Ships of the Spirit series

These include the Normandy class vessels, Turian warships and Batarian pleasure craft. Other race vessels to be added as needed.

Normandy Class AI vessels and their essential personnel:


Human SR-1:

Tarawa: Captain Ayame Takahashi; Aurelia AI, deceased. Tarawa destroyed over Mindoir.

Dunkirk, Captain Chandrakant Kapur, AI, Kynthia. Lt. Chang, pilot. Dr. Kyriake Theopolis (Greek), chief medical officer.

Kharkov,Captain Oksana Mikhailova Orlova, deceased; AI, Pelagia. Dr. Bozidar Macan (Croatian), chief medical officer. Kharkov destroyed over Garvug.

Zeeland. AI, Corrina

Narvik. AI, Athanasia

Lille. AI, Eirene

Calais. AI, Gaiana

Bastogne. AI, Ligeia

St. Vith. AI, Roxana

Metz. AI, Xanthe

Arnhem. AI, Zosime

Crimea. AI, Nefertari

Moscow. AI, Kyllikki

Kiev. AI, Morana

Leyte. AI, Ziva

Wake. AI, Marama

Iwo Jima. AI, Asherah

Okinawa. AI, Nanaea

Midway. AI, Tanith

Turian SR-1:

Armidus. AI, Concordia, pilot, Nicus Abendian.

Estallus, Captain Jallus; later, Captain Manallus. Manallus currently deceased. Estallus currently destroyed in the Relay 217 Incident. AI Laetia

Teredius. AI, Aeliana

Malinus. AI, Marianna

Khorae. AI, Floriana

Cusorae. AI, Fiammetta

Pellinae. AI, Fabiola

Dellanus. AI, Juliana

Beregarus. AI, Iovita

Patenia. AI, Lucilla

Salgorus. AI, Pomponia

Urius. AI, Sabina

Nellashi. AI, Domitia

Terrentia. AI, Vibiana


Normandy: Original AI: EDI. Original Pilot: Jeff "Joker" Moreau

EDI has uploaded, with Joker, to the 'mini-Reaper,' as of the beginning of Victory. Both have been replaced by the NCAI "Joker," based entirely on Jeff Moreau's personality template and some of EDI's stabilizing code.


Sollostra, Cassandra, AI, Ylara's ship
Cassandra is heavily based on Dara and Kallixta's personality templates, with some Rinus, Rel, and Laetia mixed in. She is in a 'conversational' relationship with James, the android version of James Dempsey, and plans to obtain an android platform, to avoid having to chip an organic. Her avatar is a 50/50 human mix. She has removed her Velnaran paint.

The Sollostra was the ship on which Rel was serving when he went MIA in the early chapters of Victory.

Nereia. Demostata, AI. Dr. Hsaio, CMO, Lantar's ship.

Raedia, Lysandra AI
Lysandra is heavily based on Dara's personality template, the second largest component being Rinus, with Rel, Kallixta, and Laetia mixed in. Her avatar is a 50/50 human mix with chocolate brown eyes. She has removed her Velnaran paint.
Captain: Arius
Dr. Manerian

Sky's ship until the Lightsinger is given to him by Life-Singer. Dara and Rel served aboard the Raedia for a year. In that time, she never informed Dara that there was a familial link between them.

As of Chapter 154, the Raedia crashed on Khar'sharn and had to be scuttled, lest high-end technology wind up in batarian hands. Lysandra has been 'uploaded,' via an emergency process, through Glory, to the Lightsinger, a rachni ship, where she is now encoded as living biotic energy in their crystalline computer cores.

Kapaesa Thalia, AI. Rinus and Kallixta's ship for a year after the Hamus.


Hamus. Ariston, male AI, "son" of Rinus, Kallixta, and Laetia. Rinus and Kallixta served on this ship for a year. Currently undergoing substantial repairs as the result of an intensive firefight in the attempt to save Nimines from an asteroid attack.
The first NCAI to be acknowledged by the Imperator as his grandson, he's been awarded medals for taking over flight duties at Rinus' command at the Battle of Nimines.

Captain: Captain Faria Alenus, Quaddim paint (her mate's), native of Nimines.

Clavus Mercuria, female AI.
Mercuria is based most strongly on Rinus, with Kallixta as her second strongest personality template. She is the first NCAI to receive a combat-capable android platform; it resembles her avatar, which is to say, it is a 3/4 turian-human hybrid mix in appearance, thus appearing largely turian, with human-like blue eyes, and she wears yellow Thracian paint to honor Rinus. She fought in the Battle of Nimines and again in the Battle of Khar'sharn.

Captain: Nimidus Terenus, Quadim Outpost paint.




Smaller than the SR ships, highly maneuverable, and well-armed; tend to be used as screening vessels, vessels that can chase raiders, pirates, and smugglers, and can stop blockade-runners.

Ships of this class take their names from battles of the US Civil War.

Known ships:
Stones River
Bull Run


Large, heavy, slow-moving capital ships

Cadiz (Terran)
Ascia (Turian, out of Edessan shipyards)


Smaller than the cruisers, but also designed primarily for screening duties… and heavy bombardment, if needed.

Menalaus (Earth)
Bipennis (Palaven)


Human carriers are smaller than Leviathan-class turian carriers. They only house 72 fighters per carrier, and only carry 5,000 people in their crews.

Buenos Aires

Turian Warships

Leviathan Class carriers

Catasta, Captain Jallus (originally Captain of the Estallus in Spirit of the Hunt)
Incurso, Turian 9th fleet out of Nimines (Guarding shipping at the Omega 4 relay during the war in Spirit of Victory)
Recutio, Turian 9th fleet out of Nimines (Under repair at the time of the batarian asteroid attack in Spirit of Victory)

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