Full Name: Sings-to-the-Sky
Nickname: Sky
Born: 2184
Married: N/A
Species: Rachni
Gender: Male
Hair: N/A
Eye Color:
Homeworld: Singing Planet
Affiliation Spectre
Past Affiliation:


Class: Rachni Brood-warrior
Weapon: Poison spit
Singularity (Sky has mastered the ability to use this as either a mass field or as a single-target attack),

Battlevision: Best head’s-up display in the galaxy. If it’s alive and biotically-detectable, Sky tells his teammates where it is; where they are in relationship to it, and if it’s friend or foe. Difficult to use all the time, but very, very handy, especially when scopes are jammed.


Sings-to-the-Sky is a rachni brood-warrior. He was one of the first hatchlings of the rachni queen Shepard spared on Noveria (known as Life-Singer among the rachni). As a brood-warrior, his task in life isthe protection and nurturing of the hive's eggs and hatchlings.

Rachni brood-warriors and queens communicate through biotics; warriors and workers communicate through pheromones. Over the course of years of work with the Spectres, Sky's biotic abilities have grown enormously, to 'almost the song of a queen.'

Sky fought in the Reaper Wars, fully mature at the age of 2. He took a group of rachni brood-warriors and soldiers and workers aboard a Reaper, and actually destroyed it from the inside out, holding off the indoctrination song of the Reaper from the minds of all of his people while doing so. They ruptured its drive core, and escaped, and that was when Life-Singer gave him his name-song, in honor of this deed. It was given to note his habit of listening to the stars 'sing' to one another while aboard a rachni vessel.

Sky was the first rachni Spectre, and formed close bonds with team-mates Urdnot Gris and Cohort. He further shares a close bond with Dara Jaworski, frequently having nurtured the young human as she grew into adulthood. His role is, frequently, to tell people truths that they do not wish to hear, but he does so cryptically, knowing that his truth-song will sink into the minds of others gradually, when simply telling them that they're being idiots about something will… probably just get them to react badly.

Multiple queens have selected Sky as a mate, and he is Life-Singer's son and most-favored-mate.

Sky's namings

Sings-to-the-Past – Sam Jaworski

Sings-Vengeance – Garrus

Sings-Regrets – Lantar

Little singer; Sings-Heartsong – Dara

Light-and-Playful Dancer – Kasumi

Spectre-Queen; Truth-singer – Shepard

Sings-Battle; Battle-Brother – Gris

Rage-singer - Jack

Cold-song asari – Aria T'loak

Lost singer; Pain-singer – Siara

Sings-Honor – Rellus

Many-Voices – Elijah

Sings-Not – Cohort

Sings-Bitter-Jests – Joker

Sings-Shields, Sings-Protection – Makur

Sings-Secrets – Serana

Hope-Singer - Zhasa

Sings-in-Silence - Dempsey

Sings-Justice - Linianus

Sings-Mischief - Fors Luka

Sings-Slowly, Sings-Patience - Thelldaroon

Sings-Broomsongs - Agnes Jaworski (Apparently named so by Dara's workers)

Question-Singer - Lysandra

All males follow Sings-"something" convention; most females get the "something"-singer convention. Dara's adult name is the one exception to this, largely because 'Heartsinger' sounds just godawful. Zhasa and Serana also follow the Sings-Something convention.


Notable other rachni

Life-Singer (Queen of queens)
Bargain-Singer (Councilor)
Joy-Singer (Dara's 'daughter')
Story-Singer (Myetel's rachni name! ;-) )

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