Full Name: Thelldaroon
Nickname: Thell
Born: 2145
Species: Elcor
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
Homeworld: Mannovai
Rank: Spectre, Inducted April 7, 2197
Affiliation Spectre
Past Affiliation: STG, Council


Class: Elcor technical specialist
Weapon: Heavy weapons only; arc projector.
Level 14, in "RP" system:
Elcor combat armor
Heavy weapons only

Sabotage 3 (AI Dominance)
Drone 3 (combat)
Defensive matrix 3
Heavy weapons 3 (massive attack)
Overload 2
Cryo Blast 1

Stoic: Thelldaroon remains unflappably phlegmatic by the standards of other species. His calm demeanor keeps everyone around his focused and able to concentrate on delicate tasks even under fire, giving bonuses to medical treatments, decryption, and AI hacking attempts made by his teammates, and rendering such efforts and biotic effects uninterruptable)

Stone Wall: Thell’s massive bulk and slow speed make him an easy target, but his thick hide, reinforced by heavy armor and shielding, give him an enormous defensive bonus. Other squad members might do well to use him as cover.

140 points
Electronics: 35
Hacking: 35
Knowledge: Psychology, 20
Repair: 20
Athletics: 30


45 years old in 2196. Thell is a male elcor who was actually brought up on the salarian colony world of Mannovai. His small tribe (12 members) moved there before he was born to teach at the University of Mannovai. His father taught law and legal precedents, and his mother taught archaeology. Their classes were considered quite dull by the local salarian students, but necessary for graduation. Their methodical attention to detail and precedent during research made them very sought-after, and his mother became an integral part of several salarian dig teams, and is a noted expert on Prothean artifacts.

Thellis 45 years old, and has, as a result of his upbringing on a salarian world, acquired quite a reputation as a troublemaker among his Elders. His parents’ students encouraged his to speak his mind more quickly, and with less consideration, and he has largely abandoned the habit of adding an emotive prefix to the beginning of each sentence. His highly refined sense of smell allows him to understand the emotional state of most everyone around him, although he finds it difficult to convey that empathy to others. Because he is so emotionally in tune with those around her, he finds the ‘hasty’ species sometimes a little exhausting to be around—but far more interesting to him than his own kind.

He found, early in life, that machines were much less apt to tire him out than other people, and turned his focus into learning how to make them work. As such, he took his Ph. D. in VI technologies, and worked with Synthetic Insights from 2175 until 2183 (year of ME1), which is when salarian STG recruited him for work with their teams, infiltrating geth enclaves and hacking their databases and systems. Thell realized, to his surprise, that he liked the excitement, and the salarians appreciated the fact that their tech expert was almost completely unflappable, even when a geth armature might start attacking their position while he was decrypting files. He continued a mix of field and analysis work until 2187, which is when the Normandy-class AIs were brought online.

Since 2187, he’s been working for STG and the Council, providing analysis of geth behavior and AI server logs, trying to help map out what is normal behavior from a Normandy-class AI, and what is ‘neurosis.’


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