Ylara Alir

Full name
Married/Mate: Tulluust
Daughter: Kella (deceased, 2190)
Daughter, Telluura (b. 2192)
Adoptive 'daughter': Shellara [insert last name]; child's name will become Sisu.
Species: Asari
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Hair: N/A
Eye Color: light blue-green
Homeworld: Thessia
Affiliation Spectre
Past Affiliation:
Milky blue skin, Asari; about 600 years old (+11 age bonus in 2198).

Str 10
Dex 16
Con 15
Int 18
Wis 24
Cha 14

Combat Stats
Health 15. Durability 29.
Medium Armor: 44 shield points, DR 4.
Barrier: 138 barrier points and DR 5, and the highest-damage of every round is ignored. If her barrier is broken through it explodes outward, doing 54 points of damage to surrounding barriers/shields.
To-hit (global ranged): 3d6 + 3
To-hit (SMG): 3d6 + 9
Damage (global ranged): No bonus, varies by weapon
Damage (SMG): 1d6 + 9
CQC Roll: 3d6 + 13
CQC Damage: 1d6 + 9
Evade: 20 (17 when Serenity is active)
Biotics Score: +34
Biotics Damage: +34 (+43 when Serenity is active)

Level 25 Asari Huntress/Spectre

Huntresses start with: Medium armor, simple weapons, firearms; they are predisposed to investigation, isolation, and penetration,

Level 1 [Special: Any biotic besides singularity: Barrier] + Move 1
Level 2 Barrier 2
Level 3 Move 2
Level 4 Barrier 3 (Shifting Barrier)
Level 5 Shockwave 1
Level 6 Move 3 (Mass move)
Level 7 Shockwave 2
Level 8 Reave 1
Level 9 Shockwave 3 (Heavy shockwave)
Level 10 Reave 2
Level 11 Reave 3 (Punishing reave, does more DOT)
Level 12 Focus: SMG
Level 13 Serenity 1
Level 14 Specialization: SMG (Rapid shot)
Level 15 Serenity 2
Level 16 Investigator 1
Level 17 Serenity 3
Level 18 Investigator 2
Level 19 Investigator 3
Level 20, Spectre: Basic ammo modification + CQC 1 (Asari kata)
Level 21, Spectre: Advanced ammo modification + CQC 2 (Asari kata)
Level 22, Spectre: Slam 1 + CQC 3 (Asari kata)
Level 23, Spectre: Slam 2 + Barrier 4 (Adamantine)
Level 24, Spectre: Slam 3 (Heavy Slam) + Barrier 5 (Impenetrable)
Level 25, Spectre: Barrier 6 (Punishing) + Nova

Special Feats:

Serenity: Ylara enters a chakra state, in which she has heightened concentration. All biotic abilities receive a boost to damage when she uses this state, at the cost of movement speed reduction and AC loss.
Rank 1: global +3 to biotics damage, -1 to evade
Rank 2: global +6 to biotics damage, -2 to evade
Rank 3: global +9 to biotics damage, -3 to evade

Rank 1: +4 to Perception/Investigation/Persuasion
Rank 2: +12 to Perception/Investigation/Persuasion
Rank 3: +24 to Perception/Investigation/Persuasion

Skills (250)
Athletics: 20
Biotics: 80
Electronics: 15
First Aid: 10
Hacking: 15
Investigate: 49 = 25 + 24
Perception: 44 = 20 + 24
Persuasion: 44 = 20 + 24
Pilot: 5
Repair: 10
Stealth: 20
Survival: 10


Ylara is a private person, for the most part. She's never named the second-mother of her first-born child, Kella Alir. Two hundred years ago, she and her more-than-fair, Ellemai, a fellow asari, left Thessia for an asari colony (Maisa), to avoid the growing prejudice against same-species couples. And that colony came under attack by mercenaries, and the trail led back to Omega. Ylara was a cop and a huntress for her colony, which had been almost wiped out… so she and her beloved hunted those mercs. Right back to Omega. Fifty years of hunting down every merc involved culminated in the pair going to Omega to find the last few bands and kill them.

Aria T'loak didn't take kindly to their presence. She sent out her enforcers, and drove them from the station. And in so doing, Ylara's lover took a fatal wound. Ylara has spent the last two hundred years hoping for a chance at Aria's hide… and happened, unfortunately, to be pregnant when Garrus decided to go after Aria's head.

Ylara mourned deeply for the death of her daughter, Kella, but was comforted by the knowledge that some hint of the girl lived on in Elijah's mind. Not her personality, no, but… some part of her essence. She has accepted Elijah as a 'not-daughter,' and acknowledges him as part-kin.

Her current more-than-fair is the elcor xenobotanist, Tulluust (don't ask!); she finds him extraordinarily peaceful to be around after a long stressful day of Spectre work. He largely cares for their daughter, Telluura, cooks, cleans, and generally loves Ylara unconditionally.

She has adopted an asari child with an unusual genetic mutation; Shellara (now called Sisu) possesses a mutation that makes him functionally a hermaphrodite, but seems to be identifying more and more as male. The child's mother Essallia, was blackmailed by the Lystheni agent, Maldo Ren, with Sisu's mere existence; she didn't want her previous more-than-fair, who'd been in Eclipse, to find out about the child and harm him. As such, Essallia was one of the people who was supposed to spread the plagues on Bastion, and died early from the diseases. Since then, Sisu has lived with Ylara, although the child has also bonded a bit with Zhasa and Dempsey.

Ylara is characterized as quiet, contemplative, and extremely fierce when necessary. But only when necessary. The rest of the time, she's almost serene and contemplative.


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