SoX System

Anytime you use an attribute, you’re using the attribute bonus, per 3.5. So it’s the stat, subtract 10, then divide by 2. So Str 16 is 16-10 = 6, divided by 2 is a modifier of 3. That bonus is called the stat modifier, or stat mod. In the example previously, we derived the character's Str Mod.

All rolls are done on 3d6. This creates a bellcurve distribution of results, which I like more than d20. The majority (70%?) of the rolls will be between 9 and 12, so the rolls will generally be average, and success or failure will depend much more on the character’s skill.

Things in this system are weighted, perhaps unfairly, towards a character being hit. There’s a few exceptions (notably Eli and Samiel), but generally, this system is in keeping with the feel of ME and SoX – characters get shot a lot, and their defenses are potent enough to absorb the damage and give them time to dive for cover. Also in keeping with ME/SoX, once a character’s defenses are punctured, the character is actually pretty squishy, with some exceptions (Siege, Dempsey). ALSO in keeping, armor isn't that great, forcing characters to rely on shields/barriers/cover.


3d6 + Dex Mod + (2*rank in appropriate feat) + Misc. Mods

10 + Dex Mod + Wisdom Mod + Misc. Mods – 2,3,4 for light, medium, heavy armor

Misc. Mods are usually bonuses from other feats.
You roll to hit, and have to roll equal to or over your opponent’s Evade.

Hand-to-hand combat:

First, a quick explanation. When shooting guns, you are rolling your to-hit, and you have to equal or beat your opponent’s Evade (usually not too hard). Melee works differently. When in melee, every action, you both roll against each other, and whoever rolls highest, wins and does damage.

3d6 + (EITHER Str Mod or Dex Mod) + CQCx3 + Misc + (Athletics / 5) + (Biotics / 5) – Armor Penalty

1d6 + CQCx3 + Misc

Crit Hits and Crit Misses

Critical Hits occur on a 16, 17, or 18 (this is 4.7% of the time).
Crit hits double the flat, unrolled portion of damage (the stuff based on skill).

Critical Misses occur on a 3, 4, or 5 (again, 4.7%).
Myetel gets to decide what a crit miss does.

Biotics and Tech Abilities

These abilities just work, no aiming involved.

A character’s “Biotics Score” is used for a lot of stuff. It’s used as a bonus to damage, a bonus to domination rolls, and other things that I’m forgetting. To get the Biotics Score: one-time choice of Int or Wis, at character creation. Add (Biotics Skill / 5) + (Int Mod or Wis Mod) + (Age/50) + Misc.

A character’s “Tech Score” is used for a lot of stuff. It’s used as a bonus to damage, and other things that I’m forgetting. To get the Tech Score: Add (Electronics Skill / 5) + Int Mod + Misc.


Because I use the terms interchangeably and don't always catch myself.
Anytime you use a Stat, you are using the mod, per DnD 3.5 (Stat - 10, then divide by 2). So if your Dex is 16, you add 3 to whatever.
Always. Round. Down.


Any time a skill is rolled, you add Skill/5 to a roll of 3d6, and add the appropriate stat mod. Any time a skill is added to an ability (like damage or to-hit, or whatever), you add JUST (Skill/5).

Skill Feats

Progression for skill feats depends on the number of skills the feat enhances. These bonuses add to the SKILL. (That is, you add whatever the skill feat gives you to the skill, and THEN divide by five.)

Rank 1 / Rank 2 / Rank 3 (bonuses are cumulative)
One Skill: 6/12/18 = 36 at Rank 3 (max)
Two Skills: 5/10/15 = 30 at Rank 3 (max)
Three Skills: 4/8/12 = 24 at Rank 3 (max)
Four Skills: 3/6/9 = 18 at Rank 3 (max)

Skill Synergies

I've mostly done away with these. In rare situations they'll come up. If they do, give the character an ad hoc +1 or +2. +3 if the bonus should be 'OOJE.

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