Full Name: Sings-to-the-Stone
Nickname: Stone (named Scratch on Terra Nova)
Born: 2191?
Married: N/A
Species: Rachni
Gender: Male
Hair: N/A
Eye Color:
Homeworld: Singing Planet
Rank: Spectre, Inducted April 7, 2197
Affiliation: Spectre
Past Affiliation:


Class: Rachni Brood-warrior
Poison spit
Heat and cold. Stone can take almost any non-organic material, the more ductile, the better, and excite the atomic structure of it, or remove energy from it, resulting in either heat or cold. This is very useful, because he can boil water, superheat armor, or super-chill items. The heat, when applied to armor, can be both painful and damaging to organics, and can slowly damage armor.
Shatter. By rapidly oscillating between heat and cold extremes, Stone can, in a channeled ability, shatter stone and even metal. This channeled ability is devastating to armor, but ineffective against shields.
Earth to Mud/Metal to fluid. Stone is a master of states of matter. He can cause earth and rock to pulverize, becoming such a fine powder, that enemy targets will sink into it, and, by a related function, can cause metal to become briefly fluid, and can wrap it around targets, either encasing them or binding them in place when the metal becomes solid once more. As the metal is, temporarily, extremely hot, this can be a damaging attack.

Eventually: Plasma. Stone has mastered a new state of matter, and can superheat any material into plasma for approximately one tenth of a second, vaporizing small items and dealing devastating damage.


Sings-to-the-Stone is a rachni brood-warrior. He is the offspring of Bargin-Singer (queen daughter of Life-Singer who acts as the rachni counselor on Bastion) and Sings-to-the-Sky. As a brood-warrior, his task in life was the protection and nurturing of the hive's eggs and hatchlings.

Rachni brood-warriors and queens communicate through biotics; warriors and workers communicate through pheromones.

Born in the same brood as Sings-of-Glory, Sings-to-the-Stone earned his name on the battlefields of Terra Nova where he worked with Spectres Eli Sidonis, James Dempsey, Fors Luka and Siara Tesala.

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