Full Name: Zhasa’Maedan vas Irria nar Pellus, After marriage her name is Zhasa'Maedan vas Mindoir nar Pellus
Born: 2174
Married: James Allen Dempsey, September 16th, 2197
Species: Quarian
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 165
Hair: White
Eye Color: Violet
Homeworld: Rannoch
Affiliation Spectre
Past Affiliation: Migrant fleet marines, under Kal'Reegar. Matriarch Aethyta, Illium.
Description: Snub nose. Black “eyeliner,” natural. Short, fluffy, fur-like hair.
Squad name Astrild, Norse goddess of love.


Class: Quarian Sentinel
Weapon: Pistols, submachine gun, heavy weapons
Biotic Abilities: Throw, Lift, Barrier
Tech Abilities: Overload, Decryption, Tech Armor
Biotic Leap: Zhasa can lift herself and race to the enemy, racing to engage them at close range, even leaping over intervening targets. She may also cross large open areas between buildings or use this ability to survive dangerous falls.
Group Barrier: Zhasa can, temporarily, shield squadmates within a 10’ sphere around her, using her biotic abilities. The effect is deeply draining, and does not permit her to use her other biotic abilities for some time afterwards.
Languages spoken: Quarian, galactic, and asari.


Born in 2174, Zhasa is one of the extraordinarily rare quarian biotics. The Pellus was a turian tanker, purchased from the Hierarchy almost a hundred years before she was born. Its mass effect drive core was old, and not very stable. Quarian techs only discovered that it was leaking trace quantities of eezo after half a dozen people aboard the ship came down with radiation poisoning, in spite of their environmental suits. One of these was Zhasa’s mother, Illa’Kaliir. She was too far along in her pregnancy for the doctors to feel comfortable recommending a termination, and thus, two months later, Illa gave birth to Zhasa, who was immediately placed in neonatal intensive care. Father: Kevar'Maedan.

Zhasa confounded expectations, however, and grew quickly and healthily. However, the first time she went to put on her environmental suit at the age of twelve, there was an incident; she was afraid of locking herself away in the suit for all time, and panicked. She channeled biotic energy for the first time, throwing one of the suit technicians back against the wall.

Alarmed and impressed, the ship’s captain, Ralli’Torahn, got the girl calmed down and suited, and had the twelve-year-old taken by a young pilot, leaving on his Pilgrimage, to Illium. Biotic training was arranged under the care of Matriarch Aethyta, who’s unconventional enough to agree to the unique arrangement.

Zhasa’s abilities were judged impressive enough that her training was considered an adequate Pilgrimage on its own. Zhasa feels uncomfortable with this assessment, because she does not think that she’s contributed much of anything to the Flotilla, even now that it has returned to Rannoch. She has been working with Kal’Reegar’s marines since the age of 16 (2187), as part of their world’s defense forces, but has rarely been allowed to go off-world. She was not on duty at the time of the Lystheni attack on their research base, and feels keenly responsible for that, as well.

Zhasa has been fascinated by Dempsey for some time, and works with him constantly to reintegrate his mind. They have become lovers as a result.

Matriarch Aethyta also gave her a gift; a Prothean-or-older relic in the form of a silvery egg. This egg responds to biotic power. Zhasa feels that there’s something inside of it, but has never been able to open it entirely to find out what.

Sky refers to her as Sings-Hope.

Dara hears her 'song' as harp music, sweet and angelic, similar to Glory's voice, but higher in pitch. Her 'base color' in rachni vision, like Dara and Siara's, is white.

Zhasa'Maedan led the Spectres jointly with James Allen Dempsey following the retirement of Dara and Elijah Sidonis.


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