Valak N'dor

Full Name: Valak N'dor
Nickname: Zorro
Married: Nala, December, 2196. 1 daughter, Nexia, born December 24, 2196.
Species: Batarian
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Hair: N/A
Eye Color: Red-orange
Homeworld: Khar’sharn
Past Affiliation: SIU
Description: Built along slender, whipcord lines, like a classic fencer. Wears well-tailored suits and shirts and even, occasionally, a cloak when there’s a need; the rest of the time, camouflage-painted armor. Missing one of his red-orange four eyes (upper right); wears an eyepatch
Squad name: Zorro


Class: Batarian Turncoat
Weapon: Sniper rifle, pistol, submachine gun, stasis gun (limited uses; 5 charges)
Melee specialization: vibrosword
Batarian Noble: As a member of one of the highest castes of batarians, Valak can move through any strata of batarian society almost unchecked. Most other batarians will not think to question him, and he receives a bonus to any diplomacy, bluff, intimidate, or information gathering initiatives he attempts with fellow members of his species.
Freedom Fighter: Valak’s true belief that he’s fighting to free his people from tyranny is infectious and inspiring. His mere presence gives a morale bonus to squad members.
Feint: Valak specializes in guerrilla tactics, and can sneak-attack without actually being in a stealth-field.


Born on the batarian homeworld of Khar’sharn in the Batarian Hegemony, Valak is about 29 years of age when first encountered, with red-pigmented skin and lighter-toned facial ridges. His eyes are orange-red, and the upper left one is missing, covered by a small black eye-patch. (He lost it in a duel, and while his family is well-to-do enough to have it replaced, he does not do so, out of a slight tendency to flaunt his renegade status. He is of noble birth, and, while at the university, fell in with a group of philosophers and thinkers and often spent long evenings talking with them and drinking. These philosophers were radicals, especially one named Soloff C’les, and frequently discussed what the basis of the caste system really was: a way for the highest-ranked to maintain power, and to create social order by keeping dung-keepers among dung-keeper and corpse-handlers among corpse-handlers and shopkeepers among shopkeepers. They discussed how it was, in fact, causing stagnation, because not everyone born into the teacher caste is, unfortunately, a good scientist! All batarian technology over the past 1500 years has been stolen from other species or traded for. And while batarians drive hard bargains, they’ve run out of things to trade to other species, and of course, the whole question of humanity… .

So, in 2183, at the age of 18, Valak went into SIU, endured its brutal training… and when sent elsewhere on SIU tasks throughout the galaxy, was horrified to discover that the galaxy off his comfortable home world was a very different place than what the propagandists had declared it to be back home. He visited the Citadel, he visited Omega, he visited a dozen different colony worlds, and came to the conclusion that his people were doomed to eternal exile unless change came from within.

In 2187, he helped, to his dismay, put down a slave uprising on Curvok [Non-canonical batarian world]. 20,000 slaves had, over months, been freed by a set of gladiatorial slaves led by a man named Sespar N’gal. They were wandering over the face of Curvok, disrupting the planetary government, with no plan to leave the world, just… attempting to take it over. To make a place for themselves. Hiding in the farming villages, as best they could, once SIU arrived. Valak was one of the investigating officers, tasked with finding them. He found them. Tried to give as many of them a chance to run as he could. And, when Arvak R’mod, his superior at the time, lined them up and made them dig their own burial pits, Valak had a choice: jump down in the pits and be shot with them, or fire over their heads, while everyone else fired at the rebellious slaves. He’s had to live with that memory ever since.

Two months later, still in 2187, after the Reaper war, he finished his term of service in SIU and started his own private crusade. Assembling it one person at a time, from slaves he purchased and emancipated, he built his own squad of guerillas, and began working against the Hegemony. Always in secret. Always in great danger to his own life. By 2196, he’s 29 years old, and finds a turian black-ops agent near one of his family’s plots of land on a colony world… .

Actually considered rakishly charming among his fellow nobles, he’s the despair of his family, because he refuses to get married (he’s afraid of what a wife might stumble into, in his moonlight escapades). He covers most of his movements from colony to colony as merchant activities and pleasure cruises, so he’s not quite a Scarlet Pimpernel here, but he does have a part to act, and does the best he can with it. Maintains ties with the university radicals, but also maintains to SIU out of self-preservation. And as his close friends are, one by one, starting to be arrested, he knows he will either have to denounce them, or disappear, hastily, himself… .

Valak found Rellus Velnaran on Camala, and took the injured turian to his estate on Khar’sharn for treatment. He hoped that he could establish a bond with the turian military or turian intelligence in so doing. As it turned out, it brought him to the attention of the Spectres. He’s been their man on the inside ever since.

Nala S’har was his personal physician, and he was suspicious and wary of her at first. Then Oversight Forces accused her of having read unsanctioned literature, jailed her, put out two of her eyes, and stripped her of her position in the healer’s caste, making her a slave. Valak bought her and returned her to his estate. Treated her, in every respect, as if she were still a free woman and a healer, much to her confusion. They’ve become lovers, and he’s been training her in the use of vibroswords and firearms.

Xal’i B’gaz is Valak’s younger sister (by two years), a cruel and intelligent woman whose only desire in life was to work for SIU herself, but she was barred from service by her caste and her gender. She and Arvak R’mod, Valak’s superior in SIU, were married, more or less at Valak's instigation, as he sought to distract them from his various clandestine activities.

R'mod eventually came to have reason to suspect Valak of involvement in Resistance activities, largely because he had two turian 'slaves' at his estate that had been transported in the vicinity of the Khanak'koria Prison breakout… . and turians were reportedly part of the breakout and riots there.

Valak was, along with Linianus Pellarian, Serana Velnaran, Sings-of-Glory, Nala S'har, and a certain number of his freed-men associates, extracted from Khar'sharn on December 24, 2196, in the middle of a bloody battle. He and R'mod dueled with vibroswords; Valak nearly lost his arm in that duel, and there was poison on R'mod's blade as well, but Sam Jaworski intervened and killed R'mod. Seheve Liakos killed Xal'i, who was busy trying to kill Nala in the next room over.

Nala gave birth to their child, and shortly after that, they had to evacuate from the Estallus.

Valak was appointed by the Council as a Spectre at Shepard's personal request. He is the first and only batarian Spectre.


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