Urdnot Makur

Full Name: Urdnot Makur
Born: 2176
Married/Mate: Siara Tesala
Species: Krogan
Gender: Male
Height: 8'4
Hair: n/a
Eye Color:
Homeworld: Tuchanka, Urdnot clan territory
Rank: Spectre, Inducted April 7, 2197
Affiliation Spectre
Past Affiliation: Clan Urdnot, Omega
Description: Makur tends to wear red armor when he's not looking to stay hidden in a wilderness setting.
Squad Name: Heimdall


Weapon: Shotgun
Krogan regeneration
Wildchild: Makur has spent his entire life on Tuchanka. He is attuned to natural phenomena and creatures. He instinctively perceives the weak points of any natural creature (and receives a bonus when he fights them), and is almost instantly aware when he is being tracked or watched.
Guardian: Makur has spent much of his life helping to protect the females and the young of Clan Urdnot. He receives a massive defensive bonus (like a shield wall) when he settles in to defend others.
Wilderness Companion:Makur has forged a connection with a wild animal, who will attack his foes for him, but may be hurt, killed, or disabled.
Languages spoken: Galactic, krogan, and learning asari high-tongue.


Urdnot Makur is Siara Tesala’s krogan more-than-fair, or mate. Makur has spent the bulk of his life on Tuchanka, and learned early the tough rules of Urdnot life: never take food from the younger children, but if you can take it from someone older and stronger than you are, you’ll be praised. He grew up in the underground bunkers of the hidden female camp, and as a biotic, was trained by the Urdnot shaman. In four hundred years, he is only the fourth biotic the clan has produced: the shaman, Wrex, and Gris are the other three.

Makur delighted in getting out of the bunker, and became a hunter at an early age. Even adults learned to pay attention when Makur went still; they quickly realized he had an almost prescient ability to know when a predator had found them. And Tuchanka has many, many predators. When he wasn’t out hunting, Makur was back at the camp, learning to protect the females and the younger children. He has an enormous sense of responsibility to his clan and to those in his krannt, and would literally rather die than leave a friend undefended.

Steadfast and loyal, Makur knows that he’s strong, but deprecates his own intelligence. He believes (rightly) that Siara is far more intelligent than he is, and will generally allow her to dictate their course in most things… unless her idea affects her safety. Then, Makur tends to put his foot down.

In 2196, on Bastion, Makur was in pursuit of a batarian agent in a warehouse filled with exotic animals. The animals were freed, and he manhandled most of them back into their cages, with the exception of a Terran beast known as a snow leopard. He used the biotic sense that typically allows him to sense when an enemy has sighted him, and pushed back against the creature’s mind. This animal, which he calls Cat (and Siara calls Snowflake, to tease Makur), is not tame. It follows him because he feeds it, and because it senses a connection to him. Makur has been working to train the animal, but it’s slow going. He believes that he mostly controls the beast, but rightly watches it like a hawk when around children.

Sky refers to Makur as Sings-Shields.
Zhasa feels him as: [Please add this.]


Makur saw the reporter open her mouth, and shook his head. “Look,” he told her, roughly. “I can see the path ahead of us. You’re going to ask questions we don’t like. We’re going to react. How about if I save us all some time here?”

Al-Jilani cocked her head to the side. “What do you mean?”

Makur punched her. Hard. In the face.

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