: Pistols, Sniper rifle, melee specialization
Shadow strike
Intelligence gathering: There isn’t a computer system or lock that Serana cannot pick, hack, or decrypt. Gains AI hacking as a result of this, and carries a full load of viruses and electronic warfare options in her omnitool at all times.
Turian Intelligence Operative: Serana’s training has shown her how to shape an environment to her own needs, including placing traps to damage opponents, funnel them into a kill zone, and how to detect and disarm bombs and other hidden dangers. Her mastery of stealth is absolute enough that she can move into enemy-controlled zones, set traps, and move away before triggering them.
Languages spoken: English, galactic, asari high-tongue, tal’mae, batarian.

Armor upgrades: After the events of Death, part 1 and part 2, Serana upgrades to Jormangund Tech armor, light. It has extensive shields, and tech and biotic hardening. Serana opts for a Stealth enhancement package, shield extenders, and a medical interface.


Serana is the first-sister (and younger sibling) of Rinus and Rellus Velnaran, and thus, a niece of Garrus Vakarian. She idolizes both of her supremely skilled older brothers, and mourned their passages into boot camp and out of family life, just as she mourned when her friend, and new sister, Dara left. She had an enormous crush on Eli Sidonis as a young girl, which solidified in her mind when he and Linianus faced a Harvester in the krogan Rite of adulthood. She persisted in writing to him throughout boot camp and beyond, and shows great sensitivity towards his moods and mindset. She more or less seduced him after boot camp, and gleefully accepted his proposal of marriage, wanting nothing more or less than a life with him.

Serana is characterized as perhaps the most flexible turian in the cast. She has a moral flexibility that allows her to be a good espionage agent, something beyond both of her older brothers. She has a vivid imagination, and is an excellent actress, able to believe completely in any role she undertakes. The only two people that she cannot lie to are Eli and Linianus, which allows them to become her real things, the cornerstones of her reality. At first, she only uses Eli as this cornerstone; as time goes on, and she realizes that she loves Linianus, too, she transfers that piece of reality to him, as well.

Serana undertook an 'internship' in espionage under the tutelage of Kasumi Goto and Sam Jaworski, as the only 'lawful' way she could think of to acquire the skills in stealth and deception that she wanted to acquire.

Serana loves human history and human sports, such as kendo, and is a playful, imaginative, delightful being. She will never live down, however, the fact that she did not recognize the Imperator of the Hierarchy when she saw him, and told him, in fact, to come out with his hands up, thinking that he was Kallixta’s father, and supposing him to be a pirate of some sort, rather than a high-ranking turian official. She strongly believes that laws exist to protect the innocent.

Sky calls her Sings-Secrets.
Zhasa'Maedan 'feels her' as sunlight pouring through a window, or a warm fire in a hearth. Life-giving.


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