Siara Tesala

Full name Siara Tesala
Born: 2158
Married/Mate: Urdnot Makur
Species: Asari
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Hair: n/a
Eye Color: cobalt blue
Homeworld: Thessia
Affiliation Specter
Past Affiliation:
Description: Siara has pale azure skin.
Squad name: Kali


Weapon: Pistols
Empathy:Siara can take pain into herself, allowing a squad-mate to stay standing in spite of the worst wounds. A dangerous ability, because it does not actually heal the squad-mate, but prevents them from collapsing to the ground. Too much pain can damage her own nerve endings.
Pleasure/Pain: With the ability to take pain from others, comes the ability to inflict it. As a biotic, she can stroke the nerve endings of another being, and either bring them enormous pleasure, or incredible amounts of paralyzing pain, stunning them, freezing them in place.
Mech driver: Siara has taken a liking to large mechanical suits, whether mining mechs, heavy load lifters, or combat units. She’s studying for her class C mech license at the moment, and can operate most of these without penalty. This allows her to lift and move large pieces of debris, and wade into combat easily… if such a suit is available. And she can handle other heavy equipment, such as cranes, bulldozers, and other such items, with ease.
Languages spoken: Asari high-tongue, galactic, and krogan


Born on Thessia to Azala Tesala, a xenobiologist of some repute, Siara is an asari pureblood; her second-mother, Tsia, was a ‘traditionalist’ and an artist of some skill. Tsia, unfortunately, abused Siara, both mentally and physically, and threatened the child with retribution if she ever told. Siara managed to repress a good deal of those memories, but she adopted some of Tsia’s less admirable traits as a result—dislike for aliens, intolerance, and arrogance. She longed to ‘share’ with others, feeling as if it would somehow make her whole, but never had a chance.

Her best friend, Kella Aliir, became friends with Dara shortly before Kella was killed in a batarian attack on the Mindoir Spectre base. Siara blamed Dara for Kella’s death, until Elijah Sidonis told her otherwise. She began to pursue Elijah, vigorously, intrigued by his mind, but he refused to ‘share’ more than his mind with her, made uneasy by the insistence of her advances. He finally figured out, from flashes of her memories, that she’d been the victim of abuse, and got her help, in the form of Urdnor Gris, Jack, Sky, Lantar, and her mother, working together telepathically to help her make the memories have less power over her.

She continued to feel jealousy and spite for Dara, however, thinking that Dara still held some part of Eli’s heart that went beyond what she could touch. In time, Dara owed her a favor, and Siara collected, in the form of requesting the memories of her friend, Kella. Dara permitted the mental contact, but Siara couldn’t help but explore more than Dara had agreed to permit. Dara managed to break the mental connection, but was outraged, feeling it to have been an abuse of her trust and a violation of more than her privacy. As a direct result of her actions, Eli broke up with Siara.

Gris, now her ‘second-mother,’ due to his long-term affair with Azala, Siara’s mother, took Siara to Tuchanka to work in the female camp as a punishment. While there, she read and memorized large portions of the Code of the Justicars, but concluded that this was not the path for her. She underwent the Urdnot Rite with Elijah Sidonis, Linianus Pellarian, Urdnot Mazz, and Urdnot Makur, fighting against klixxen and a Harvester (dragon). That night, she and Makur shared, mentally and physically, for the first time.

Siara came to realize that there were things on Tuchanka, that broken world, that called to her own broken soul. She decided that she would give Makur, now her more-than-fair, and his world, a future. That she would teach there—practical things, like reading and writing in the krogan’s own language. Mathematics. Physics. Biology. And maybe, in time, art and music and poetry. Siara spent two years working with the birthing mothers and pounding information into young krogan minds.

At the end of two years, she and Makur were ordered by Urdnot Wrex and Gris to go to Omega, to protect Patriarch and Ulluthyr Harak. In two years of body-guard work, Siara has learned to disguise herself, and honed her body and mind to a killing tool. Her eyes are wild and feral, and she refuses to look weak. Makur loves her for the strength of her mind and body, and for the poetry in her soul… the beautiful words and images in her mind that she shares only with him.

Sky refers to her as Pain-Singer, a dual naming; this refers to both the pain in her own soul, and the pain she can inflict on others through her biotic abilities.

Zhasa’Maedan has noted that she ‘feels like’ ice and snow… but over warm ground.

Aegis Mech
Adds 500 pounds to Siara’s existing 140, adds a foot to her height, and reduces her footspeed by 3/4
Right arm: built-in SMG that fires particle beams in bursts, not a steady stream
Left arm: Grenade dispenser, 3 grenade storage, with cryo grenades being her standing load-out.
Heavy armor
Tech shields
Siara retains biotic shielding
No vulnerable point in ‘canopy’ (total polyceramic shield over pilot’s face; 2 eyeslits for backup vision).

Interior HUD is her only way to aim, other than two small slits that provide limited real vision. Thermal and UV vision available in HUD.

Pincher claw hands can crush bone and rock, tear metal. Can pick up and throw a yahg in this suit.

Cooldown on biotics doubled. Aim is affected.

The mech suit adds a foot to Siara's height, and wraps her in heavy armor, similar to that used on the ablative plating of a Mako; the problem of the Atlas and its bubble being far too easy to penetrate is solved in much the way the quarians solved their issue; the helmet is almost solid polyresin/ceramalloy, with two small slits for the eyes to allow the user to go to standard visuals for backup; inside, there is an advanced HUD setup, which allows her to see through the suits' optics, including thermal and UV spectrum options. It increases her strength as well; the hands are pincher claws, and can crush rocks and tear some metals.

It is not a beautiful, fluid design, such as the quarian over-the-suit mech; it is blocky and clearly robotic. It moves at 3/4 of Siara's usual foot-speed, and adds 500 pounds to the 140 she already weighs. The pinchers are incapable of fine manipulation. The mech also carries a shield generator.

While in the suit, Siara retains full use of her biotics, although her reaction time does seem to suffer somewhat. She is subject to being overloaded, hacked, and sabotaged, warped, and reaved.


Chapter 110: Relief
"I promised myself, years ago, that I would never, ever be used again. Not by anyone. I will not be made a thing. Not by you. Not by anyone else. But you? You're nothing." She stared at him with dreadful intensity. "And me? I'm pain. Nice to meet you." She made a little gesture with her free hand, and suddenly, the male convulsed in absolute agony. Siara stared at him, her face blank now. "This is just a small piece of something I experienced recently. The pain of a colleague over four hours. It's a special thing I think I'd like to share with you."

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