This is a list of technological advances not canonical in BioWare's Mass Effect universe, but used in the Spirit Saga.


Vibroswords and Vibroblades

Edged with molecular diamond, these blades are razor sharp, and, when activated, oscillate extremely rapidly, allowing it to cut through metal and armor.

Biotic ship weapons

Powered by 8-10 lobotomized biotics of varying species, human or asari by preference. These biotics are chipped, so that they can be controlled by a single, also chipped individual, usually a Lystheni or a batarian. They are hooked up to mechanisms that repeat, transofrm, and enhance their biotic energies, and usually use Reave or Warp on opposing ships' shields. No known uses of Singularity… yet.

Multi-valenced shielding


The Solus hybridization process

Based on Collector technology, the process allows researcher to map exactly which genes in chromosomes create and affect each bodily system. The researchers must determine which bodily systems to take from which parent species, and how to mesh them together. Mothers typically must have the same blood type as their offspring, and typically have their immune systems suppressed during pregnancy to avoid rejection of the foreign tissues.

The Solus template for human-turian hybrid children was a conservative one, retaining major bodily systems from one species or the other in their entirety. The mingling of multiple complex systems dictated that the law of unintended consequences might result in a cascade of health issues for the offspring; keeping the systems relatively intact was designed to mitigate that tendency.
Thus, the skeletal system in the Solus template, with hollow bones, was largely, if not completely turian; in turn, this meant that the hearing, based off tiny bones in the auditory cavities, was turian as well.

As with most hybrids created using the Solus template, this infant's facial configuration was largely turian, but the epidermis was human, with pores and all the potential for heat regulation that these structures allowed. There was no hair; on an infant, the fringe was still soft and downy, but this would diminish as the offspring matured. Internally, the gastric system would be largely turian, with a crop, stomach, and gizzard, but the kidneys and liver would be fully developed, as in a mammal, rather than being the nephritic tubes more common to a turian. The spleen was enlarged, to compensate for the lack of bone marrow, and the blood was iron-based, rather than the copper-based blue blood of a turian or, say, a Terran hermit crab. Because the blood was iron-based, quite a bit of the metabolism and pulmonary system tended towards the more human standard as well.

Medicines used

Salutifer: Salutifer is probably the biggest gun in the dextro antibiotic arsenal. It is produced only on Rocam, and a dozen human scientists are trying to synthesize a levo version of it to combat anthrax, so far without success.

Vireostet: Turian anti-viral.

Papavera: Turian/quarian pain-killer, similar to morphine

Morphinol: strong pain-killer, suitable for asari and krogan use.

Saluflu: Human anti-viral. Can be used on batarians, but not on asari.

Kelafloxacin: Strongest available human antibiotic.

Lincomycin: Strong human antibiotic.

Cyanolimus: immune suppressant.

Spesslimus: Immune suppressent, still being tested for human use.

Aizala or azure dust
Its effects on most species are debilitating in the extreme. Consider:

Asari and rachni = biotic increase. Nice for them, but:

Salarians: Extreme mental and metabolic rate increase. Almost to the point of being incapacitated to do anything else but think. Cf. Dune's 'ultraspice.'

Humans: Inability to function. Other than to follow mating urges.

Turians: Extreme suggestibility, loss of memory, obedience.

Batarians: Extreme suggestibility, trust.

Drell: Lost of ability to form memories.

Hanar: Extreme euphoric sense of well-being. Ultimate hippy-juice. The jellies, they trip out, man.

Volus: It's lethal. Doesn't interact happily with methane-breathing/silicon physiology at all well.

Quarians: I'm going to guess it might be similar to what happens to humans.

Krogan: Instant, incapacitating blood-rage that doesn't even discriminate for allies. They'll turn on their own in that state.

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