Full Name: Sings-of-Glory
Nickname: Glory
Born: 2191
Married: N/A
Species: Rachni
Gender: Male
Hair: N/A
Eye Color:
Homeworld: Singing Planet
Rank: Spectre, Inducted April 7, 2197
Affiliation Spectre
Past Affiliation:


Class: Rachni Brood-warrior, Battle-adept
Weapon: Poison spit

Singularity 3
Barrier 3, Adamantine
Micro-singularity stream, 3
Reave 3, punishing
Move 3

Athletics 35
Biotics 35
Perception 35
Persuasion 35

Battlevision: Best head’s-up display in the galaxy. If it’s alive and biotically-detectable, Glory tells his teammates where it is; where they are in relationship to it, and if it’s friend or foe. Difficult to use all the time, but very, very handy, especially when scopes are jammed.
Micro-singularity stream: Similar to warp ammo, but in a peculiarly rachni form of the ability. Glory cannot fire any known weapons. Rather, he creates extremely small singularities, and ‘fires’ them at a target or a barrier. This ability is similar to the Blackstorm assault rifle’s attack (the ‘black hole gun’). This spray of ‘bullets’ cannot be used for long periods; it is a burst that can shred through shields, however, or rip apart armor. On the flip side, Glory doesn’t need to carry ammo.


Sings-of-Glory is a rachni brood-warrior. He is the son of Sings-to-the-Sky and the rachni Councilor, Bargain-Singer (one of 3,000 eggs she chose to lay from their mating). He is young, initially about 2' shorter than Sky, but has grown to his full 7 foot tall, 800-lb size by 2197. His mind-song is oddly angelic, as he sings like harps and dulcimers. He earned his name-song on Shanxi, and has been reassigned to Sky's tutalage by Life-Singer, as part of the new Mindoir hive.

Of all the rachni warriors, he is the most 'soldier'-like in his aspect.

He was chipped to the AI Lysandra, and when his biotics were disrupted by a midaphan attack on Lorek, tunneled through about eighty to a hundred feet of dirt and rock to get a clear lock on the Raedia so that the FTL comm connection between them could open once more. He considers Question-Singer (Lysandra) to be his queen, although he is one of Joy-Singer's favored mates, as well. He credited Lysandra with saving him from the lonely-madness at this time.

In the Battle of Khar'sharn, Lysandra was forced to jump from the Raedia's AI core to the incomplete chip architecture in Glory's brain. This rendered the rachni comatose for close to a week, and burned out various important centers in his brain, including his connection to 'voices of memory.' He did, however, work to 'translate' her into biotic energy instead of electrical impulses, and she is now stored as living energy in the computer cores of the Lightsinger… the first 'living' ship, and a new form of queen.


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